How To Know If Your Online Casino Roulette Is Fair

Here’s how you know your online casinos is honest, and giving you a fair roulette game.

The Internet is full of various scams. When it comes to online casinos, there are various rogue casinos. These are unlicensed casinos, operating in no particular jurisdiction. In some cases, they may be licensed by governments with very loose restrictions. And loose restrictions are one way a casino operator can legally steal from you.

So how do you know your online roulette casino is honest? This is what we’ll discuss in this article.

Check Unbiased Online Reviews

Every online casino as various reviews. Don’t be so quick to believe everything you read though. Some reviews may be fake, whether they are positive or negative.

A single fake negative review may cost a casino hundreds of thousands of dollars. One casino’s loss is another casino’s gain, because it would be more likely to attract players.

Likewise, don’t so easily trust positive reviews. There are countless sites that merely list details such as casino bonuses. These are safe, and not the type of reviews I mean. I’m referring to reviews with respect to customer service, payout refusal, and anything else that indicates the fairness of the casino.

Don’t be so discouraged by the occasional negative review from casino players. In fact every honest business still gets negative reviews. Many of these negative reviews may be from genuine customers. I find one of the most common negative reviews about casinos is payout refusal. But the majority of these complaints relate to casino bonuses. Specifically, many players don’t read the fine print when they accept the casino bonus. So when the player attempts a cash withdrawal, there should be no surprise the casino refuses.

Don’t rely on any single source of reviews. Expect there will be both positive and negative feedback, and look at the larger picture.

Start With Small Deposits

It makes no sense deposit large amounts of money into a new casino. Start with small amounts – test the games, and the casino’s customer service. This isn’t so necessary with more established casinos, which are properly licensed. It just makes sense to be more careful with new casinos, with relatively few reviews throughout the Internet.

Is The Casino Independently Audited?

Every properly license casino is audited by government regulatory authorities. This is a strict condition for the issuance of gambling license. Check that the online casino publishes details of who audits them, and exactly what is audited.

I’m not just referring to the cash flow of the business. I’m more referring to the fairness of the game outcomes.

For example, the roulette wheels of live online casinos should be regularly inspected, to check for tampering. I have noticed that some fair online casinos don’t publish such information on their website. They really should though, because it gives greater assurances to their players. But if you really want to do your homework, then directly ask the casino for any information about their compliance with government authorities.

In cases where game outcomes are determined by random number generators, check that the random number generators are independently audited to ensure fair outcomes. Proper tests involve many millions of game results. These tests primarily are for the casino’s benefit, to ensure game outcomes are as unpredictable as possible. Never is a random number generator truly unpredictable. They all have flaws to some degree. Whether or not the flaws can be exploited by players is another matter.

Talk With Real Players On Forums

There are various gambling forms throughout the Internet. Often they are a hive of gambling system sellers. But the majority of reputable forums are properly moderated, and quickly ban scammers.

If you are part of such a community, you will inevitably know which members can be trusted. Generally members with more than 500 posts can be considered reputable members. At the very least, such members are unlikely alias accounts created by casino promoters. So you can generally trust them to give unbiased advice about particular casinos.

However, you should be wary of any new members who join the form, and seemingly begin defending a casino. Such new members may very well be created by the casino operators themselves, or at least affiliates of the casino.

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