The Best Strategy for Roulette Casino

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Roulette is a game that has been around since the 17th century. Legend says that the monk who invented it went insane trying to find a way to beat the game and eventually killed himself. Men have tried to beat the game ever since. The good news for you and me is that you don’t have to kill yourself to beat the game. If fact, you don’t even have to go insane. The secret is really quite simple: physics. That’s right, physics. Roulette is a game of science and not just math. When you try to figure out the math and beat the casino using formulas, you lose. Why? Because the game was designed to give the house a minimum 5.26 percent advantage. What this does not take into consideration, however, is the physical properties of the wheel, the ball, and the spin itself. These are variables that the field of science known as physics can analyze and use to beat the game.

Impossible? In 1873, a gambler by the name of Joseph Jagger broke the casino in Monte Carlo doing just that. A few years ago, a group of Eastern Europeans beat the Ritz casino in the U.K. using the same principals, only they used their cell phones and a computer. Today, roulette computers are able to beat the wheels consistently, though they are not legal in most casinos. Even so, this proves that the science behind roulette can be analyzed and used to beat the game and break the bank. On a side note, the group that beat the Ritz won over one million pounds but was arrested for cheating. They were released when it could not be proven and their lawyer pointed out that the law at the time only prohibited physical interference with the wheel, which they did not do. The lesson, however, is clear: if you are going to use science to beat the casino, you need to do it in a way that you do not get caught. Put another way, if you want to win big, the best strategy for roulette casino employees will not be able to detect because if you get caught, even if you get to keep your money, your roulette career is over.

Blending In and Winning Big is Not Hard to Do

There are so many players trying hundreds of crazy strategies and betting systems that a player who plays with low to moderate level wagers and only wins what appears to be an average amount of times is not going to appear suspicious, especially if you take the time to act casually and not throw around lots of money. There are many players around the world that make a very good living playing roulette 20 to 30 hour each week, and they can continue to do so because they have not aroused suspicion and don’t do anything that would draw attention to themselves. If you go into the casino and take them for a million dollars, people are going to notice. Casinos pass out thousands of dollars each day to people without thinking about it, however. So, if you only make a few thousand dollars and do so each day, or every couple days, you will live a great life and will simply be viewed as a casino regular and not a high-roller, scammer, or player who needs to be watched. As a regular, you can get comped on all sorts of things, too, from free stays and food to money. In short, the best strategy for roulette casino monitors cannot spot because it is used in conjunction with casual play and undetectable methods.

You Can Quickly Learn the Strategies for Winning

The casinos are so certain that roulette is unbeatable that they sell books on the systems that are supposed to beat it in the gift shops. They want you to try these systems because they know they don’t work. The casinos are even so bold as to put large lighted signs near the wheels that display the last section of numbers spun encouraging the junk math believers to find a streak or bet on a number that is “due”, all the while knowing that every spin is completely independent of every other spin so there is no advantage in knowing those numbers. It doesn’t matter if a number has not been spun for the last 100 times, it still has the same probability of being spun on the next spin as it did 100 times ago. By the same token, if a number was just spun, it has the same probability of being spun as it did last time. What is the probability? One out of 38 (37 if you are in Europe). There is one disclaimer here that makes all of the difference, however. If the wheel has a bias and has been shown to spin one number of section of numbers more often than others then that is something to know. Wheel bias cannot be determined over 10 or 20 spins though and the casinos know it. Even still, it is not hard, especially with the help of a computer, to determine if the wheel is biased, and, if so, if it is biased enough to make play worthwhile. The key is to remain undetected as you do it. Not because you will get in trouble, but because the casino might change the wheel on you and then you have lost your edge.

In the end, remember, the best roulette strategy is not just one that helps you win, but the best strategy for roulette casino employees never know you are using. This way, you can keep winning for as long as you so desire.

How to Make Money in Casino Roulette

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Roulette has been around since the late 1600’s. It is one of the most famed casino games in the world along with craps and blackjack. The difference with roulette is the apparent simplicity of the game: just bet on red or black, odd or even – how hard could it be? Yet, for that very reason, roulette is one of the biggest money makers for the casino. People who do not understand the game or the odds just play money with the hope that luck and chance will bring them success, riches, and wealth. Others have purchased a “system” to beat the wheel. They are certain that their mathematical formulas can tip the odds in favor of them so they come out ahead of the house. The problem remains that these systems, based on progressive betting and/or money management techniques, have been proven to fail over time. They simply cannot beat the house advantage of just over 5 percent. Using these special systems can certainly extend gameplay and give you the potential to spend a few fun days at the wheel (depending on the size of your bets, the size of your bankroll, and the luck of the wheel), but they will not bring you wealth or the opportunity to earn an amazing living at the roulette wheel. If math, sound betting strategies, and dumb luck are not going to lead to riches, is there truly any way that the roulette wheel can be beaten and a living made at this type of gambling? The simple answer is “yes”, and it lies in the field of science, physics to be exact. In short, learning the physics of the game is the key that will show you how to make money in casino roulette.

The Difference Between Casino Roulette and Digital Roulette

Before we go any further, let’s address one key element: there is a difference between casino roulette and online digital roulette. Casino roulette is played with a physical wheel that is spun in one direction by a casino employee called a croupier. The croupier then spins a small ball in the opposite direction along the top edge of the wheel. When the revolutions of the wheel slow, gravity slowly pulls the ball toward the bottom of the wheel where it hits one of the dividers separating the 37 or 38 colored slots on the wheel (37 in European roulette which has one green zero, and 38 in American roulette which has a green zero and a green double zero). When the ball hits a divider, it bounces several times until it comes to rest in a single colored and numbered slot. Because the spinning of the wheel and ball, the slowing of the revolutions, the pull of gravity, and the bouncing of the ball are all physical properties of  the game, they can be studied with the science called “physics”. Online or digital roulette is nothing more than a set of computer generated pixels on a screen with a random number generator picking the place where a computer generated ball will land. Physics is not involved in this game since there are no moving parts: no real wheel, no real ball, no real colored number slots. Digital roulette is truly random. The one exception to this rule is when the online casino has a real-time camera taking video of a real-life roulette wheel. In this case, you are still able to use the physics of that wheel in real-time to exploit the weaknesses of the game, beat the casino, and win.

Others Beat Roulette and You Can Too

Once you understand that roulette is a game of physics and that the physics of a game can be measured, predicted and replicated, then you are ready to learn how to make money in casino roulette. Let’s start by saying that not every wheel can be beaten unless you have a computer analyzing the spins, recording data, and giving you the scientific predictions. Casinos are not going to let you do that. Even if they did, many wheels that can be beaten are not profitable enough, even with the proper data, to play. The good news is that while every wheel cannot be beaten without this support, approximately 30 percent of them can be, and you can easily tell which of those wheels are going to pay off large. The trick is figuring out which wheels are beatable without getting caught doing it. While there is nothing illegal about trying to beat a wheel, if the casino catches on that you have found a bias in one of their wheels they will quickly change it out and you have lost your advantage.

The most famous example of someone who knew how to make money in casino roulette took place in 1873. Joseph Jagger spent several days analyzing casino wheels to find and exploit a minor bias in the famed casinos of Monte Carlo. Jagger spent several days taking data on the wheels and then spent the next several days taking the casinos for, in today’s valuation, over $4.5 million. Jagger is still known as “The man who broke Monte Carlo”.  Most people who use physics to beat the wheels are quiet about it and go to great trouble not to get caught. They are regular gamblers who take thousands of dollars out of the casinos each week but avoid the huge score that would alert the casino and draw attention. The most recent Jagger-like event took place in 2004 when a group of Eastern European gamblers used physics to calculate ball drop and walked away from the Ritz casino in the U.K. With over one million pounds.

The most important thing to understand is that others have learned how to make money in casino roulette and with a little time and practice, you can, too.

The Casino Roulette Strategy to Win Big Money

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Ever since roulette was introduced in the late 1600’s, men have tried to find ways to beat the game. From mathematical formulas to trick wheels and weighted balls, players and casinos have been in a constant battle to find or thwart formulas for success. While there have been isolated instances where people have done very well at the roulette wheel, the casinos have been on the winning end of the equation, the odds firmly in their favor…until now.

The good news for roulette enthusiasts is that in the 21st century, science and technology are now on our side. Today, we are able to understand what only a handful of brilliant men like Joseph Jagger, the “man who broke Monte Carlo” figured out: the game is about physics and not luck. The wheels are manmade, are not perfect, and many of them have a bias. In addition to wheel bias, the size of the wheel, spin rate and the size of the ball creates a physics problem that if solved will tell you when the ball will drop. With a little practice, (and thankfully, today, the help of a computer) you can use a casino roulette strategy to win almost every time. It is important to note that this strategy is for casino roulette or online roulette where an actual roulette wheel is on a real-time camera, but electronic virtual wheels do not have a bias so this strategy is not for them.

You Can Win With Just Roulette Basics

Roulette is a casino game that uses a spinning wheel and ball. The wheel is spun one direction and the ball is spun inside the wheel in the opposite direction. There are red and black slots on the bottom of the wheel numbered one through 37 in European roulette and one to 38 in American roulette. There are also two green spaces numbered zero and double zero. A casino employee called a croupier spins the wheel and ball while the players place bets on a table with each of the number and color combination laid out in three columns along with options for simple even/odd or red/black bets. The main idea is to select the number or color the ball will land on. Each bet has its own odds and payouts based probability. Red/black or odd/even bets have the best odds and the lowest payout. Single number bets have the lowest odds and the greatest payout. Note that even on red/black or odd/even bets the house has an advantage since the two green spaces drop the odds of either coming up to less than 50 percent. You will learn about other common bets such as the split bet (either of two adjoining numbers), street bet (once column of numbers), and the corner bet (an intersection of four numbers). While there are many other varieties of bets, the casino roulette strategy to win is not based on the memorization of fancy betting combinations, but in the understanding of roulette physics.

You Won’t Repeat The Losing Strategies of Others

Those that don’t know any better play roulette as a game of chance or luck. Others will try to play percentages in hopes of beating the house odds with simple red/black or even/odd bets. More advanced players will use color/number combinations in an attempt to overcome the house’s advantage. In the end, however, it all ends up the same way. The house has a mathematical advantage of 5.26 percent in the best of times. While you may find yourself in the good fortune of a streak, if you keep playing long enough, statistics will take over and the old adage will come to pass: the house always wins. That it, unless you can change the odds, and that is exactly what the casino roulette strategy to win is based on, changing the odds through science. Understand that to break even betting a single number, you would have to hit once every 36 times or about 2.78 percent of the time. With a zero and double zero in American roulette (only one zero in European roulette which gives the player better odds), the house has a slight advantage. If, however, a slight wheel bias were discovered and a particular number where to hit even 2 or 3 percent more than 2.78 percent of the time, the odds would be swung significantly in the players favor. You really can use the physics of roulette and this casino roulette strategy to win at the wheel over and over by exploiting the scientific weaknesses that approximately 30 percent of all roulette wheels have.

A Small Amount of Time and Effort Will Give You a Huge Payday

If you are willing to look beyond the idea that this is another one of those magic methods of gambling that just don’t work and realize that this is a scientific approach to a physics problem that takes time, effort, and dedication then you are on your way to many amazing paydays. What this means is that there is no slight of hand, no secret formula, only hard work. Well, hard work in the simplest, most fun sense of the word. After all, if you love to gamble and find spending 20 or 30 hours a week in the casino as exciting, then there really isn’t a lot of hard work involved, especially when you compare it to the 40 plus hours most people spend slaving away for paltry wages. The roulette computers are the most guaranteed way to win roulette. Although they are a betting system banned from casinos, they are often still legal to use.

This casino roulette system is simple to learn, simple to implement, and fun to use – especially when the money starts coming in. In addition to learning to identify the wheels that can be beaten, you will learn how to beat them, and how to avoid detection so you can come back and beat that wheel again and again.

The Best Way to Play Roulette in Casino

There are dozens of books, videos, tutorials, and online guides to playing roulette. Many of the guides will tell you that you can beat the game if you use a certain mathematical strategy. Others will tell you that the game is completely random, but if you use a patented and proven money management system that you can defeat the house odds and win. Other tutorials will tell you that all strategies and systems are bunk and there is simply no way to beat the game except for a run of dumb luck. While there is a hint of truth in each of these, if you want to understand the best way to play roulette in casino establishments around the world, you simply need to realize that roulette is a game of science and science can be learned and analyzed.

Start By Understanding the Basics of the Game

Roulette is a game based upon physics. There may not ever be basic roulette systems that work. The illusion is that it is based on math, and that is why so many people have struggled to beat the game. The math behind the game is simple and give the casino an edge every time. If you are trying to beat the casino at its own game, you will end up a loser every time. If you want to beat the casino and win, then you need to look beyond the math and the odds of the betting to the science behind the game itself.

In its most basic form, roulette is a wheel that is spun one direction while a ball is spun on the wheels inner edge in the opposite direction. When the wheel slows, the ball drops down into one of 37 or 38 red, black, or green slots in the bottom of the wheel. The ball typically bounces three to five times before it comes to rest in one of the colored slots. The game is to guess what number or color the ball will land on. The payouts on the bets vary depending on the difficulty of the bet. Simple red/black or odd/even bets are the easiest to win and pay out the least. Picking a single number is the hardest, but pays out the best at 35/1. Most players spend their time trying to find a way to minimize the house’s 5.26 percent edge and win by beating the odds. While there have been players who have short-term winning streaks, they always end up losing in the long run.

The betting board of a roulette game has three columns of numbers, each with a third of the possible 36 numbers. At the head of the columns is an option to bet on the green zero or green double zero. On the outside of the numbered columns are options to make simple red/black or even/odd bets. As you might imagine, there are dozens of intricate betting strategies, each with its own odds and payout. The best way to play roulette in casino roulette environments* is not to memorize and use a plethora of fancy bets, however, it is to look beyond the numbers and understand why the ball lands where it does.

* There is a difference between casino roulette and online digital roulette. Casino roulette, as described above, is a game of physics. Online, digital roulette has no moving parts and is a complete game of chance based on a true random number generator. The wheel, ball, slots, and betting surface are all just a series of computer generated pixels and physical science has no bearing on the play or outcome of these games.

Winners Know the Best Way to Play Roulette in Casino Uses Science

Physical wheels are made by man and are subject to flaws, wear and tear, and stresses from use. That said, not every wheel is going to be flawed to the same degree, will not wear in the same way, and will not receive the same stressors. There are a lot of factors that go into the way a wheel spins and the way the ball will react to when spun. This is not where the money is made, though. The money is made in being able to identify and exploit the wheel bias that results from these variables. Not every wheel will have enough of a bias to make it worth playing even if you have great computer support, but nearly 30 percent of the wheels in casinos today are worth exploiting. When the wheel is functioning perfectly, it should hit a single number approximately once every 36 times. The casino pays you 35 to 1 when you hit the number, which means that even if you hit your number once every 36 spins you would lose a one-thirty-sixth of your money if you were betting consistently. If the wheel were slightly biased, even by 1 or 2 percent, however, and you were able to detect which number would hit more than the 2.7 percent of the time it should, then you would be able to beat the casino’s odds and make a small fortune. You also need to keep winnings, so if you play online, develop a good betting roulette strategy for live online roulette. But playing online is very different with some online casinos, in particularly if they use RNG. But consider free roulette software game for testing if you don’t want to play on real wheels.

Once you understand that the best way to play roulette in casino environments is not in math but in the physics behind the game, the next step is to learn how to identify the wheel bias without getting caught. It’s not so much that you would get into trouble, but that the casino would shut the table down and change out the wheel taking away your advantage. Then, you have to start all over again with them watching you closely to see the next wheel you start to play a lot.

The Secret Roulette Strategy To Win

There is a reason that players who want to use a secret roulette strategy are not banned from casinos: these gimmicks don’t work and they know it. Not only do the casinos not care if you use a “secret roulette strategy”, they sell the books promoting them in their gift shops and make it easy for you to implement them by posting the last numbers spun prominently on digital boards. The casinos know that all of these strategies have the same flaw, they don’t overcome the house odds, so even if they pay off in the short term, the house will win in the end.

Don’t Fall Victim to False “Strategies”

First you should understand the basics of how to play roulette and accurate roulette tips that work.

Perhaps the most famous secret roulette strategy is know as the Martingale method which is based on progressive betting (most of them are). The advantage of the Martingale strategy is that it will work more often than not. The two downfalls of the Martingale strategy, as with all progressive strategies, is that is cannot overcome a loss streak due to house betting limits, and it does not account for the house’s 5 percent favor. These systems also place a great risk on the bankroll for only a very small payout after even a minor losing streak.

Another “secret roulette strategy” is the Paroli method. This is one of the many strategies known as money management techniques. In Paroli, as with other money management systems, the player bets less when they are losing and more when they are winning. There are slightly different variations as for how long the streak goes before you reset, how quickly you increase your bets, and so forth, but in the end they all fall victim to the same shortcoming: the system does nothing to defeat the house advantage so for every $100 you bet, you will statistically only get $93-97 back. These methods allow you to play longer, but eventually your bankroll will be gone and the fun will be over.

The most insidious of the secret strategies are based upon junk mathematical principals. The systems sound good and are so deceitful because of the math formulas that are supposed to work. For example, if a “red” number has been spun 5 or 6 times in a row, most of these math-based formulas will lead you to believe that a black number is “due”. The reality is that there is never more that a 46.3 percent chance that a red or black will be spun on any given spin (50 percent minus the chance that a green zero or double zero will be spun). The idea that one spin has any affect on the outcome of future spins is junk math and has no basis in reality. You might as well base your bets off of whether or not you rubbed the head of the bald man standing next to you, the chances of spinning a red or black will still be the same.

Beat the Casino Through Science

The best known case of somebody recognizing that roulette is a game of science and not chance took place in Monte Carlo in 1873. A gambler by the name of Joseph Jagger spent several days watching the wheels and found a couple of them that had a slight wheel bias. In other words instead of spinning a number once just over 2 percent of the time, the wheel might have spun the number or numbers 3 or 4 percent of the time. While this does not sound like much, to make money you only need to have your number hit once out of 35 times (35 to 1 payout). Jagger was able to have his numbers hit more frequently than this and pocketed his winnings. Because he wasn’t playing at the $1 wheel, his take over several days was over $4.5 million in today’s money. To this day, Jagger is known as “The man who broke Monte Carlo”.

The good news is that wheel bias is still something that is very real in approximately 30 percent of the wheels. The trick is learning to identify it and then knowing how to exploit that weakness without getting caught or alerting the casino so they change the wheel out. Identifying wheel bias is not a  secret roulette strategy, it is a scientific principal based on roulette physics. As with any scientific principal, the results can be replicated and repeated.

In May, 2004, a group of gamblers used a method much like this to exploit the wheels at the Ritz casino in the U.K. and walked away with more than one million pounds. They were detected and arrested, but since the police could not prove they did anything wrong they were released and allowed to keep all of their winnings.

Using the science behind roulette and not relying on some secret roulette strategy that just don’t work, you will not only have a lot of fun playing roulette, but you will have even more fun winning.

Best Roulette Strategy Tips

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Roulette is a casino game of chance that for almost half a century has been widely played around the world.  Players have been trying to beat this amazing and entertaining game, and some have succeeded.  Dozens of strategies and systems can be found online but how effective they are is an ongoing discussion subject.

Famous Roulette Bets and Winners

There are some interesting roulette stories.  Learning the best roulette strategy, whichever you believe is the best, is not a matter of minutes.  Several professional roulette players believe is important to learn about successful roulette stories that have traveled around the world before attempting to apply a roulette strategy.

Among the most recent stories, the one of Ashley Revell is the most interesting one.  There is not much roulette strategy involved but the result was amazing.  Revell simply sold all his possession for approximately $135,300 and placed it all on the red… The bet was accepted by by the Plaza Hotel and Casino and Revell ended up doubling his bankroll by hitting the red 7!

Joseph Jagger is a famous english engineer who was able to determine the behavior of a roulette at a Monte Carlo casino back in the XIX century.  After 3 days he was able to profit the equivalent of today’s $6 million dollars.

The most amazing story in roulette history and in gambling as well could be the Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo one.  This Spanish music producer was able to detect minor imperfections in live casino roulettes to determine which numbers where the most often paid and was able to profit millions around the world.  He recorded the outcome thousands of spins of a roulette to determine which numbers appeared more often and successfully applied his knowledge effectively for years.

Most Popular Roulette Betting Tips and Systems

Popular doesn’t mean it wins. Among the most popular roulette strategies, the martingale system was developed in the 18th century and still is used by many players to attempt profits in roulette. This system requires a lot of money and the idea is to double the bet after every loss until a win that will make up the the previous losses and produce a profit.  When betting the color, the objective is to bet the same color continuously increasing each bet twice when losing.  The reason for some casinos to establish a minimum and maximum bet in roulette per position is to avoid abuse of this technique.

One popular system for those looking for the best roulette strategy tips is the 7 number bet system.  This is a clever and useful roulette strategy that is quite effective.  Those who understand roulette payout amounts will be very attracted to this system.  The key behind this roulette strategy is the amount of money available.  Ideally a player is required to invest $3430 and a little bit of luck to profit from this system.  Choosing 7 numbers gives the player an 18,9% chance of hitting a number in a spin.  Based on this percentage what players need to do is to stick with the selected numbers and follow the instructions in the following chart:

Spin № Bet Count of Numbers Profit Deposit
1 $1 7 $28
2 $1 7 $22
3 $1 7 $15
4 $1 7 $8
5 $3 7 $59
6 $3 7 $38
7 $5 7 $75
8 $5 7 $40
9 $7 7 $63
10 $7 7 $14
11 $13 7 $139
12 $13 7 $48 $420
13 $21 7 $189
14 $21 7 $21
15 $35 7 $301
16 $35 7 $56 $1204
17 $59 7 $507
18 $59 7 $94
19 $100 7 $870
20 $100 7 $170 $3430

The roulette bets explained page will assist. The players require a $420 bankroll to play at least 12 spins or a $1204 bankroll to attempt hitting on 16 spins or a $3430 bankroll for a 20 spin session. Losing with this system is definitely possible but it is designed to recover your previous bets and a profit once one of the selected numbers is hit.

When betting in roulette at a casino most systems are designed European systems rather than for double zero roulettes more used in north america.

Also you can create your own strategy, if you are looking for fun you can pick your favorite numbers and make a profit from them if you are lucky. Some players enjoy more the outside bets than the inside ones but creating your own strategy could lead to major losses.  Remember all casino games are mathematically designed to give an advantage to the house.

If you are looking to make some money on roulette, give it a try and if you find out a reliable and profitable strategy then make notes and pass your knowledge to others looking to beat this old and packed with action casino game.

Ultimately there is no specific most profitable bet in roulette. What matters most is the accuracy of predictions, not the bet type.

Author: Ernest