The Life of a Professional Roulette Player

What’s it really life as a professional roulette player? The no BS explanation of what it’s like.

Most professionals in the gaming industry know about me, or at least of me. I manage what is likely the largest team of professional casino players that has ever existed. I developed automated computers that measure the speed of the roulette wheel and ball, to predict where the ball will land. While this kind of technology is not new, there’s nothing quite like what I have developed.

I’m not telling you this to boast. I’m just giving a basic outline of who I am and what I do.

I have worked with and met thousands of professional roulette players throughout the world. I believe realistically nobody knows or understands the life of a professional roulette player better than me. But I’m not going to explain how my particular life is. Instead I’m going to explain the typical life of professional roulette players.

Until you understand something for yourself, often your perceptions are dead wrong. It’s no different when it comes to the lifestyle of a professional roulette player. Below are typical misconceptions explained.

Having a Working Roulette System Doesn’t Mean You’ll Make Millions

This is probably the most common misconception. Inexperienced people often believe a winning roulette system instantly makes you a millionaire. They think you can walk up to any table and when hundreds of thousands of dollars, without any problems.

The reality is the casino limits your winnings. You can’t just win millions and expect not to be banned – or at least restricted in some way.

In typical casino conditions, you may only be able to win $5000 in a night without drawing undue attention.

Of course there are conditions where much higher limits are possible. In some cases, my players have earned as much as $100,000 in one night. But such cases are extremely rare, and they can’t be frequently repeated.

Say for example you won $100,000 in one night. The casino will very carefully review everything you did from the moment you approach the casino. They will check you against known databases, and add you to the database if you weren’t already on it – including details of what you are suspected of doing. This database is shared between different casinos.

So although you can beat roulette, your winnings aren’t uncapped. The problem as a professional player is not beating the wheel. It is avoiding detection. You can’t just win a fortune without problems. Your winnings at online casinos like LuckyVegas will more quickly attract casino staff attention than in real casinos. Although online casinos are more for casual gamblers than professional players.

You Don’t Own a Luxury Yacht and Helicopter

A luxury yacht can cost anywhere from $2 million upwards. A helicopter is about the same. I don’t know of any professional gambler that has both a helicopter and luxury yacht. There are probably a few – although they were likely already wealthy to begin with. I know several that have luxury yachts, and they are all high-stakes players.

The average player with medium-size stakes are reasonably well off. This means they own their own house, and a reasonably comfortable. They still need to work for money. In fact most professional roulette players still have a full-time job. Roulette is more a supplement to their existing income.

Roulette Is Not Your Only Job

Relying entirely on roulette for income is indeed possible. But it is not recommended because conditions often change. For example, some days the tables may be incredibly busy, which makes spins occur infrequently. This inevitably makes playing practical, so you need to come back another day.

Perhaps on other days, the casino staff may be looking at you strangely. So you may suspect they are suspicious of you. This is a good sign you need to leave and come back later, when they have forgotten you. Or perhaps you need to change casinos entirely for some time.

In either case, your income is disrupted. If you have family or dependents you need to support, then roulette may not give you the dependable and predictable revenue you need. This is why most professional roulette players have more than one source of revenue. The typical situation is players retain their full-time jobs, and play roulette part-time. If they do everything right, they’ll learn more from roulette than their normal jobs.

It doesn’t mean they should quit their normal job. But they may at least change jobs so they don’t need to work as hard.

Professional Vs Recreational Gambling

Professional gamblers are not really gamblers at all. They are educated professionals who carefully assess games before wagering real money.

Recreational gamblers consider elements like Retro Casino features, and what they find interesting. To them, it’s more about entertainment than making money.

Most Players Don’t Have The Right Mindset

Do I recommend professional roulette systems for most people? Absolutely not. Most casino players wouldn’t have the vaguest idea about what it takes to beat casinos. Most casino players expect to win millions, without any time and effort.

The reality is most professional players will tell you beating roulette is not particularly difficult. Again the most difficult thing is avoiding detection. Although even this isn’t particularly difficult. It more limits your winnings, rather than completely restricts you.

If you asked a recreational gambler what they thought of professional play techniques, they would probably say they’re impractical and too difficult. But the next day, they may go to a 9-to-5 job and earn peanuts. This to me is the real madness.

If you compare the income possible in casinos, to what you can earn in a 9-to-5 job, there is no comparison. You can earn far more in casinos, and in a fraction of the time. The downside is it’s tedious and often boring work. It takes the right kind of mind. You need to be driven and self-motivated. Unfortunately most people lack even these basic attributes. You also need reasonable intelligence.

If you have a good analytical mind, are patient, and self-motivated, then you are likely to do well as an advantage player. If you have unrealistic ideas of making a fortune without any time and effort, I suggest not stepping inside any casino – unless you are aware you’re almost certainly going to lose money.

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