The Roulette Winning Formula For Online Casinos

I’ll assume you at least understand the basics of winning roulette. I’m referring to what does and doesn’t work. Basically you need to increase the accuracy of predictions, to overcome the unfair payouts called the “house edge”. If you’ve got no idea what I’m referring to, learn the basics of winning roulette. If you find that material too advanced, start by learning what the odds are in roulette.

Can You Beat Online Roulette?

Not all roulette is the same. If the winning number is determined by a computer, like in a computer game, then it’s a slot machine with roulette graphics. It isn’t roulette at all. If the winning numbers are determined by a random number generator (RNG), you can still beat some RNG, but really it’s no picnic.

In most cases, you can only beat real roulette wheels. This is because the wheel is not physically perfect. In fact it’s nearly impossible for spins to be completely random. Almost always the wheel and ball has predictable behavior that can be exploited for advantage. But whether or not it’s practical is another matter.

Ultimately, unless you can get your hands on the RNG software used by casinos (to study it), the only winning formula for online roulette involves exploiting physical roulette wheels. This means focus on playing online casinos that offer live dealer roulette.

You don’t need to start as a professional though. If you are new to roulette, and need experience playing roulette online, there’s no shortage of sites to choose from. There’s nothing wrong with playing RNG roulette if your intention is only to have fun. But serious players focus on live dealer roulette.

The Real Limit To Winnings, and Why Winning Millions Isn’t Easy

A winning formula is more than a strategy to improve your odds of winning. To understand this, first understand that odds and payouts are not the same thing.

Odds are your chances of winning a specific bet. And the payout is what you’re paid if you win. The problem with roulette is the payouts are unfair. This difference between odds and payout is why most players eventually lose.

Unfortunately, typical gamblers are not particularly educated, and they don’t understand why a system eventually loses. They become caught in the typical fallacies and misconceptions. This means they are delusional about what really happens in roulette. And they’ve got no real understanding of what’s happening.

But the reality is roulette is not at all difficult to beat. Certainly some wheels produce more predictable spins than others. And some wheels are virtually impossible to beat. Nevertheless, there are ample sufficiently predictable wheels to earn a living from roulette.

Ultimately, the secret ingredient to a formula for winning roulette is knowing how to avoid detection. Why? Because predicting winning numbers with sufficient accuracy is not particularly difficult. The problem is you can’t just win millions without being noticed by the casino staff.

The Importance of Avoiding Detection

Casinos are in the business of you losing. Of course if you win every now and then, the casino wont care. The occasional winner is essential to encourage players to come back.

While you play, casino surveillance staff watch you and other players via the cameras. If you’re making bets that typical losing players make, they wont bother to watch you. A typical sign of a losing player is they make outside bets, like reds and blacks. Such bets cannot win in the long-term because they are deliberately scattered numbers on the real physical wheel.

Alternatively, inside bets can represent specific sectors of the wheel. For example, 26,0 and 32 are all next to each other on the European single 0 wheel. The adjacent numbers are known as “neighbors”. This is significant because the only winning formulas for roulette require bets in sectors of the wheel, where the ball is most likely to land. This is why casino staff often get nervous when you make bets based on areas or sectors of the wheel.

If you want to test this, try repeatedly making bets on neighbors after the ball is released, and before bets closed. This kind of “late betting” is allowed at most ordinary casinos, but only some online casinos. If the casino notices you winning with these types of bets, expect they’ll eventually start closing bets earlier. This is because they’ll suspect you of using a technique called “visual ballistics” (or even a roulette computer).

Visual ballistics involves using visual observations to estimate where the ball will eventually fall. It’s a technique that has won millions, and it still works today.

What Happens When Casino Staff Notice Consistent Winners

If you are suspected of being a professional player, first the casino staff try to determine HOW you’re probably winning.

Then they’ll take whatever action necessary to reduce the effectiveness of your approach, so you start to lose. If you’ve been winning by making late bets with “visual ballistics”, the casino dealer will be instructed to close bets earlier. This then makes profitable bets impossible for you (at least with visual ballistics).

Your options are then either begin to lose, or leave. Of course you could also apply another technique. But once you’ve been noticed, the casino wont allow your wins to continue – one way or another. So it would be time to leave anyway. You could then come back later when they’ve forgotten you.

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