Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why would you sell them if they worked?

This is perhaps the most obvious question. The short answer is licensing some computers for others to use, while using them ourselves, maximizes our revenue.
It’s an important question, so more detail is provided below:
1. Of course we the computers ourselves. Specifically we manage many teams for a profit split. This is done via the arrangement explained at
2. We already have more teams than we can comfortably coordinate. And there are far too many casinos for us to play in them all. So to maximize our revenue, we license the technology to other teams who play in casinos we don’t play in.
3. Purchasers pay a fair price. It’s not like we sell them for $49.95. Our top computer is US$80,000. For the sake of simplicity, we call it “selling” computers. But it is in fact “licensing” them.
You might ask why we don’t simply partner with everyone that asks. But initially we did send free computers to virtually every player who appeared serious. But we quickly found too many people didn’t dedicate enough time, or were too lazy to play. Generally when people get something for free, they’re less inclined to use it. In many cases, people didn’t even bother to return the equipment.
So we became much more selective of who we partnered with. Now we only partner with the most suitable teams and individuals. Furthermore, our partners are required to purchase their own hardware for themselves (such as phones). This costs each player about $300 (none of this is paid to us). Then we install the software for them at no charge. We receive $0.00 from players up-front. This arrangement ensures we’re dealing only with players who are serious, and prepared at least to make some investment, rather than have us pay for all equipment.
Overall, roulette computers are still rare enough that we can continue licensing them for others to use. But we will stop sales completely before they become too widespread. This will ensure all teams, including our own, are not adversely affected.

Q. If I purchase your computers, can I use them anywhere?

Besides ensuring you play legally, there are some restrictions. These restrictions apply only to the Remote Uber and Hybrid versions. They do NOT apply to our other computers.
Basically, before you purchase, we ask where you intend to play. We understand this may change later. But we ask you to prevent certain countries, regions or casinos from becoming too saturated with roulette computer users. After all, other teams would be affected if they are playing at the same table, especially at the same time. We will advise you if your target region is too saturated, and ask you not to play there. This is not a contractual requirement though. So if we ask you not to play in a casino or region, you aren’t obligated to do so. It’s more like a professional courtesy.
Still there are relatively few casinos and regions that are saturated with computer users. A single team may only play once per month, and win perhaps $30,000 in a single session. Other teams may play more frequently, but win only smaller amounts. In most regions, you’re still unlikely to play in the same casino as another team within 2 or so weeks. However, there have been cases where multiple teams played in the same casino at the same time, but on different wheels. This is possible especially in busy casinos, where a team’s winnings aren’t noticed among the losses from other players.

Q. How do I know if your roulette computer is legal to apply in my casino?

Seek independent legal advice regarding this issue, although one option is to ask your local gaming authority. We provide a template email you send them to get the answers you need for free. My roulette computers are not to be used illegally under any circumstances. If I discover you are using the computer illegally, I will deny you access to ongoing codes that are required on a periodic basis to keep the software operational. Understand if you apply the technology illegally, you also put me at risk.

Q. Where are they legal?

Gambling laws vary between states, even in the same country. Roulette computers are legal in approximately half of the casinos. The most central region where computers are LEGAL is Europe, but there are also legal regions on the American continent. We have conducted our own legal research and know where it is legal, although you should still do your own legal advice without relying on ours. We only reveal exact jurisdictions to actual players.

Q. Is there a way to win without electronics?

Yes, a few. They’re explained at But roulette computers are by far the quickest and most effective method.

Q. How does the roulette computer take timings of the wheel and ball?

Different computers use different methods. But with most computers, you click a hidden button (usually in your shoe) as the ball and wheel’s zero pass a reference diamond. This tells the computer the times and speeds. You usually take timings from “multiple revolutions” to minimize errors. The Hybrid version explained at uses a hidden camera and image recognition technology to automatically determine speeds.

Q. If it’s legal, why hide it from casino staff?

Because no casino will tolerate a consistent winner, no matter how you win. A casino can easily ban players they suspect are using computer, although banning almost never occurs. Instead, the dealer calls no more bets earlier in the spin, so you have no time to bet. The only way to avoid this is to win discretely. When you leave, the dealer will resume calling no more bets later in the spin. This allows typical losing players to bet more and lose more, which maximizes casino profits.

Q. How easy is the computer to hide?

All of our computers are very easily hidden. They will only be found if you are physically searched, which will only happen if you use the computer where it is illegal. However, especially with the Remote Uber and Hybrid computers, it’s unlikely casino staff would even recognize the equipment on you is a roulette computer. This is because they appear to be normal and functional smartphones.

Q. Do you have smaller computers?

The smallest computer we’ve developed is about the size of a coin. Computers can also be built into watches and other small devices. But such compact devices are only capable of using simplistic algorithms that do not beat modern wheels. Most of our computers use phones which are the perfect cover, if you were ever physically searched. Although none of our players who use the computer legally have ever been physically searched.

Q. What if my computer breaks or is lost?

For the original Uber or Lite versions: If there is a technical fault within 12 months, it is replaced free. If you break it, a replacement is $1,000 upon return of the broken phone. If you lose it, a replacement is $1,500 per phone, and your unlock codes will only work for the new phone.
For the Remote version computers: we replace any defective parts. The most expensive parts are the mobile phone. Even if you lost or broke them, it wouldn’t matter because we can reinstall the software on another phone. Also the phones aren’t overly expensive to replace.

Q. What support is provided?

You receive clear written instructions, practice videos of real spins. You also receive unlimited phone, skype and email support. We also regularly conduct live webcam and in-person support meetings. You’ll also have unlimited free access to the player forum where other players can also assist you. You get all the support you need.

Q. What’s the difference between roulette computers?

Most roulette computers use a simplistic algorithm that’s virtually identical to the free roulette system at You don’t need a roulette computer for such a simplistic approach, and it beats very few modern wheels. Our computers use sophisticated algorithms that are effective against almost every modern wheel design, and they achieve accurate predictions much earlier. See a detailed comparison of our computer versions.

Q. Can the wireless versions be detected?

While any radio emission can be detected, even to the most sensitive casino surveillance equipment, the wireless transmissions appear to be random communications from other players throughout the casino. The wireless transmissions from other roulette computers use easily traceable signals.

Q. What if casinos do not permit bets after ball release anymore?

It is very unlikely most casinos will ever forbid bets after ball release (late betting). This is because it speeds up the game, so more bets are placed, and the casino ultimately earns more. There are far more losers than winning roulette computer players, so it is not financially viable for casinos to call no more bets before the ball is released.
Around 1 in 50,000 players use a roulette computer. If casino staff suspect you are using a roulette computer, they’ll simply call no more bets earlier until you leave. There is no bashing, no ban, and no criminal charges. This is the reality of computer play, and it is not difficult to earn very large sums before being suspected.
Keep in mind that no matter how you win, no casino will tolerate consistent winners forever. So it is important to follow the procedures to avoid detection. Online casinos usually adopt a “prevention is better than a cure” approach by not allowing late betting, so they can avoid roulette computer players winning large sums, even if it means they will ultimately earn less from other players. After all, online casinos can’t physically see the players. So online casinos usually prefer less risk in exchange for less but more assured profit. More experienced casinos tend to allow late no more bets to maximize their profit, but are more vigilant in detecting roulette computer players before they do damage. But even in such casinos, a professional team can easily avoid detection.

Q. Does your computer need a wireless earpiece? Can predictions be relayed by vibrations?

There are two ways you can be told the predictions. The best way is an invisible wireless earpiece that “speaks” the predicted number. Otherwise the computer can vibrate in ways you define. The advantage of using vibrations are you need less equipment, although you don’t receive the predictions as early, and it’s not as practical. With wireless earpieces, you are directly told exactly where to bet. With the Basic and Uber versions, you can choose either method. With the Lite and Hybrid versions, you can only use wireless earpieces. The earpiece method is superior because on most wheels, you must bet a specific set of numbers to profit, and vibrations cannot tell you this in any practical way.

Q. Can your computer deal with different wheel (rotor) speeds?

Yes, and each prediction is adjusted according to the specific rotor speed when the ball is predicted to fall. This greatly enhances scatter predictability. The uber and hybrid versions are the only computers with this capability.

Q. Does your computer predict wheels that spin in different directions (i.e. clockwise, then anti-clockwise)?

Yes, the computer has a feature that enables this in an easy and practical way.

Q. How many seconds after the ball is released can I receive a prediction?

There is a difference between getting an “early prediction”, and getting an “accurate early prediction”.
For the single player Uber version: you must clock at least 1/2 rotor rotor revolution, and 2-6 ball revolutions. This plus the time to announce the prediction audio is the time it takes to receive the prediction. The clicks can be done simultaneously. For the two-player version, you can receive predictions as early as 2 seconds after ball release, because you can have two players taking timings at the same time. This means fewer timing errors and earlier accurate predictions.
The Hybrid can achieve accurate predictions only 2 seconds after ball release. These are the minimum times, although generally a prediction will only be accurate if it is made no more than 20 seconds before the ball falls. This is because the earlier the prediction, the less accurate it will be. There are many variables that determine how early you can predict and still have accuracy. But generally predictions made with more than 20 seconds before the ball falls is the limit. Still this is perfectly ok for most wheels.

Q. Do microprocessor devices have any significant advantage over mobile phone technology?

Other than they are cheaper and easier to develop, no. The difference in processing speed is negligible (less than 1MS). Even a 5MS difference in processing time is insignificant because individual timings errors are usually inaccurate by 50ms. Microprocessors are basically nothing more than calculators, and they lack the required capacity to handle algorithms that are required to beat modern wheels. We have developed numerous microprocessor devices, including the one demonstrated on the videos page.

Q. Is it possible to obtain your roulette computer from anywhere else?

No. Each of our devices require specific firmware to be installed on the phone. The firmware must be for a specific phone model. The firmware installation requires particular equipment. Then the roulette computer software is installed to the phone, which is individually matched to the phone and its firmware. Without my installation equipment and the original source code for our software, it is nearly impossible to replicate our roulette computers. If you see someone claiming to offer our roulette computers, you can be sure the claims are false.

Q. Can induction loops and the wireless earpiece be detected?

An induction loops is the transmitter that sends the audio to the wireless earpiece. Never once has a roulette computer player been detected from an induction loop signal. For an induction loop to be detected, a detector would need to be placed next to the player’s face at the moment the computer gives a prediction. If someone gets this close to you, you will know it. Casino staff detect roulette computer players primarily from the consistency of the computer player’s behavior and winnings, not from induction loops.

Q. How are the phones modified?

It depends on the computer version. Normal mobile phones cannot accurately process timings, so they are unsuitable for roulette computers. This is why our phones are modified. How we modify each phone depends on the model, but in most cases we install a crystal oscillator that acts as a microprocessor timer, then we re-program the phone firmware to source it’s timings from the new timer. The phone has the timer, custom firmware, and interface software depend on each other. This gives the best combination of accurate timings and complex algorithms to predict roulette spins. The modifications are difficult and expensive, which is why most roulette computers are unmodified phones or PDAs, or microprocessors.

Q. Wont the casino staff see the roulette computer?

No, it is hidden. It can be in your pocket, your shoe, or just about anywhere. It is operated by a hidden cable with a small button that sits either under your toe or sewn into your clothing. There are countless places to hide the cable and button. The casino staff see none of the equipment.

Q. What are the advantages of the 2-player Uber version?

A full list of the differences is at the comparison page, but basically you get more accurate and earlier predictions. It is also more covert because the player who’s winning doesn’t need to look at the wheel. Ultimately you can win more without being detected.
  • Much earlier predictions without loss of accuracy: To get a prediction with the 1-player version, the player needs to clock the rotor, and then the ball in this order. But in some casinos, the ball is released very slowly and there isn’t much time to make all clicks and still have time to bet. With the 2-player version, one player can clock the wheel, and the other player can clock the ball simultaneously. Ultimately this ensures you get predictions in time without losing accuracy. With the 1-player version you can still use 1 cable for the rotor and the other for ball timings, but this requires more skill and you lose significant accuracy due to user-error. Additionally, if you need predictions very early, you may only have time to clock 1 ball revolution but doing so means you have very little accuracy (clocking more revolutions means higher accuracy). The 2-player version allows both players to clock the ball at the same time, which greatly reduces clocking errors while still giving very early predictions. This is the only roulette computer with this capability.
  • More covert: Only ONE player needs to look at the wheel, while the player making bets doesn’t need to look at the wheel. This enables them to win more without drawing undue attention.
  • Multiple players receive predictions: on many wheels, with simpler settings, assured long-term profit is only possible if you bet on 15 or so numbers. The computer tells you which areas are most and least likely to win, and how many numbers you must cover. If you bet too few numbers, you will exclude areas of the wheel where the ball is most likely to fall. But betting on 15 or so numbers requires team-play on many tables, where 2-3 players make bets. The 2-player version is the only computer anywhere that gives multiple players either that same or different sectors to bet on, so all bets can be placed in time.
There are countless different wheels and conditions you will encounter in real casinos, and only the 2-player version has the capabilities to deal with just about everything imaginable. It doesn’t mean winning is possible in all conditions, just that the Uber 2-player incorporates features to deal with almost all real casino conditions where sustained winnings is possible.

Q. Won’t roulette computers bankrupt casinos? How can casinos exist if roulette is being beaten?

Casinos already know about roulette computers. They also know about other legitimate methods that beat roulette. But if casino staff suspect you of using a roulette computer, they will simply call no more bets earlier and earlier until you either lose or leave. Then once you are gone, they’ll resume normal procedures again. So to protect themselves, casinos only need to call no more bets earlier. But as explained earlier, if casinos called no more bets very early all the time, then fewer bets are made from normal players, and this means less profit for the casino. So it is not profitable for casinos to call no more bets too early all of the time. This is why it’s important to avoid detection, and it’s quite easy. It’s common for players to earn over $5,000 in a day without arousing any suspicion.

Q. Can I beat every wheel?

The Basic and Lite versions are the equivalent of computers from other vendors. They have a simplistic algorithm and will beat a smaller range of wheels. The Uber and Hybrid versions will beat almost any wheel design and in fact I’ve never personally encountered a wheel design they cannot beat. However, not all wheels can be beaten in all conditions. For example, even a wheel with very predictable ball bounce is unpredictable with a roulette computer if no more bets is called very early. This is because there isn’t enough time to take timings and get the prediction. When considering the average modern wheel designs and casino conditions throughout the world, the Uber and Hybrid computers will beat approximately 90% of wheels with a varying edges.

Q. What is the edge I can expect?

The normal edge against players is -2.7% for a European wheel (single 0). The edge you can receive with a computer depends on various factors, such as the computer you are using, the settings, how early you are getting predictions and much more. To give some scope, below are some comparisons of edges for different wheels, with different computers:
Wheel 1:
Basic computer: no edge
Lite computer: 4%
Uber computer: 20%
Hybrid computer 25%
Wheel 2:
Basic computer: 5%
Lite computer: 10%
Uber computer: 80%
Hybrid computer 90%
On the note of “edges”, consider the normal casino edge is -2.7% and how much it earns casinos. A blackjack card-counter is excited about a 1% edge, but roulette computers achieve edges that are far greater, and it takes much less time to profit than blackjack.
Also beside having a larger edge with specific computer versions (higher accuracy), there are other immense differences between the computers. For a comparison of all our roulette computers, see

Q. Is profit guaranteed?

No investment is ever 100% guaranteed. Every investment is “calculated risk” (risk vs reward). Not even a casino is “guaranteed” to profit on any given day. But the chances of the casino losing money is very remote. It’s the same case with correct application of the roulette computer. You have a strong advantage and are very unlikely to lose money. Any losses are only short term and easily recovered.
For example, consider that the casino’s house edge with roulette is only -2.7% but it makes casinos millions. Now consider the computer gives you an edge of typically 20 to 80%. So your advantage over the casino is very large. In the public demo video at, we achieved an edge of over 120%, and this was on a difficult wheel (MK7 Huxley wheel with ivorine ball).
However, there is more to winning than just accurate predictions. There are various factors that will limit your profits. The main limit is what you can win without being detected. Although with careful thought and planning, it is quite easy to avoid detection even with large winnings. Nevertheless, we will never “guarantee” you profits, because we can’t control how or where you use the computer.

Q. Why are the computers so expensive?

The computers are genuinely capable of earning millions. They were expensive to develop, and took thousands of hours for coding and testing. They are a portable business that doesn’t require stock, employees or paperwork. The prices are actually well below what they should be. If you are looking for a more affordable option, I do provide much cheaper versions, although they are not as capable as the more advanced versions.

Q. Can they be used at ONLINE casinos?

Yes, but only a few and only if you have a good internet connection (such as cable). This is because almost very online casinos doesn’t allow bets after the ball is released, because of what we have won. There are still a few online casinos where the computers can be applied, but only the Uber and Hybrid versions are capable of winning online. However, if you intend to only play online, I don’t recommend you purchase because online casinos can at anytime stop allowing bets after ball release. Real casinos don’t normally forbid late betting because they can physically see players, and change when “no more bets” is called when they suspect a player is using a computer. Then they can resume normal procedures after the player leaves. Online casinos take more of a “prevention is better than the cure approach, which is forbidding late bets.

Q. Can I see a demonstration on a wheel I bring, or at an online casino?

You are welcome to bring your own wheel to demonstrations. You can also see a demo on an online casino wheel, although keep in mind that most casinos don’t allow bets after ball release. Although you can still see accurate predictions on the wheels, so you know the computers also beat wheels I don’t own.
If you want to see a demo on an online casino wheel, you can see it against live spins when visiting me in person. But demos on live online casino spins take significantly longer because of the delay between spins. If this is what you want, I only ask to be compensated for the extra time the demonstration takes. After all, you want to see enough spins for proof to be clear, but I don’t want to waste time.
But if you cannot visit me in person, live demos for online casino wheels aren’t practical because my internet connection is in a rural area, and not fast enough to both stream live video to you, while downloading good quality video from the online casino at the same time. So if you want to see “live” spins via webcam (without visiting me), then you would need to see live spins from my wheel, which is a current model John Huxley Mk7 with Velstone ball track. You can do your own research about this wheel. The other option is you can record video of a wheel from an online casino. I can demonstrate on the video. Ultimately, you can get whatever reasonable proof you want.