Does Your Roulette System Really Work?

Does a winning roulette system exist? Firstly, it depends on your definition of a winning system. If it’s just that the system is capable of winning, this would include any system – including random bets.

But as far as I’m concerned, the only true winning roulette system is one that continues to win, even in the long-term. It’s important to understand that anything can happen in the short term. You may have a brilliant system, but make a loss over only ten spins. It doesn’t mean the system doesn’t work. Likewise, a bad system can win over ten spins, but the results are meaningless.

Almost Every Progression System Wins In The Short Term

A progression system is one that usually increases bet size after losses. The most famous progression system is called the Martingale. Basically after a loss, you double the size of your bet in hopes a win recovers previous losses. A simple example is betting on red. Your initial bet maybe ten units. If you lose, bet twenty units, then forty, and so on. This can continue until the maximum bet is reached, or you run out of funds.

The chances are if you play only a few spins, you will profit. But if you continue to play, you will eventually encounter the streak from hell that wipes out your bankroll, including previous winnings.

Most roulette system progressions are not quite as dramatic. But they still usually revolve around the same principle of increasing bets to cover losses. The important thing to keep in mind is each spin is independent. What happened previously on the roulette wheel has no bearing on future spins. The only exception is if there are tangible physical variables that affect the winning number. One example is roulette wheel bias, where there is a physical defect on the wheel causing some numbers to win more frequently.

Roulette wheel bias is very different to hot numbers. Hot numbers are ones that have won more frequently than others in recent spins. They are inevitable and part of normal statistics. A hot number may continue to be hot, or it may turn cold. Which is more likely? Each case is just as likely as the other. And what you are left with is accuracy no better than random bet selection.

Almost every roulette system based on progression bets will win in the short term. This tricks the player into thinking that their system is “working”. The fact of the matter is you may have profited, but it has nothing to do with the effectiveness of your system. Most roulette systems will profit for a short time, before making a substantial loss. Many players believe the loss is due to something like the casino manipulating spin results. While it may seem this way initially, the truth is again the short term gains are superficial, and will soon be lost.

This doesn’t mean you should only play short-term sessions, then leave after profiting. Consider if one hundred different players applied the same system. Say they all tried the same approach of winning in the short term. Some will win, some will lose. But slightly more players will lose. This slight discrepancy is basically the house edge. The casino doesn’t care who wins or loses. They only care that overall they will profit.

Understanding Statistical Relevance and Variance

As above, I explained that anything can happen in the short term. This is basically what statistical variance is. One hundred spins might seem like a lot to a player. After all, this might be two hours of play in the casino. But to a casino, one hundred spins is nothing. It doesn’t even begin to touch on the realm of statistical relevance.

The term “statistical relevance” basically means whether or not the results are likely to accurately reflect long-term results. For example, your results after ten spins tell you nothing about a system’s effectiveness. In fact, not even one thousand spins is statistically relevant. Generally the results only begin to become relevant after about ten thousand spins. This is ten thousand spins you actually bet on, excluding any spins you skip due to “triggers” (like waiting for 10 reds before betting black). So only spins you bet on count.

Furthermore, a positive result over ten thousand spins is still not particularly statistically relevant. So is there a particular amount of spins that is relevant? How long is a piece of string? I really hate that answer, but it makes a point, which is this:

The more spins you play, the closer your results resemble what happens in the long-term. You can win with random bets over one hundred thousand spins. Most the time, you would lose. But sometimes, you will have profited.

Putting this into context, say there were one thousand players, who each bet on one hundred thousand different spins. 99% of them will lose. But 1% will win. The 99% of players feel their system lost, and that they need to move on. But the 1% are fully convinced that their system works. If this 1% played a further one hundred thousand spins, the chances are they will lose. And they may be convinced that the casino somehow cheated.

To be accurate, the chances are fewer than 1% of players will profit (if the system was no better than random bets). But I’m just using the above values as an example.

Testing at Online Casinos

The Internet is full of online casinos, and it’s hard to know which are honest. Obviously you would not want to pay a new casino in Bitcoin, because the casino might not even have any games, then just run off with your money. Financial institutions have an obligation to process funds only for reputable organisations. It isn’t always the case, but a good start is searching for online casinos that accept PayPal.

The USA is particularly strict with online gambling regulations. So you could take your search further to find roulette PayPal casino USA and related terms. But this alone is not sufficient in determining whether or not a casino is honest. Separate articles on our website have covered this extensively. Basically you must ensure that the casino is properly licensed, and audited to ensure fair games. It is also important to extensively research, to determine if the casino regularly refuses payouts. Payout refusal is a big problem with online casinos. If you win big, you obviously want to keep it. So carefully research a casino’s reputation before depositing funds.

It is also very important to never test your roulette system at an online casino. Firstly, you don’t know if the system works until you have thoroughly tested it. So it makes sense to not test with real money. Secondly, if the casino has a play-for-fun mode, how can you trust it? Numerous blatantly dishonest online casinos have rigged such games to ensure you win. No real money is involved. It is just a dirty trick used by some casinos to make you think your system works, and you should start betting real money. Of course when you start betting for real, you lose.

Many system players do not understand you must only test on spins you know are independent and unbiased. But even then, some random number generators can be seriously flawed. This therefore gives you an unrealistic assessment of the effectiveness of your system.

Roulette Computer Myths & Facts

This article explains the common myths of roulette computers.

Myth 1: They Are Illegal.

Actually they are LEGAL in about 60% of jurisdictions. Every jurisdiction is different. Gaming law is usually state law, not national. So it can even be legal in one state, but not another – within the same country.

How can this be legal? After all, wouldn’t casinos push to make them illegal if they stand to lose money?

Many casinos have indeed lobbied to make roulette computers illegal. But the push is not as urgent or dramatic as you may think.

Basically every casino is aware of the existence of roulette computers, but they don’t fully understand them. Nor do they need to. To make roulette computers ineffective, casino staff need only close bets before the wheel is spun. It sounds like an easy solution, but this would lose the casino even more money, so they don’t do it. I’ll explain more about this later on. For now I’ll focus on the legalities.

Most gaming laws define cheating as anything that:

  1. Wins money from deception, or
  2. Influences game outcomes.

Roulette computers do neither. They merely predict spins.

It’s quite easy to check your jurisdictions gaming laws. See a list of gaming authorities.

One example of deception is placing a winning bet on the table after the ball has landed. Cheating players have one fortunes with this particular approach. It requires distracting and deceiving the dealer. Although roulette computers are hidden, the advantage they achieve has nothing to do with deception.

An example of influencing game outcomes is tampering with the wheel or ball. For example, some players have previously used discrete air blowers to influence spins. Again, roulette computers do not influence spins. They merely predict spins.

Myth 2: Casinos Will Eventually Close Betting Before Spinning The Wheel

Roulette computers can’t work if bets are closed before the wheel is spun. However, casinos know that doing this for all players ultimately loses the casino money.

This is because many players prefer betting after the ball is released. The reasons for this are varied. For example, some players believe dealers can influence the winning number, and deliberately avoid the player’s bets. This is not realistically possible, and is discussed in detail in another article here.

Additionally, by allowing players to make bets while the wheel spins, the game is sped up, and more bets are placed on the table. And since the vast majority of players do not use a roulette computer, the casino maximizes their revenue by allowing late bets. This is why almost every casino allows late betting (bets after the wheel is spun).

Casinos know that if they suspect a player of using a roulette computer, they need only close bets earlier until the player either loses or leaves. Then normal procedures can resume.

Does this mean game-over for computer players? No. A well-organised roulette computer team can easily earn large sums without ever being detected. The procedures and techniques to avoid detection are beyond the scope of this article. It’s something only disclosed to our players. It’s not difficult to earn a few thousand dollars, then leave before the casino suspects anything. A roulette computer player may only make ten or so bets before leaving with a profit.

Online casinos are a bit different. They tend to adopt a more cautious approach to the threat of roulette computers. This is why most live online roulette casinos don’t allow betting after the wheel is spun. After all, online casinos cannot physically see you, and are at a disadvantage when detecting roulette computer players.

Myth 3: The Computer Must Be Visible, or Near The Wheel.

I’m not sure why, but many people seem to believe a roulette computer must sit on or near a wheel to work. But actually they are never visible to casino staff.

Roulette computers are easy to hide. They can be hidden just about anywhere, and are never in open view of the casino staff. Usually they are hidden in a pocket.

Most roulette computers use a hidden cable with a small button on the end. The button is usually pressed by your toe as the wheel and ball complete revolutions. The time between these clicks is what establishes the wheel and ball speeds.

The button can be hidden in many different places. For example, the player can hide various hidden buttons throughout their body and clothing. If they are sitting, it might be on their knee. Or it could be on the end of the jacket sleeve.

Our most sophisticated computers don’t need hidden buttons at all. They use a hidden auto-aiming camera which transmits encrypted video through the Internet to a server. The server then analyses a video to determine wheel and ball speeds. Predicted numbers are then transmitted back to the players in the casino to bet. The player with the hidden camera could be 30 feet away from the wheel, playing on a slot machine like book of ra deluxe, never suspected of being part of an elaborate roulette computer team.

Myth 4: Casinos Can Search You And Find The Computer

If you are using a roulette computer where it is legal, casinos do not have the legal right to search or detain you. This would require the presence of law enforcement officers such as the police.

If you are playing where it is legal, it is unlikely you will ever be searched. It doesn’t mean it can’t happen though. As far as I’m aware, in the fifteen years that I’ve been operating roulette computer teams, I’ve only ever known of three teams to be caught.

The first was a lone player in an Australian casino, who won approximately $200,000 over a few months. What got him caught was staff noticing him tapping his foot. I suspect he became complacent, which is likely to happen after months of winning. He should have been using a toe switch, with the correct shoes to hide movement of his toe. Roulette computer application is illegal in Australia, so he was going to be charged. But the charges were eventually dropped, reportedly because he was a tourist, and prosecution would be “messy”.

Secondly, a group of players won £1.3 million in the London Ritz casino. The winnings were achieved over a three-day period. Casino surveillance staff suspected the players were using a roulette computer. The police were called to review footage, and the three players were detained (with no charges). Various electronic gadgets were confiscated. However, the players were not charged because they did not break any laws. Since then, the local laws were changed to make roulette computers illegal. But later the computers became legal again because of gambling deregulation. The police stated that casinos would be required to “police themselves”.

Only one of my players has ever been caught. He was applying the computer illegally in an Asian casino. He too was not charged, and was fortunately released only with a warning.

Anyway back to my original point. A typical computer is never visible to casino staff. The only way casinos will know for sure you’re using a roulette computer is if they physically search you, and your physical equipment is obvious. It would then be difficult to explain why you have a peculiar looking custom electronic device.

This is why the majority of our roulette computers are made from modified mobile phones. After all, they are the perfect disguise. You can even make phone calls on them.

Our most sophisticated roulette computer is a perfectly normal-looking mobile phone, with no additional equipment such as wireless earpieces. Furthermore, the phone can be completely encrypted, and even wiped remotely. This means that if you are physically searched, and the phone is carefully inspected by the manufacturer, absolutely nothing can be found to incriminate you.

However, although we could easily use roulette computers illegally (and never be caught), we don’t. Firstly, I personally earn enough without needing to break laws. And secondly, there are plenty of legal places to play.

Myth 5: If You Are Caught, You’ll Be Taken Out Back and Bashed.

This could happen if you are caught in an illegal underground Romanian casino run by the mob. But I have never heard of it happening. As far as I know, it has only ever happened in the movies.

The reality is if you are suspected of using a computer, all the casino does is instruct the dealer to close bets earlier. Then when you leave, normal procedures resume. This means the casino continues to allow late bets, which maximize their revenue.

Myth 6: If They Really Worked, Casinos Would Be Out Of Business

Roulette computers may be the quickest and most profitable way to beat casinos. However, there are many other legitimately effective techniques, which beat a variety of other games – not just roulette.

The most common term for such techniques is “advantage play”. Casinos are of course aware of how their games are vulnerable to professional players. This is why most casinos employ consultants, which advise their staff on how to detect and deal with professional players.

The simple fact remains that casinos know some advantage players may slip through the cracks, and remain undetected. So it is the job of the surveillance staff to detect such players before they do too much damage. Therefore it’s not so simple for players to walk up to any wheel and win millions. The chances are you will be detected before winning millions. And then the casino need only close bets earlier, until you leave.

This is why I’ve said many times beating wheels is not the problem. The real problem is avoiding detection. Some players have indeed won millions in short spaces of time. But this is rare. Most roulette computer players earn between $1,000 to $10,000 per session. And this is done right under the nose’s of casino staff. Consider the amount of money moving around the table. It’s not so hard to blend in. Also consider that a roulette computer player may only make ten or so bets before leaving with a profit. Then you can understand why it is not at all difficult to earn significant profit, without ever being detected.


Casinos of course know about roulette computers. But most staff only have a vague idea of how they work, and what the technology can do. Usually, everything they have learnt is from casinos consultants who are paid to educate staff. But the consultants themselves usually only have vague understanding. More specifically, they are only aware of older technology, and the basics.

One particular casino consultant said it best: “The players know more about beating the games than us. This is because they are the ones spending the most time and effort to beat the games. As long as this is the case, advantage play will be alive and well for some time.”

It doesn’t mean casinos won’t continue to protect their games. After all, no casino tolerates a consistent winner, regardless of how you win. The first and the best line of defense for any casino is vigilance surveillance, then neutralizing any threat as quickly as possible. In the case of roulette computers, it means closing bets earlier until the player leaves.

It isn’t so simple to make roulette impossible to beat with a roulette computer. It’s actually far more difficult to develop a truly unpredictable wheel, than it is to achieve sufficient accuracy with a computer. In a separate article, I will discuss the various technology casinos and wheel manufacturers have used in attempt to neutralize the roulette computer threat. Essentially their best technology, while very rare, does least reduce the effectiveness of roulette computers (usually halves the edge, which is still ok for computer players). But the downside is it ultimately loses the casino revenue, because players feel the spins are being manipulated, don’t trust the wheel, and inevitably don’t play. This is why such technology is not widely used by casinos (it ends up costing the casino even more).

Roulette Wheel Imperfections and Designs

Most people think a roulette wheel will produce totally random spins. This is for a few reasons, but you only need to look at a few spins, and see at the ball seemingly bounces chaotically. So it looks totally random. But is it?

The short answer is spins are far from random. Furthermore, wheels have many imperfections that lead to predictable spins. This article explains some of the major points, but no means is it an exhaustive or complete explanation. to explain everything would take a book. So this article is more to give you a taste of roulette wheel physics.

Wheels Are Manufactured With Imperfections

Roulette wheels are manufactured equipment. And any manufactured equipment inevitably has flaws. This is the case whether the wheel-base is made from wood, or a kind of plastic resin.

Even a brand new wheel from the factory floor can be biased. And when I refer to bias, I mean that some numbers will win more than others. Even some of the more seasoned roulette players still believe that biased wheels don’t exist anymore. The fact is that every roulette wheel is biased to some degree. But for casinos to be aware of the bias, thousands of spins need to be analysed. An experienced player can detect a bias much sooner.

Analysis of The Casino’s Bias Detection Software

I have had the benefit of being sent roulette wheel bias analysis software, which was designed by one of the wheel manufacturers. I received it back in 2016, and was surprised to see how simplistic it was. How did I receive the software? It was sent to me by an ex-casino floor manager, who worked in a European casino. He also sent me months of data from the various wheels in their casino. It may have been a small sample compared to the rest of the world’s data. But it gave an interesting insight into what casinos know about biased wheels.

I should also add it isn’t the first time an ex-casino employee defected to the side of players. Many of my players once worked for casinos. I’ve even had some casinos ask me to apply roulette computers in their own casino, which appeared to be some form illegal collusion. That’s another matter for another day.

Basically the software placed wheels in three main colored categories. They were green, orange and red. The wheels with green ratings did not appear to exhibit any significant bias. At least a bias not strong enough to be exploitable by professional roulette strategy players.

Orange wheels had a moderate bias, but were not necessarily removed from the gaming floor. They were more something for the floor managers to kept an eye on. As the casino manager explained, some roulette wheels can cost in excess of ten thousand dollars each. And because most players don’t have the first clue about exploiting roulette wheels, there is no hurry to change a wheel rated as orange.

Wheels that rated red were removed from the floor immediately. These are wheels that Exhibit a strong bias, which is easily exploited by professional players.

Giving casino floor managers a color rating for wheel bias is an overly simplistic approach. Wheel bias from imperfections is not a simple thing.

So was the buyers software sophisticated? Actually no. It was no more complicated than a typical Excel worksheet. It gave chi-square analysis, Which involves very simplistic calculations. The software gave very little data that would be used by modern professional players. So became very clear the software was designed to be sold to casinos, rather than be effective protection for casinos.

Casino staff in land-based casinos are rather unaware of how inadequate their bias analysis software is. They lack the required training. This is more-so the case with online casinos that use real wheels, because the staff are often poorly trained. On this note, if you intend to play online, see the various casino bonus websites. They will apply to casinos with live dealer real or RNG roulette. But be aware of the requirements of any bonus. They always come with strings attached. So don’t expect to win large amounts from bonuses, and be able to cash out immediately.

The Ball Track

The most vulnerable part of a roulette wheel is the ball track. This is where the ball is released, and rolls around before falling onto the rotor. Usually the surface of the ball track is made from a kind of resin. The resin is specifically designed to be durable against wear and tear, and even chemical spills.

The issues will occur with any online roulette spin, where real wheels are used. They don’t apply to RNG roulette because there is no physical wheel.

It doesn’t mean the material is space-age, and going to last forever. In fact it is really not much harder than any other plastic. Like any other material, it will eventually wear down.

Consider the roulette wheel will stay in the same place often for weeks at a time. In many cases, it is not even rotated. This means that the dealer releases the ball from around the same point on the ball track. Dealers are taught to release the ball in a manner that does not cause undue wear on the ball track. But it is inevitable that greater wear and tear will occur at the point of ball release.

Even if the wheel is rotated on a daily basis (to change the balls first impact point), the ball track will degrade over time. The effective similar to dirt road corrugation. All it takes to start the corrugation is one imperfection. And over time, a single imperfection has a ripple effect on the rest of the ball track. Seen below is a photo of typical road corrugation:

So what does this mean professional roulette players? It means that dominant drop zones for the ball are inevitable. A dominant drop zone is where the ball falls from the ball track at certain points more than others. This is not random behavior, which therefore makes spins more predictable.

The only way to correct imperfections is to completely strip back and re-apply the resin. This is usually done by contractors the casinos use. Although some of the bigger casinos have their own in-house roulette wheel repair service.

I could write an entire article just on the ball track alone. Essentially it doesn’t take long for a ball track to develop significant imperfections that make the wheel predictable. Even a brand-new or polished wheel may start with a smooth ball track. But after a few hours of spinning, the ball release point becomes rougher than at the opposing side (even just from a collection of dirt and grit). This is the beginnings of the corrugation effect, which I explained above.

More To Come

I’ll be writing more about roulette wheel imperfections, and attributes that make them predictable. Really I could write a book about it. While it’s nothing wheel manufacturers don’t already know, most casino employees have relatively little understanding of how predictable wheels can be.

Although i referred to wheel bias, strategies I use do not rely on bias. But they do utilize wheel imperfections if they are present. Do my techniques need wheel imperfections? No, they are just contributing factors. What makes spins predictable is ultimately the designs and fixed physical features. To summarize it, it’s nearly impossible to design a completely unpredictable wheel. But it’s not at all difficult to have slightly accurate predictions, which is all you need to overcome the house edge.

How to Increase Your Odds at the Roulette Table

Are you ready to head out on the town for a night of roulette fun? Read this strategic guide to increase your odds before you hit the tables.

Image Credit: Stratosphere Hotel & Casino / CC BY-ND

Are you into roulette? Even if you’re not a big fan yet, this game is worth checking out. It’s one of the most exciting games at the casino — if you know how to increase your odds, that is. However, it’s not impossible to up your chances of winning. In truth, the only way to win consistently is with advantage play methods. But this article explains some of the basics of roulette for new players.

Know Your Game

If you want to get serious about playing roulette, you need to know the differences between European and American roulette. Start with the basics.

Infographic Credit:

First, you must be aware of the different games out there. There are three main types of roulette, and each one has its merits and drawbacks. European roulette is by far the most popular, and many consider it to be the “classic” style of roulette. In this game, the wheel has 36 number fields and a single field of zero. That makes the house edge a relatively small 2.7 percent.

French roulette uses the same wheel, but it incorporates different rules: the concept of le partage and en prison. Players can activate these rules when the ball lands on the zero field and they have placed the even-money outside bet. With en prison, the player may choose to respin the wheel. If the player wins, they win back the whole bet. If they lose, they lose it all. If they choose to utilize le partage, they can take back half of the money on the bet they placed. Many people choose to play French roulette because it offers the best odds — the house edge is a mere 1.36 percent.

The game with the worst odds is American roulette. This wheel also has 36 numbers. However, instead of only one zero field, it incorporates another double zero field on top of that. That gives it 38 fields, decreasing your odds and giving the house an edge of 5.26 percent. So, when you’re stepping up to the table, always beware of the house edge and which type of wheel you’re spinning.

Watch, Listen and Observe

Before you step up to the table and start laying your chips down, it’s a good idea to observe beforehand. That way, you’ll gather valuable information and get a feel for the table.

When you decide to take the plunge and head out to a casino, don’t step up to the table and begin placing bets immediately. First, you need to watch for a while. Observe the table and take it all in. What’s the minimum bet? What is the maximum bet limit? Which strategies do the other players seem to employ?

Remember, roulette moves fast — on average, the wheel makes 45 spins per hour. Learning critical information that affects your betting and bankroll management strategy before you hop right in is imperative. Go in with all the knowledge you can get so that you don’t make wild bets because you feel hurried or rushed.

When you decide to go in, always follow proper roulette etiquette. That doesn’t increase your odds of winning, but it does make the table more enjoyable for yourself and other players. That’s also a good thing for the casino, as people tend to bet more when they’re having fun.

Use a Strategy

Source: The Great Courses Plus

When utilizing a roulette strategy, you need to know your odds — check out this short course on the mathematics of roulette and learn which types of bets are the best.

If you want to be successful in roulette, you must put a little order into your game. After all, the odds of you striking it rich are low. However, you can increase them by employing a well-thought-out roulette strategy when spinning the great red wheel. It could help you out more than you think in the long run. Indeed, when used correctly, the proper strategy can help you achieve consistent wins and keep you playing for longer.

You can begin with a basic strategy like the Martingale system or the Paroli system, but understand they will eventually lose. You can only consistently win if you overcome the house edge.

With the Martingale, the concept is quite simple: you double your bet on a loss and keep it the same on a win. That way, theoretically, you can make all your money back plus a percentage when you do win.

That would be a foolproof system if you had unlimited money to bet with and the casino had no cap on how much money you could bet. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have unlimited money to place a bet. And most casinos have bet limits to foil strategists like yourself who are hoping to employ this system.

Does that mean you should never use the Martingale system? Not necessarily. It does, however, mean you must be smart about it. If you’re planning on using it, you must be extra careful with your bankroll management. Namely, you must seek out tables that have a low limit, and you must stick to your limit as well. Roulette is a quick game, and you want to make it last as long as possible.

The Paroli system is the reverse of the Martingale where you increase your bet on a win. This strategy theorizes that a win shall follow a win. The reality is that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. However, once you have your initial win, you’ve already increased your bankroll by the wagered amount.

That means you can play around with that money, doubling your bet and hoping for the next win. The trick with this system is to get out while you can, i.e., when you’ve increased your bankroll enough to consider the night a victory. As a result, the Paroli system is generally less stressful than the Martingale and incurs less devastation when you do lose.

Manage Your Bankroll

If you want to increase your odds at the roulette table, it’s imperative to manage your bankroll correctly and keep an eye on your wallet at all times.

Image Credit: Max Pixel / CC0

Because your bankroll plays such an integral part in your betting strategy, it’s vital to manage it correctly. Firstly, you need to have a limit. Put a cap on how much you plan to spend one night, and don’t go beyond it. Think of the money in your gambling bankroll as playing money. Set it aside from your other money, which you should think of as real-life money that you cannot afford to lose.

That mindset will decrease your odds of making irresponsible wagers to chase a win. So, if you prepare yourself to lose all your playing money, you won’t start betting your real money — which is where problems arise.

The next step is to set betting limits for yourself. These limits dictate the maximum amount of money you can bet on any one game or spin. So, don’t allow yourself to bet outside your betting limit. The limit increases your odds of winning by prolonging the time you play and the number of bets you’re making. Even if those bets are small, there are more of them. That increases your chances for a win.

As you can see, roulette is a game of chance, but that doesn’t mean you have to go in blind. There are several ways to extend your playing time and increase your odds of winning, and you should utilize all of them to get the maximum effect. But above all else, the crucial thing to remember when stepping up to the wheel is to play smart and have fun.

If you intend to play on a more serious level, then you need to employ methods that determine where the ball will land, with greater than random accuracy. This is exactly what advantage play methods do.

Nektan Casinos

A brief history

Nektan is a relatively young company which came online in 2013. This was the year that they acquired Mfuse Limited, which at the time was a small company focused on mobile technologies. Thanks to this fusion the company could now focus on mobile gaming and offer their customers top of the line services. In time the company developed a fully functional white label solution which offered their customers a launch ready product. This allows the customer to focus on solely marketing their product, while everything else is covered in the white label solution. Soon enough in 2014 Nektan signed their first white label contract. Today the company offers B2B and white label solutions and they already have a big number of white label casinos under their name.
What do they have to offer?

Nektan is primarily focused on White Label solutions and B2B services. At the moment there are over 75 casino brands under the Nektan name where players can enjoy top casino games coming from over 15 of the leading software providers. When you play at Nektan casinos you can expect to find casino games coming from Net Entertainment, IGT, Microgaming, NYX Gaming, Realistic, Elk Studios, Lightning Box, Big Time Gaming, Scientific Games, Blueprint Gaming and a few more.

So what can you expect from a white label solution coming from Nektan? Well this is pretty much a full casino solution. Nektan will take care of the casino license where you can operate under a UK, Gibraltar and Irish license. They will also set up the website which will be available in both instant play and across mobile devices. At the same time you will have access to account management, CRM and player tracking and reporting. The casino cashier is also fully covered with the most popular payment providers in the industry. The casino games section covers over 250 titles coming from the leading software providers and you also get customer service available 24/7 all year round. This way all you are left to do is market your product and bring as many players as possible to your casino.

When it comes to the B2B solution Nektan provides casino games coming from several software providers. They also have about 20 casino games designed by them which are available across all Nektan casinos. In addition to these slots you will also get access to exclusive titles coming from Spin Games, Konami, Blueprint Gaming, Realistic, Pocket Games Software and Red Tiger.

What can you expect at Nektan casinos?

One of the main virtues of Nektan casinos is their bonus offer. A lot of these casinos offer some no deposit bonus just for creating an account at the casino. Just make sure to enter your correct mobile number as you will most likely need to verify it in order to claim the bonus. But even without a no deposit bonus these casinos are known for their generous welcome bonus offers. Players can claim generous match deposit bonuses on their first deposit, as well as claim free spins on some video slot. Once you become a regular player at any Nektan casino you can expect regular bonus promotions to arrive on your email.
The casino games offer at Nektan casinos is also very attractive. You can find casino games coming from the leading software providers in the industry like Net Entertainment and Microgaming, but you can also try the casino games coming from Nektan. Some of their most popular titles are: Cave Raiders, Best of British, Candy Swap, Elf and Safety, Get Fruity, Mayan Marvels, Meow Money and Troll’s Tale.
Mobile Play

Nektan is a brand which is primarily focused on mobile play. All of their online casinos are fully mobile compatible and have a mobile design even in their instant play version. Players can easily access all features of the Nektan casino from any mobile device and play all of their casino games. It doesn’t matter if you are playing from an Android or iOS device as the casino will fit the screen of all mobile devices. Some Nektan casinos take mobile play one step further by releasing a mobile casino app which players can download and access the casino much easier.
Find the best Nektan casinos

Now that you know what Nektan has to offer all you need to do is find the best Nektan casinos in the industry, make an account and start playing for real money. To make your job easier check out list of Nektan casinos. Here you will top Nektan casinos and you can easily see what each casino has to offer by reading the casino review. These are all reputable online casinos with an impeccable reputation and once you start playing there you will hardly have any need to look for some other online casinos.

Can You Play Online Casino Games in Norway?

While Norway has had various laws regarding gambling and lottery, the first act was only introduced in 2008. The government made it completely illegal to play at online casinos, even those that aren’t in Norway, which means any form of online casino play isn’t allowed.

While these laws are clear, straightforward and to the point, it’s a known fact that the government doesn’t enforce these laws. There is a sizable percentage of the population in Norway playing at various online casinos in broad daylight, yet the law doesn’t do anything about it.

So, while the law states it’s illegal, the actual situation points out a different answer. The online gambling industry also provides many ways to get around online gambling, including VPNs and anonymous gambling accounts with web wallets and other payment services such as cryptocurrencies. Therefore, even if the law was on the ball about gambling, there are still too many ways to get around it, without much effort.

Many online casinos don’t allow players from Norway to join due to those laws. However, most simply allow players from Norway, but use different payment methods and unique account names when making payments to a player’s credit card or bank account.

So, can you play online casino games from Norway? The simple answer is yes. You’ll need to take a few things into consideration when choosing online casinos. Even though some casinos allow you to join, there’s still a greater risk when playing, unless of course, you join an establishment that strives for fairness.

In the article below, we consider the options of finding a great norske casino and how you can choose the best casinos. There are many options, of which none are registered in Norway. However, international casinos are the better choice, not only for more games but for better banking options, account features and accessibility as well.

How to Choose an Online Casino

Since online gambling is illegal in Norway, it might be a challenge to find a trustworthy establishment that’s winning to accept you. However, there are far more choices than most expect, including top-rated casinos with games from some of the best international developers. To choose a casino, there are a few things to take into considerations. These ensure the casino meets your requirements while also providing fair terms and conditions. The following steps are worth keeping in mind when looking for a casino.

Firstly, have a look at the licenses that casino operates under. These can give you more indication as to the type of casino they are, even though the license might not legally allow you to join. The best online gambling license providers include Malta, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, Curacao and Isle of Man. These include strict regulations for casinos that start with industry standard securities through to fair gaming and responsibility when it comes to payments.

Many casinoshold licenses from establishments that don’t have a great reputation, but the casino itself actually features trustworthy gaming. The only reason some licenses aren’t as good is that they don’t enforce their terms and conditions when it comes to player disputes. In other words, they allow casinos to get away without paying the player.

It’s important to check out the games they provide once you’ve ensured the casino is trustworthy. As you might know, there are many game developers around the world. Some still small without a few games while others have hundreds of titles to choose from. Make sure the casino has your favourite games. For example, if you enjoy online roulette, you’ll find most casinos include multiple variations and even live dealer games.

Banking options are yet another major point to consider. Mostplayers from Norway use web wallets, allowing them to make deposits and withdrawals without it showing up on their bank statements. These web wallets include Neteller, Paysafe Card, Skrill and many more. It’s completely free to create an account and it only requires a few minutes of your time. If you don’t already have a web wallet, have a look at the options the casino providers and choose one that operates within Norway. Most are international wallets, allowing most countries to use their services.

The terms and conditions of the casino could change your considerations to join. Be sure to read through the most important parts of the casino, including restricted countries, banking limits, promotions limits, and currencies. Some casinos wouldn’t allow you to take part in their promotions when depositing with Skrill and Neteller while others might require a much higher withdrawal limit or restrict you from cashing out.

Playing with a VPN

This is a popular option for players from countries where gambling is illegal. While VPNs hide your current location, it only helps for a limited time. Most online casinos require players to send proof of address and ID before withdrawals are possible. In most cases, there’s no way around it, making the VPN a hassle not worth struggling with.

It’s better to find a casino that accepts players from your country and register with accurate details. This way, there won’t be a problem with payments or withdrawals. You’ll also be able to use your own banking details and you’ll be at a lower risk of picking up viruses from the VPN.

Playing Casino Games on Mobile from Norway

Mobile gaming is a must, especially if you enjoy the latest features with your casino games. Many online casinos now provide mobile functionality for the latest games, including 3D variations of video slots and even live dealer roulette.

The mobile option is accessible with just about any online casinos. Some include apps while others simply provide a straightforward and easy to use mobile website with all the same features and security measurements. The mobile platform offers the same banking options, account settings and support options as the main website as well.

To play on mobile from Norway, you’ll still need a casino that accepts players from the country. The mobile casino is the same as the website, meaning the same requirements, terms and conditions and limitations apply.

Winning At Online Roulette Games

Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games in the brick and mortar casinos around the world, so it comes as no surprise that the online casino players enjoy playing roulette just as much. Online casinos actually give players quite a bit more opportunities to play roulette, with a bigger selection of wheels, stakes and betting options.

While most players do play online casino games and online roulette to have fun and unwind, winning is still pretty important and there are few players who don’t care whether they win or lose. This is why we decided to look into how likely it is to win while playing online roulette and what methods you can use to win at online roulette.

Differences Between Live And Online Roulette

Live roulette is the game of choice for a vast number of gamblers, but there are some things about live roulette that make the game very unappealing to others. For starters, the game runs fairly slow, with many people gathered around the wheel, throwing bets around and creating chaos.

Furthermore, live roulette will usually not accept very small stakes, forcing players to bet for quite substantial amounts of money if they wish to play. All of this makes many recreational players turn away from roulette and towards slots, which can be very fun but they simply aren’t roulette.

This is where online roulette steps in brilliantly. With minimum bets as low as 10 cents and spins of the wheel happening on your command, online roulette is a game that will run fast, smooth and allow you to bet for a long time with a reasonably small bankroll.

Other than low stakes and fast gameplay, online casinos also provide players with multiple types of online roulette games. American Roulette, French Roulette, European Roulette and many others are on offer at various online casinos, providing versatility and more fun for the players.

Where To Play Online Roulette Games

There is a great number of online casino sites out there that provide multiple variations of online roulette games. Yet, not every site is as good as others and you should always make sure to play at a site that will provide you with a good bonus, generous choice of roulette games and plenty of action.

For example, CasinoLuck is a relatively new company that has put roulette in the center of their games selection. Providing a 150% deposit bonus and half a dozen roulette wheels, this site is a great place to start honing your skills as a roulette player.

Of course, there are also other online roulette sites that can provide you with many different game formats and can be great for both the low and the high rollers but you need to make sure to select ones where roulette players are truly welcome.

Can I Bet Online Roulette?

Online roulette, just like live roulette, is a game where the casino holds some edge over the player. In a classic European Roulette game, the casino will keep a 2.7% edge over the player and this means a normal player will lose 2.7% of the money they bet in the long run.

Of course, there are things you can do to improve your odds and playing at a casino with a generous deposit bonus, VIP scheme and promotions is a great step towards making your online roulette play profitable.

Furthermore, using mathematical systems such as the Martingale can be a great way to make some money at online roulette in the short run and while these systems may fail in the long run, short term, you are likely to make a ton of money with them.

Playing a smart and sound strategy in general instead of randomly betting numbers can also reduce your variance and winning in the short run is very possible at online roulette games. After all, with such a slight house edge, there is absolutely no reason you should not win lots of money over a certain period of time with just a tad bit of luck on your side.

By Zsolt A.

Knowing Your Roulette Games In Online Casinos

Roulette is an extremely popular casino game in both brick and mortar casinos and the online gambling sites. Yet, when we say roulette, the truth is we are not referring to just one single game as there are many different variations of the game of roulette.

The classic and most commonly spread type of roulette is surely the European Roulette, whose wheel contains a single 0 number and which offers relatively good odds for the players. There are many other types of roulette, especially in online casinos and some of them offer worse odds while others are simply more entertaining to play.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of online roulette games.

European Roulette

European Roulette is the classic variation of the game of roulette. The game’s board and wheel contain 36 numbers and a green Zero field, which gives the house an edge of 2.7%. While the house is still winning on every spin, their edge in European Roulette is in fact very small.

The game of European Roulette is often played by high stakes gamblers as the small casino edge means that placing big bets will result in relatively small losses in the long term and a huge short term winning potential.

American Roulette

As the name says, this game is often spread in American brick and mortar casinos, but many online casinos have adopted it as well. American Roulette works great for the casino as it provides a 5.26% edge for the house by introducing an extra number on the board, the 00 or Double Zero.

If you are looking to play roulette, you should probably avoid playing American Roulette if European Roulette is available. While the game may be a bit more fun to play, the reality is that the extra number decreases your chances of winning and your overall win rate.

French Roulette

Avid gamblers, French have invented their own type of roulette, called the French Roulette. French Roulette works in the same way as European Roulette as far as the number of pockets on the wheel goes, as there are 37 pockets in total.

The main difference between European and French Roulette comes when the ball lands in the Zero pocket and the player bet on an even money outside bet. In this case, the player can use the “en prison” or the “le partage” rules.

En prison rule allows the player to re-take the spin. If on the next spin he wins, he will receive the entire bet back. If the re-spin loses, the player does lose the entire bet, but there is at least a chance of recovering it. On the other hand, the “le partage” rule allows the player to simply recover 50% of their even money outside bet when the ball lands in the Zero pocket.

This way, players actually get another chance to lose less, which is why the overall casino edge in French Roulette is only 1.36%, making it the best value roulette game for players.

Multi Ball and Multi Wheel Roulettes

As the name suggests, online casinos allow you to play a single wheel with multiple balls or play multiple wheels at the same time. The multi ball casino allows you to play with three balls on the same wheel, and since they can’t land in the same pocket, your odds actually improve.

The multi wheel roulette, on the other hand, allows you to play on up to eight roulette wheels at the same time, increasing your action while always maintaining the same casino edge. These games are fantastic for action junkies who just can’t let themselves sit tight and wait for just that single wheel to finish spinning.

Where Can I Try These Roulette Variations?

The internet offers many opportunities to gamblers and it is never hard to find a solid casino with plenty of roulette wheels on offer. You can check right here if you are looking for best casino sites and pick the roulette which you find to be the most entertaining for yourself.

Online casino sites will give you a chance to play every single type of roulette through a single lobby and you can be sure that you will never have to leave your home again in order to try and win the big bucks at roulette.

By: Zsolt A.

The Oceans Trilogy 10 Years On

Why the Ocean’s trilogy was such a big hit with audiences and do they still resonate 10 years on?

When you think of heist movies you automatically envision the Ocean’s trilogy. Ever since the release of Ocean’s Eleven in 2001, the series produced three of the most quintessential heist movies of the modern age but what made them such a big hit with audiences?

The ensemble cast included George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Scott Cann to name a few. Their chemistry produced a slick rhythm between scenes that allowed the central players and the heist plots to be played out to direct the path of the film. As a cast, it is one of the best which has ever been assembled and is still talked about 16 years later.

Steven Soderbergh produced all three films, the first being an updated version of the 1960’s Rat Pack classic which starred Frank Sinatra. What makes this such great viewing is their ability to keep the attention of the audiences. Rated as ‘Certificate 12’ in the UK the films make for great family viewing. Due to the limited violence, zero nudity and almost no bad language parents should have no qualms about showing their kids these films. With the elaborate plans that are pieced together like a puzzle, with clues and clever reveals introduced throughout, you simply can’t stop wondering “How is this going to play out?”.

How authentic is the Ocean’s Trilogy?

The Ocean’s Trilogy’s casino scenes are set in Las Vegas, the home of mega casino-hotels and associated activities. Las Vegas is annually ranked as one of the world’s most visited tourists destinations as a result of the vibrant nightlife, elaborate water fountain displays and spectacular shows. When Ocean’s Eleven was first released in 2001, the Bellagio Hotel and MGM Grand Hotel and Casino were used for featured moments in the movies giving the film a real-life quality.

Ocean’s Eleven earned $450,728,529 at the worldwide box office. The other two films were not as highly regarded, seeing revenues drop, but Ocean’s Thirteen still received a respectable $311,744,465 total in 2007. The final victory scene in Ocean’s Thirteen left the series open for potential new endeavours, where more ticket takings would be expected.

With the films showing montages which include casino games, many viewers were inspired and started to wonder how to play games such as Roulette like these suave characters and whether there are any ways of beating the system. Take a look at this scene from Ocean’s Thirteen which showcases a heist in full swing.

There are a range of casino games shown throughout this clip including Blackjack and Craps. This con works by using a selection of technological devices which help the player influence the outcome and win excessive amounts of money. Even though a heist on this scale happening in real life is extremely unlikely, there is technology like roulette computers which allow you to legally predict outcomes, therefore making these legal in many establishments.

To gamble significant amounts and win on casino games, players need to practise, learn and research strategies. For example, the Martingale Betting Method in Roulette is a simple approach in which you double your bets after a loss – although it cannot sustain profits over the long-term. There are almost methods using Dominant Diamonds on a casino roulette wheel. Another way is to rehearse online through practice play modes which allow you to bet in credits. Using this in-play technology provides individuals with a way to master strategies before betting with real money either online or in a casino.

The rise of women participating in gambling

Ever since the first release of Ocean’s Eleven in 2001, there has been year-on-year growth in women participating in betting. There is a probability that this has impacted on Warner Brothers’ decision to make an all-female version of the film (more on that later). The Gambling Commission’s Annual Report released in February 2017 showed that 44% of the women participated in one form of gambling. This rose significantly compared to 2015, with the highest amount of women who bet coming from the 55-64 age demographic.

In a traditional casino setting, as seen in the Ocean’s Trilogy, one of the most loved machines is the slots. Gambling participation from both males and females saw the highest increase using this type of game. In recent years there has been a range of new exciting online slots introduced, many are commercialisations from successful films which includes Bridesmaids and Tarzan.

The Future of the trilogy

Casino betting is on the rise and action movies are one of the top grossing genres of film with 37% of the North American market. With this in mind, there is a clear demand for a new heist film. The Ocean’s director, Steven Soderbergh, noticed this and has partnered with Gary Ross and Olivia Milch to create an all-female spin-off called ‘Ocean’s Eight’. With an all-star cast which includes Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna and Anne Hathaway, there is no-doubt that this new film will be a great addition to the Trilogy.

Oceans Eight is expected to be released in cinemas in June 2018. The reboot will have some original members returning for a cameo appearance. This new production shows that heist films are still attractive to mainstream cinemas and entertainment companies, and the Ocean’s trilogy is still relevant 10 years since the last release.

Article by: Harry G.