The Roulette Winning Formula For Online Casinos

Winning roulette formula

I’ll assume you at least understand the basics of winning roulette. I’m referring to what does and doesn’t work. Basically you need to increase the accuracy of predictions, to overcome the unfair payouts called the “house edge”. If you’ve got no idea what I’m referring to, learn the basics of winning roulette. If you find that material too advanced, start by learning what the odds are in roulette.

Can You Beat Online Roulette?

Not all roulette is the same. If the winning number is determined by a computer, like in a computer game, then it’s a slot machine with roulette graphics. It isn’t roulette at all. If the winning numbers are determined by a random number generator (RNG), you can still beat some RNG, but really it’s no picnic.

In most cases, you can only beat real roulette wheels. This is because the wheel is not physically perfect. In fact it’s nearly impossible for spins to be completely random. Almost always the wheel and ball has predictable behavior that can be exploited for advantage. But whether or not it’s practical is another matter.

Ultimately, unless you can get your hands on the RNG software used by casinos (to study it), the only winning formula for online roulette involves exploiting physical roulette wheels. This means focus on playing online casinos that offer live dealer roulette.

You don’t need to start as a professional though. If you are new to roulette, and need experience playing roulette online, there’s no shortage of sites to choose from. There’s nothing wrong with playing RNG roulette if your intention is only to have fun. But serious players focus on live dealer roulette.

The Real Limit To Winnings, and Why Winning Millions Isn’t Easy

A winning formula is more than a strategy to improve your odds of winning. To understand this, first understand that odds and payouts are not the same thing.

Odds are your chances of winning a specific bet. And the payout is what you’re paid if you win. The problem with roulette is the payouts are unfair. This difference between odds and payout is why most players eventually lose.

Unfortunately, typical gamblers are not particularly educated, and they don’t understand why a system eventually loses. They become caught in the typical fallacies and misconceptions. This means they are delusional about what really happens in roulette. And they’ve got no real understanding of what’s happening.

But the reality is roulette is not at all difficult to beat. Certainly some wheels produce more predictable spins than others. And some wheels are virtually impossible to beat. Nevertheless, there are ample sufficiently predictable wheels to earn a living from roulette.

Ultimately, the secret ingredient to a formula for winning roulette is knowing how to avoid detection. Why? Because predicting winning numbers with sufficient accuracy is not particularly difficult. The problem is you can’t just win millions without being noticed by the casino staff.

The Importance of Avoiding Detection

Casinos are in the business of you losing. Of course if you win every now and then, the casino wont care. The occasional winner is essential to encourage players to come back.

While you play, casino surveillance staff watch you and other players via the cameras. If you’re making bets that typical losing players make, they wont bother to watch you. A typical sign of a losing player is they make outside bets, like reds and blacks. Such bets cannot win in the long-term because they are deliberately scattered numbers on the real physical wheel.

Alternatively, inside bets can represent specific sectors of the wheel. For example, 26,0 and 32 are all next to each other on the European single 0 wheel. The adjacent numbers are known as “neighbors”. This is significant because the only winning formulas for roulette require bets in sectors of the wheel, where the ball is most likely to land. This is why casino staff often get nervous when you make bets based on areas or sectors of the wheel.

If you want to test this, try repeatedly making bets on neighbors after the ball is released, and before bets closed. This kind of “late betting” is allowed at most ordinary casinos, but only some online casinos. If the casino notices you winning with these types of bets, expect they’ll eventually start closing bets earlier. This is because they’ll suspect you of using a technique called “visual ballistics” (or even a roulette computer).

Visual ballistics involves using visual observations to estimate where the ball will eventually fall. It’s a technique that has won millions, and it still works today.

What Happens When Casino Staff Notice Consistent Winners

If you are suspected of being a professional player, first the casino staff try to determine HOW you’re probably winning.

Then they’ll take whatever action necessary to reduce the effectiveness of your approach, so you start to lose. If you’ve been winning by making late bets with “visual ballistics”, the casino dealer will be instructed to close bets earlier. This then makes profitable bets impossible for you (at least with visual ballistics).

Your options are then either begin to lose, or leave. Of course you could also apply another technique. But once you’ve been noticed, the casino wont allow your wins to continue – one way or another. So it would be time to leave anyway. You could then come back later when they’ve forgotten you.

Lightning Roulette Game

Lightning roulette

The leading online casino game developers are always looking to produce something new and innovative for players to enjoy. Evolution Gaming is a great example and this company is responsible for many of the top live casino games available online today.

A perfect example is Lightning Roulette and this is described by Evolution Gaming in their own words as the following, ‘Blending world-class Live Roulette with advanced RNG game play, Evolution Lightning Roulette is a revolutionised extended Roulette game offering a unique player experience.’

They continue by saying, ‘All the usual Roulette bets are here, plus extra chances to win with added Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts. There’s an electrifying User Interface for maximum player thrills, too, and it’s all set in a stunning black and gold Art Deco environment.’

Lightning Roulette was announced in 2018 and released onto the market in 2019. It was named Product Innovation of the Year in the Global Gaming Awards Las Vegas 2018 and we are about to find out why.

The game Is essentially a more advanced version of European roulette. The players can place their bets on individual numbers, groups of numbers or colours. The wheel spins automatically when the game starts, this is not the responsibility of the dealer. The standard rules of European roulette apply but there is a special feature which makes Lightning Roulette stand out from other live roulette games.

When the betting stops the number board is struck by lightning and between 1 and 5 ‘lucky numbers’ are chosen at random. If you make a straight up bet on these numbers and win, the game will not pay out the usual 35:1. However, a multiplier will be applied to the win and this can range from 50x to 500x which is fantastic. Multipliers can include 100x, 200x, 300x and 400x.

The game is very straight forward to understand and play, which is one of the main reasons why so many people choose to play Lightning Roulette. You will find Lightning Roulette is available at most online casinos and you could even find a bonus which you can use when playing the game.

In this game, players can still find the ordinary live roulette elements – the live dealer, the roulette wheel and the 38 red and black numbers (1 to 36, plus 0 and 00 – double zero). However, Lightning Roulette brings you an additional special feature. In each game Lucky Numbers are struck by a lightning effect and give multiplied payouts of between 50x and 500x. Like any other roulette game, Lightning Roulette is a straightforward roulette game. Players need to place bets in order to guess where the ball will land once the roulette wheel stops spinning. Players can place several bets and can get additional chances to win thanks to its Lucky Number special feature.

Thanks in part to massive multiplayer scalability, Lightning Roulette can be played by a virtually unlimited number of concurrent players. And Direct Game Launch means that you can welcome in players not only from your Live Casino lobby but also from links in any web page, email or text.

In addition to the special multiplier, the playing environment is fantastic. The black and gold art deco layout with the four columns is one of the best you will see on any live casino roulette game today and is accompanied by a thrilling background music adding a chilling, suspense to the game. Lightning bolts run through the columns when the lucky numbers are being selected.

The dealer then pulls a lever and this reveals the 5 chosen numbers for the multiplier. The dealer also interacts with players and chats with them to make for an entertaining environment. The music blends nicely with the environment and drums help to build up the suspense before the 5 multiplier numbers are revealed.

Lightning Roulette is a unique live gaming experience which you cannot afford to miss. The features, real dealer, music and studio setting all combine to produce an innovative take on European roulette. It is no wonder Lightning Roulette has won awards and everyone who enjoys playing roulette should try this game. Live a very electrifying roulette experience and test your luck!

Poker Tournaments in Vegas Casinos

Poker tournaments

Las Vegas by tradition has been the place to go to enjoy the best of the casino world. Be it for blackjack, slots or roulette, there is a lot to do in Sin City, and one of the very best is playing in one of the many poker tournaments. There is one for every level of player, small roller, experienced and high rollers. These are some of the tournaments programmed for 2020.

Golden Nugget

One of the most recommended poker destinations in 2020. The casino gained popularity after being the filming location for TV shows like High Stakes Poker and Poker After Dark. Both were filmed in the High Roller suite. The room has 13 tables with comfortable decor and tables for all types of players. Tournaments happen daily at 11am, 3pm, 7pm, 10pm and 11am on Sundays. Buy-ins begin at $50 and $70. Sundays have a $125 buy-in for a $5,000 prize pool.

The Orleans

The poker room offers some of the varied options for poker with 35 tables that include Seven-card Stud and Omaha Hi-Lo. Daily tournaments include PLO, Omaha Hi-Lo, Eight-Game Mix and H.O.R.S.E. Buy-in begins at $80, $105 and $130 during the weekends.


This famous resort and casino offers regular high roller events including the World Poker Tour and the Super High Roller Bowl. Weekly tournaments happen Monday through Thursday from 1pm to 7pm and Fridays through Sunday between 11am to 7pm. During the week buy-ins are $140, and $240 during the weekend.


Bally offers a 14 table room for high and low rollers with regular tournaments. Buy-ins are some of the lowest in the city with $60 ($500 prize pot), $75 ($1,000 guaranteed) and $100 ($2,000 guaranteed). The tournament s happens daily during different times of the day.


This is where the WSOP began. The decoration is themed after the old days of poker with the Million Dollar Hall. Definitely a place you should visit at least once. Their poker rooms are a bit small compared to other casinos, only six tables with $60 buy-ins which makes it perfect for low-rollers. Tournaments happen daily between 1 and 8pm. A perfect destination if you are playing poker in Vegas for the very first time.


The Bellagio has 40 tables and two high-limit rooms. Doyle Brunson and Eli Elezra are regulars here.  Tournaments happen every day starting from 2pm with $130 buy-ins.


Not one of the best poker destinations as the resort has been in decay for a while now. This is a very family oriented destination, especially for the kids so poker players might feel a bit uncomfortable here. The main highlight is the low $40 and $45 buy-ins for the daily tournaments that happen between 9am to 8pm.

Caesars Palace

Caesars is one of the most spectacular places to stay at with a Roman theme. The poker room is large with 16 tables that include several types of stake games along with tournaments. Tourneys happen daily from 10am to 6pm with $100 buy-ins ($1,000 prize pool) and from to 2pm to 9pm ($2,000 prize pool).

Wynn & Encore

Both casinos are located in the same property and offer a 28 table poker room with a luxury theme. Tournaments always happen at noon everyday but with different prize pools and entries. Buy-ins starts at $140 to $230.

The Mirage

The casino is still popular and the poker room is decent enough with 12 tables. The ambient is very stylish with daily tournaments from 11am to 11pm. Buy-ins begins at $65, $100 and $120 for their weekend tourneys.

Planet Hollywood

The young oriented hotel offers 11 tables that hosts the Phamous Goliath Poker Series. The poker room is called the Pleasure Pit and has a club ambient with daily tournaments that happen between 10am and 10pm. Buy-in is $80.

The Stratosphere

A very impressive hotel to visit with a spacious poker room of 10 tables that serves pizza to players. Tournaments happen daily from 10am to 7pm with $75 buy-in.

The Venetian

Aside from the amazing romantic ambient that resembles Venice, the resort offers a poker room with 37 tables. Famous poker tournaments like the DeepStack Extravaganza attract players from around the world. Tournaments happen daily from 12pm to 6pm with buy-ins starting at $150, $125, $200 and $340.

Which Roulette Number Wins The Most?

Best numbers to bet

Is there a number on the wheel that wins more than others? Yes and no. It depends on the roulette wheel’s design and unique imperfections.

The first thing to understand is that there is no difference between one pocket, or another. Physically each pocket is identical, with the exception I’ll explain below. But let’s assume roulette wheels are physically perfect, as wheel designers try to make them.

If there was such a number on the wheel that won more than others, what would happen if the pocket’s number was changed? Would it mean the ball is more likely to fall in the pocket, which now has its favorite number? Of course not. But believe it or not, some players are uneducated enough to think it’s possible.

But ironically, every wheel has particular pockets where the ball lands more often than others. This phenomena is called biased wheel. You may have heard of it before, but it’s difficult to find accurate information on the Internet.

The odds of a number winning are basically the chance of a number winning. If the spins are random, then the odds are based on the amount of pockets. It’s different to sports betting because there are for more factors that contribute to which team wins a game. Worldbookies sports betting lists various places to bet on sports.

Old roulette wheel design
Biased wheels are far more common than most people think.

Exactly What’s a Biased Roulette Wheel?

A biased roulette wheel is one where the ball tends to favour specific pockets. It happens as a result of a defective roulette wheel. Keep in mind roulette wheels are manufactured devices, thus are subject to physical imperfections. Even if the wheel begins physically perfect, it inevitably develops signs of wear and tear. As time progresses, the imperfections become greater, and the winning number is no longer random.

Do Biased Wheels Still Exist Today?

Most people have little or no experience with biased roulette wheels. Countless self-professed professionals claim biased wheels don’t exist today. But the fact is every wheel is biased to a degree. It’s almost impossible for any physical roulette wheel to not develop bias. Even completely brand-new wheels are biased to some degree.

However, usually of the bias is not significant enough for a player to achieve an edge. Or is it?

It’s easy enough to understand no wheel is physically perfect. But what most players don’t understand is that a bias can occur only in specific conditions. One example is a bias can occur only with specific combinations of rotors and bowls. The bowl of the roulette wheel is the outer part, made of wood, and encased in epoxy resin. The rotor is the inner spinning part of the wheel, which contains the pockets.

Casino data analysis

Casino’s Software To Detect Bias

You would expect any casino to protect itself, by ensuring biased wheels are detected and removed. This is why almost every casino uses automated software that logs and analyses spin results. This will detect any significant flaws in the majority of roulette wheels. But the problem is it takes between 5000 to 10,000 spins in most cases.

Each time something physical on the roulette wheel is changed, like the roulette wheel rotor and bowl combination, new conditions are present. This gives professional players new opportunities to find and exploit wheels, before the casino knows about the bias.

Techniques to detect biased wheels before the casino are rare, but there are more active teams applying these techniques than you might think. You just don’t hear about it, because it’s not something professional players publicly discuss. As with any technique the beats casinos, they remain underground, and you only hear about it decades later. So although casinos like to think they are ahead of the game, the reality is professional players are ahead of them. After all, they spend more time studying the game than anybody else.

Hot Numbers Aren’t Biased

A very common misconception is that hot numbers are likely to continue. Hot numbers are specifically numbers that have spun recently. This has nothing to do with physical defects of a wheel. It is normal statistics and probability that some numbers will spin more frequently than others, at least in the short term. Unfortunately casinos and wheel designers exploit this misunderstanding, and present players with statistics revealing recent hot numbers. Every casino like those listed at choiceonlinecasino gives statistics of previous spins.

True roulette wheel bias analysis is done over far more numbers than are usually displayed in touch bet terminals. A single number bias analysis may take as many as 10,000 spins. With the use of advanced methods, it can be as few as 300 spins. And on wheels with a very strong bias, the analysis may take under 100 spins. This involves observations of the wheel visually, and listening to sounds. So it’s more than a list of previous winning numbers.

An example of listening for sounds is when the ball hits a pocket. Wheels that have red and black pockets have the plastic glued to the wheel rotor. Over time, this glue comes undone, which loosens the colored plastic. In turn, this makes the ball bounce less when it hits this plastic. The inevitable result is a deadened area, where the ball is most likely to stop. When listening for the sound, the ball will hit this plastic and make a kind of pop sound, rather than a ping. With experience, and with knowledge of specific wheel designs, you can identify the sound very quickly.

Don’t make the classic mistake of thinking hot numbers indicate a genuine roulette wheel bias. Even with random number generators, some numbers are likely to win the most. Again this is normal probability and statistics. A number is more likely to win than another only if there is a real physical reason.

The Life of a Professional Roulette Player

Real roulette wheel in casino with table

What’s it really life as a professional roulette player? The no BS explanation of what it’s like.

Most professionals in the gaming industry know about me, or at least of me. I manage what is likely the largest team of professional casino players that has ever existed. I developed automated computers that measure the speed of the roulette wheel and ball, to predict where the ball will land. While this kind of technology is not new, there’s nothing quite like what I have developed.

I’m not telling you this to boast. I’m just giving a basic outline of who I am and what I do.

I have worked with and met thousands of professional roulette players throughout the world. I believe realistically nobody knows or understands the life of a professional roulette player better than me. But I’m not going to explain how my particular life is. Instead I’m going to explain the typical life of professional roulette players.

Until you understand something for yourself, often your perceptions are dead wrong. It’s no different when it comes to the lifestyle of a professional roulette player. Below are typical misconceptions explained.

Having a Working Roulette System Doesn’t Mean You’ll Make Millions

This is probably the most common misconception. Inexperienced people often believe a winning roulette system instantly makes you a millionaire. They think you can walk up to any table and when hundreds of thousands of dollars, without any problems.

The reality is the casino limits your winnings. You can’t just win millions and expect not to be banned – or at least restricted in some way.

In typical casino conditions, you may only be able to win $5000 in a night without drawing undue attention.

Of course there are conditions where much higher limits are possible. In some cases, my players have earned as much as $100,000 in one night. But such cases are extremely rare, and they can’t be frequently repeated.

Say for example you won $100,000 in one night. The casino will very carefully review everything you did from the moment you approach the casino. They will check you against known databases, and add you to the database if you weren’t already on it – including details of what you are suspected of doing. This database is shared between different casinos.

So although you can beat roulette, your winnings aren’t uncapped. The problem as a professional player is not beating the wheel. It is avoiding detection. You can’t just win a fortune without problems. Your winnings at online casinos like LuckyVegas will more quickly attract casino staff attention than in real casinos. Although online casinos are more for casual gamblers than professional players.

You Don’t Own a Luxury Yacht and Helicopter

A luxury yacht can cost anywhere from $2 million upwards. A helicopter is about the same. I don’t know of any professional gambler that has both a helicopter and luxury yacht. There are probably a few – although they were likely already wealthy to begin with. I know several that have luxury yachts, and they are all high-stakes players.

The average player with medium-size stakes are reasonably well off. This means they own their own house, and a reasonably comfortable. They still need to work for money. In fact most professional roulette players still have a full-time job. Roulette is more a supplement to their existing income.

Roulette Is Not Your Only Job

Relying entirely on roulette for income is indeed possible. But it is not recommended because conditions often change. For example, some days the tables may be incredibly busy, which makes spins occur infrequently. This inevitably makes playing practical, so you need to come back another day.

Perhaps on other days, the casino staff may be looking at you strangely. So you may suspect they are suspicious of you. This is a good sign you need to leave and come back later, when they have forgotten you. Or perhaps you need to change casinos entirely for some time.

In either case, your income is disrupted. If you have family or dependents you need to support, then roulette may not give you the dependable and predictable revenue you need. This is why most professional roulette players have more than one source of revenue. The typical situation is players retain their full-time jobs, and play roulette part-time. If they do everything right, they’ll learn more from roulette than their normal jobs.

It doesn’t mean they should quit their normal job. But they may at least change jobs so they don’t need to work as hard.

Professional Vs Recreational Gambling

Professional gamblers are not really gamblers at all. They are educated professionals who carefully assess games before wagering real money.

Recreational gamblers consider elements like Retro Casino features, and what they find interesting. To them, it’s more about entertainment than making money.

Most Players Don’t Have The Right Mindset

Do I recommend professional roulette systems for most people? Absolutely not. Most casino players wouldn’t have the vaguest idea about what it takes to beat casinos. Most casino players expect to win millions, without any time and effort.

The reality is most professional players will tell you beating roulette is not particularly difficult. Again the most difficult thing is avoiding detection. Although even this isn’t particularly difficult. It more limits your winnings, rather than completely restricts you.

If you asked a recreational gambler what they thought of professional play techniques, they would probably say they’re impractical and too difficult. But the next day, they may go to a 9-to-5 job and earn peanuts. This to me is the real madness.

If you compare the income possible in casinos, to what you can earn in a 9-to-5 job, there is no comparison. You can earn far more in casinos, and in a fraction of the time. The downside is it’s tedious and often boring work. It takes the right kind of mind. You need to be driven and self-motivated. Unfortunately most people lack even these basic attributes. You also need reasonable intelligence.

If you have a good analytical mind, are patient, and self-motivated, then you are likely to do well as an advantage player. If you have unrealistic ideas of making a fortune without any time and effort, I suggest not stepping inside any casino – unless you are aware you’re almost certainly going to lose money.

Roulette Strategies vs Computers : Bonus Tips To Win

Bonus Tips To Winning at Roulette: Strategies or Computers?

Roulette table and wheel with bettors

Roulette’s among the most popular of the classic table games casinos provide. Players often dream of coming up with an approach to give themselves an edge over the house, but are mathematical strategies or computers more effective, and how do they work? Read on to find out.

Roulette Strategies

The idea of using cunning strategies to finish ahead in the casino is obviously appealing, but (perhaps excepting card counting in single deck blackjack and “advantage play”) they tend not to work. Nevertheless, here’s a look at some strategies people may adopt when playing roulette. Be aware though, this is advice for “gamblers”, not professional advantage players.

The Martingale system can be used in various games, and for roulette would typically be used on a black/red type bet. The player puts down a stake. If they win, they pocket the profit and play again. If they lose, they make a second bet of a similar nature and double the stake. Rinse and repeat until they finish ahead.

This sounds tempting, like it might work, for a while. The odds on losing a substantial number of 50/50 type bets (red or black in this instance) are pretty long. So most of the time you will finish ahead.

There is a downside to the Martingale strategy, however, which is that it’s completely insane. What you’re doing is increasing the chances of finishing ahead by a small amount. You’re also making it so that if you lose, you lose a massive amount of cash. Yes, the odds are against that happening, but if it happens you’ll lose many times your original stake. Casinos have limits placed on wagers, so even if you have infinite funds you’ll hit the ceiling sooner or later and be unable to keep doubling.

What Martingale does is make it so that the vast majority of the time you’re a tiny bit ahead, and if you get unlucky then you lose a fortune. Don’t do it.

When it comes to beating the house, online gamblers do have some opportunities not available to those in brick-and-mortar casinos. Betting using no deposit promotions, such as those from allow the possibility of winning cash without having to actually risk any. If you fancy a crack at betting for money but dislike the risk aspect, this might be the way to go. Be sure to check out the terms & conditions of these no deposit bonuses – some online casinos do not allow you to bet on roulette with a no deposit casino promo and could confiscate your winnings.

Another strategy is the D’Alembert betting system. This involves a stake increasing each time a loss is suffered. So, a losing pair of bets would see a starting stake of $1 on black or red, rising to $2 for the second bet and, when that fails, increasing to $3. If the third bet comes off, the stake declines to $2. Should the starting bet win, the stake stays at $1.

By rising through addition rather than doubling this avoids a skyrocketing stake, as can happen with Martingale. But it still means chasing losses by raising stakes. Likewise, it still entails a higher chance of finishing ahead by a small amount coupled with a low chance of losing a large sum (again, not quite as bad as the Martingale approach).

Ultimately, trying to beat a casino mathematically is always doomed to failure because the games are specifically designed to give the house an edge. The numbers aren’t on your side.

Roulette Computers

You may be wondering what roulette computers are. Essentially, they’re devices designed to predict what number will come up next, using calculations based upon the deceleration and position of the ball. Predictions are approximate but are intended to narrow the possible results substantially enough to be useful.

It’s important to understand that there’s a rough area that’s more probable where the ball will end up. This is far from 100% accuracy (which is no bad thing as you’d stand out like a sore thumb getting the number right every time). Fortunately, the rewards that can be won are significant so narrowing the field of possibilities to that extent makes finishing ahead very likely over a session.

The obvious question is: do roulette computers work? The short answer is yes. As you may have guessed, there is a but. The problem is that casinos, quite understandably, are not keen on players using devices that shift the house edge so that the players become likelier to finish ahead than behind. Get caught using such a device and you will be banned.

On legality: it’s reckoned roulette computers are legal in roughly half of casinos. It’s a matter of whether a jurisdiction views illegality by influencing outcomes (which the computer doesn’t do, it’s merely a predictor).

The computer isn’t carried about by the player. Instead, phone camera footage of the roulette wheel is sent to the computer, that sends back the necessary information to the player. Of course there are many other types too.

There is a hefty price tag, which will run you to thousands of dollars, and perhaps tens of thousands. This is not for a casual gambler.

Another potential pitfall is untrustworthy sellers. The technology is reliable, but with high price tags and the matter being discreet, it’s one that does see dubious sorts selling computers that don’t work. Be wary, including reviews which can be bought and paid for. One way to try and get around this problem is to insist on a personal demonstration on a wheel of your choice.

Strategies Vs Computers

You won’t get banned for using a strategy like Martingale, although you might get pitied by savvier gamblers.

Another advantage that a computer has over an individual using strategies is that a team of a few people can use the same computer, and cover a larger number of bets to increase even further the chances of finishing ahead.

Perhaps the telling point is that they’re banned. Card counting in blackjack is another practice that isn’t exactly welcomed by casinos (although as it’s done purely by mental arithmetic and memory it’s harder to spot outright unless the player is mumbling the count to themselves). If the casino doesn’t want you doing something that’s because it shifts the odds to your advantage.

On the convenience front, you only need internet access. You don’t have to actually go into the casino yourself, but simply have everything done remotely, with others placing bets.

It is possible to get carried away, though. Win a fortune in a short space of time and you’ll be detected pretty quickly, as the Ritz Players found out in 2004.

In essence, the difference is that strategies are free, don’t work, and casinos don’t mind you using them; computers do work, come with a price tag, and you’ll be banned if you get caught.

Whether a computer in itself is worthwhile depends a lot on how much you’re willing to bet (no point spending on one for a $10 profit), and how comfortable you are with doing something you know will get you banned (if you are caught).

Where To Test Roulette Systems Online

The very first step in designing a roulette system is clearly defining what makes it different to random bets. After all, if your system wins just as frequently as random bets, it’s no different to random bets.

But frequency of win mostly depends on the type of bets you make, or more specifically the amount of numbers you cover. This is because on the European world there are 37 numbers, which means the odds of one number winning are one in 37. Of course with the American 00 wheel, the odds of winning are 1 in 38.

Real Wheels Vs Online RNG Wheels

Are real physical roulette wheel is different to the random number generators used by most roulette online casinos?

Yes, absolutely. Obviously real wheels are physical and exist in reality, whether they are viewed live by WebCam, or right in front of you.

Random number generators are what determine the winning number for software roulette. This kind of roulette has no physical roulette wheel. It is just a game, with computer animations. In such a case, there are no physical variables that determine the winning number. There is no dealer to release a ball, because there is no ball.

But can you actually notice any difference in the spin outcomes? This depends on the patterns you are looking at. If you look at something like reds and blacks, odds or evens, then you aren’t likely to notice any difference. But if you consider real physical variables of the real wheel, and correlate them to spin outcomes, then you may very well find real patterns. And I mean patterns that exist not just in your head. If you attempt to look at the same kind of patterns with the random number generator spins, they won’t exist. So the differences depend on what you are looking at. After all if you’re looking at something that doesn’t really exist, you are not going to find it.

Having said that, if the quality of the random number generator is high, then there won’t be any usable patterns. So if you intend to play roulette as a professional, you need to focus on real wheels. If you intend to play with random number generators, then you need to exploit the random number generator itself. You can find flawed random number generators, but they are very difficult to assess because you need potentially hundreds of thousands of spins. Even then, the edge you get may be insignificant.

Investigating Spin Outcome Fairness

Once you have determined where you intend to test your system, you need to assess the fairness of the spins. Generally you can assume that the spins are fair if a real and physical roulette wheel is used. Of course it’s entirely possible that hidden magnets are used to avoid paying you out. But this is highly unlikely, especially at the casino is regulated.

So I’m going to assume you are testing the fairness of random number generator spins. Unfortunately proper tests require hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of spins. This makes proper testing to be quite impractical. But one anomaly you can look out for is that low quality random number generators tend to frequently repeat numbers. This makes them much easier to beat than fair random number generators.

A prime example is Microsoft Excel. What happens is when numbers are randomly generated in an Excel database or spreadsheet, the computer’s internal clock causes many numbers to repeat. Repeats are very obvious, and you might see something like 0, 0, 0, 5, 5, 5, 2, 2, and so on.

So if you are thinking to use Excel to generate random numbers, don’t. You’ll just get an unrealistic idea of the effectiveness of your system.

Likewise, many operating systems tend to have similar flaws. This includes Centos and other operating systems used for websites. But generally, real casinos where real money is wagered do not have these flaws. It is very important to test with realistic spin results.

Beware Of Dishonest Casinos

Many online casinos provide prospective players with free games to test their systems. But there are numerous rogue casinos that give players an advantage in test sessions. The idea is to give players an unrealistic idea of how effective this system is. So when the player wins thousands in test sessions, they believe they’ll achieve the same results when betting for real.

So as a general rule, never test your system and any real casino, or any website that promotes casinos. The exception is if you can somehow verify the fairness of the spinning outcomes.

Online Games and Roulette Simulators

The majority of roulette players use various free online roulette games and simulators to test their systems. The problems with this are they are games that often do not use their random spins. I know one particular online roulette simulator which gives no disclosure regarding the source of spin outcomes. Yet it’s quite popular with gamblers who want to showcase the effectiveness of their system.

The problem with this is the same as testing on any unrealistic game. The random number generator may be flawed, and won’t give you a realistic idea of the effectiveness of the system. This is particularly the case if your system relies on repeating numbers, for reasons previously explained.

Software To Test With

If you intend to use a roulette simulator online, I suggest see

Basics Of Blackjack For Beginners

The game of regler Blackjack seems simple, but it isn’t straightforward when a person begins to play. There are many scenarios involved where different rules apply. But still, blackjack is one of the best games that people can try their hand at and end up winning.

Blackjack cards on table

Here are some of the basic strategies that people can use to win at blackjack.

The first thing to do is to understand the terms referred to in the game.

  • S = Stand. It means that the player doesn’t want another card and is satisfied with the numbers he is holding.
  • H = Hit. It means the player wants another card hoping to get closer to 21, which is referred to as blackjack.
  • Dh = Double (if not allowed, then hit again).
  • Ds = Double (if not allowed, then stand at the same cards).
  • SP = Split. It is when the same numbered cards are drawn and split into two hands at the same time.
  • SU = Surrender (if not allowed, means the hit is mandatory).

Once a person is aware of the language used in the game, he can move on to memorizing the right way to hit, stand, split, double down or surrender.

  • It is a good thing to stand when your numbers are 17-21 as the chance of a person winning the hand is quite higher if the dealer has less than it. The chances of the dealer going bust are quite high.
  • It is a good thing to stand when a person has 12-16, and the dealer has 2-6.
  • It is a good thing to hit when a person has 12-16, but the deal has Ace and 7.
  • It is recommended that a person splits the Aces and 8’s.
  • A person should always hit when he has Aces and 6.

Avoid Insurance – It means that a new bet is made with new money based on whether the dealer has ablackjack.

Check the up card – It is essential to check the dealer’s up card before making a move. The dealer’s upcard makes a massive difference as it gives the person an idea of whether he would have a higher number than his or not.

Don’t take the first seat – It is suggested that players should take place down the table and avoid the first one. It would give more time to the person to review his hand.

Don’t go big early – Always make sure to start small. It would allow a person to assess the situation and get a feel of the table or how he is doing. It also helps players understand whether the dealer is on a hot streak or cold as they refer to in casinos. The stripes have a significant effect on the game a player plays.

Ignore the myths – If a person tells you that other players’ hands don’t impact the whole table, he is wrong. If a person tells you that an individual plays against the dealer alone, he is wrong. Always follow the strategy and hope for the best. It is the only way to play the game.

Avoid getting burned – A person should always make a cap of how much money he can afford to lose. He needs to plan and play his games accordingly.

To conclude, it is one of the best games and perhaps one of the busiest tables in the casino due to that reason. Once a person is familiar with the terms and basic strategies, he can go and enjoy himself without worrying about losing a lot.

Good Old History: The Origins of Roulette and Its Evolution

Roulette is considered one of the most popular gambling attractions as it is offered in every single casino and is regularly played by millions of people all around the globe. Except for usual roulette, modern technologies offer online variants. You can play the game even for cryptocurrency nowadays! Even though there are a lot of those who enjoy it, little of them know how their favorite game occurred and shaped up. Stay tuned: today, we will talk about the history of roulette!

The Origins

It is unclear when and where exactly roulette occurred: numerous ancient civilizations played the games which included the characteristics of this game, however, none of them is close enough to define it as an ancestor. For example, there is data that proves that Roman soldiers played many gambling games, one of which included spinning a chariot wheel. Another theory claims that Dominican monks brought a very similar game in China. All in all, none of these theories is argumentative enough to prove itself as a direct origin of our favorite roulette.

If you are one of the enthusiasts who love to rotate the wheel, you might be interested in trying the best online roulette practices. Luckily, there is a NativeCasinos website which offers its users the list of the top-rated casinos and also offers a lot of other useful info on the topic of gambling. Trying one of the offered roulettes you could compare it with traditional one and feel its history.

French Roulette

The modern game of roulette occurred in the XVIII century in France. This is also clear from the name of the game, which is translated as “little wheel.” However, many people believe that it was invented by Blaise Pascal a bit earlier, in the XVII century, when he was trying to invent the perpetual motion machine. Two games impacted the game we know, their names were

  • “Even-Odd”
  • “Roly Poly”

Both these entertainments required the players to spin the wheel and bet on the result of the spin. The game became popular in France and was one of the favorite options in Parisian casinos.

However, in most other countries around Europe, gambling was prohibited. In the XVIII century, Monaco authorities had issues with money, so the ruler of the country, Prince Charles, decided to make a profit from gambling, opening a number of gambling houses. This step not only solved his problems but also contributed to the rising popularity of roulette among the elites.

Removing the Double Zero Pocket

By the time gambling became illegal in France, there were people who did not want to give up their hobby. Louis and Francois Blanc decided to save the traditions of roulette and moved to German Hamburg in order to establish a gambling house. Except for opening a casino, they also made another significant step which resulted in the creation of the modern variant of the game. At those times, roulettes had two zero slots. The Frenchmen decided to remove one of them: this reduced the house edge in twice, and, therefore, made the game more profitable for the players. Newly introduced game became even more popular with this innovation.

Prince Charles of Monaco asked Blancs to visit Monaco, and they brought their game with them – and founded the first modern-like casino there.

To sum up, the history of roulette has ancient origins, but the game we know occurred only several centuries ago – in the XVII or XVIII century. The game stole the hearts of the Europeans, Frenchmen primarily, and quickly spread on different continents. Nowadays roulette is one of the most significant gambling games, played by millions of people worldwide.

Does Your Roulette System Really Work?

Does a winning roulette system exist? Firstly, it depends on your definition of a winning system. If it’s just that the system is capable of winning, this would include any system – including random bets.

But as far as I’m concerned, the only true winning roulette system is one that continues to win, even in the long-term. It’s important to understand that anything can happen in the short term. You may have a brilliant system, but make a loss over only ten spins. It doesn’t mean the system doesn’t work. Likewise, a bad system can win over ten spins, but the results are meaningless.

Almost Every Progression System Wins In The Short Term

A progression system is one that usually increases bet size after losses. The most famous progression system is called the Martingale. Basically after a loss, you double the size of your bet in hopes a win recovers previous losses. A simple example is betting on red. Your initial bet maybe ten units. If you lose, bet twenty units, then forty, and so on. This can continue until the maximum bet is reached, or you run out of funds.

The chances are if you play only a few spins, you will profit. But if you continue to play, you will eventually encounter the streak from hell that wipes out your bankroll, including previous winnings.

Most roulette system progressions are not quite as dramatic. But they still usually revolve around the same principle of increasing bets to cover losses. The important thing to keep in mind is each spin is independent. What happened previously on the roulette wheel has no bearing on future spins. The only exception is if there are tangible physical variables that affect the winning number. One example is roulette wheel bias, where there is a physical defect on the wheel causing some numbers to win more frequently.

Roulette wheel bias is very different to hot numbers. Hot numbers are ones that have won more frequently than others in recent spins. They are inevitable and part of normal statistics. A hot number may continue to be hot, or it may turn cold. Which is more likely? Each case is just as likely as the other. And what you are left with is accuracy no better than random bet selection.

Almost every roulette system based on progression bets will win in the short term. This tricks the player into thinking that their system is “working”. The fact of the matter is you may have profited, but it has nothing to do with the effectiveness of your system. Most roulette systems will profit for a short time, before making a substantial loss. Many players believe the loss is due to something like the casino manipulating spin results. While it may seem this way initially, the truth is again the short term gains are superficial, and will soon be lost.

This doesn’t mean you should only play short-term sessions, then leave after profiting. Consider if one hundred different players applied the same system. Say they all tried the same approach of winning in the short term. Some will win, some will lose. But slightly more players will lose. This slight discrepancy is basically the house edge. The casino doesn’t care who wins or loses. They only care that overall they will profit.

Understanding Statistical Relevance and Variance

As above, I explained that anything can happen in the short term. This is basically what statistical variance is. One hundred spins might seem like a lot to a player. After all, this might be two hours of play in the casino. But to a casino, one hundred spins is nothing. It doesn’t even begin to touch on the realm of statistical relevance.

The term “statistical relevance” basically means whether or not the results are likely to accurately reflect long-term results. For example, your results after ten spins tell you nothing about a system’s effectiveness. In fact, not even one thousand spins is statistically relevant. Generally the results only begin to become relevant after about ten thousand spins. This is ten thousand spins you actually bet on, excluding any spins you skip due to “triggers” (like waiting for 10 reds before betting black). So only spins you bet on count.

Furthermore, a positive result over ten thousand spins is still not particularly statistically relevant. So is there a particular amount of spins that is relevant? How long is a piece of string? I really hate that answer, but it makes a point, which is this:

The more spins you play, the closer your results resemble what happens in the long-term. You can win with random bets over one hundred thousand spins. Most the time, you would lose. But sometimes, you will have profited.

Putting this into context, say there were one thousand players, who each bet on one hundred thousand different spins. 99% of them will lose. But 1% will win. The 99% of players feel their system lost, and that they need to move on. But the 1% are fully convinced that their system works. If this 1% played a further one hundred thousand spins, the chances are they will lose. And they may be convinced that the casino somehow cheated.

To be accurate, the chances are fewer than 1% of players will profit (if the system was no better than random bets). But I’m just using the above values as an example.

Testing at Online Casinos

The Internet is full of online casinos, and it’s hard to know which are honest. Obviously you would not want to pay a new casino in Bitcoin, because the casino might not even have any games, then just run off with your money. Financial institutions have an obligation to process funds only for reputable organisations. It isn’t always the case, but a good start is searching for online casinos that accept PayPal.

The USA is particularly strict with online gambling regulations. So you could take your search further to find roulette PayPal casino USA and related terms. But this alone is not sufficient in determining whether or not a casino is honest. Separate articles on our website have covered this extensively. Basically you must ensure that the casino is properly licensed, and audited to ensure fair games. It is also important to extensively research, to determine if the casino regularly refuses payouts. Payout refusal is a big problem with online casinos. If you win big, you obviously want to keep it. So carefully research a casino’s reputation before depositing funds.

It is also very important to never test your roulette system at an online casino. Firstly, you don’t know if the system works until you have thoroughly tested it. So it makes sense to not test with real money. Secondly, if the casino has a play-for-fun mode, how can you trust it? Numerous blatantly dishonest online casinos have rigged such games to ensure you win. No real money is involved. It is just a dirty trick used by some casinos to make you think your system works, and you should start betting real money. Of course when you start betting for real, you lose.

Many system players do not understand you must only test on spins you know are independent and unbiased. But even then, some random number generators can be seriously flawed. This therefore gives you an unrealistic assessment of the effectiveness of your system.