The Best Way to Play Roulette in Casino

There are dozens of books, videos, tutorials, and online guides to playing roulette. Many of the guides will tell you that you can beat the game if you use a certain mathematical strategy. Others will tell you that the game is completely random, but if you use a patented and proven money management system that you can defeat the house odds and win. Other tutorials will tell you that all strategies and systems are bunk and there is simply no way to beat the game except for a run of dumb luck. While there is a hint of truth in each of these, if you want to understand the best way to play roulette in casino establishments around the world, you simply need to realize that roulette is a game of science and science can be learned and analyzed.

Start By Understanding the Basics of the Game

Roulette is a game based upon physics. There may not ever be basic roulette systems that work. The illusion is that it is based on math, and that is why so many people have struggled to beat the game. The math behind the game is simple and give the casino an edge every time. If you are trying to beat the casino at its own game, you will end up a loser every time. If you want to beat the casino and win, then you need to look beyond the math and the odds of the betting to the science behind the game itself.

In its most basic form, roulette is a wheel that is spun one direction while a ball is spun on the wheels inner edge in the opposite direction. When the wheel slows, the ball drops down into one of 37 or 38 red, black, or green slots in the bottom of the wheel. The ball typically bounces three to five times before it comes to rest in one of the colored slots. The game is to guess what number or color the ball will land on. The payouts on the bets vary depending on the difficulty of the bet. Simple red/black or odd/even bets are the easiest to win and pay out the least. Picking a single number is the hardest, but pays out the best at 35/1. Most players spend their time trying to find a way to minimize the house’s 5.26 percent edge and win by beating the odds. While there have been players who have short-term winning streaks, they always end up losing in the long run.

The betting board of a roulette game has three columns of numbers, each with a third of the possible 36 numbers. At the head of the columns is an option to bet on the green zero or green double zero. On the outside of the numbered columns are options to make simple red/black or even/odd bets. As you might imagine, there are dozens of intricate betting strategies, each with its own odds and payout. The best way to play roulette in casino roulette environments* is not to memorize and use a plethora of fancy bets, however, it is to look beyond the numbers and understand why the ball lands where it does.

* There is a difference between casino roulette and online digital roulette. Casino roulette, as described above, is a game of physics. Online, digital roulette has no moving parts and is a complete game of chance based on a true random number generator. The wheel, ball, slots, and betting surface are all just a series of computer generated pixels and physical science has no bearing on the play or outcome of these games.

Winners Know the Best Way to Play Roulette in Casino Uses Science

Physical wheels are made by man and are subject to flaws, wear and tear, and stresses from use. That said, not every wheel is going to be flawed to the same degree, will not wear in the same way, and will not receive the same stressors. There are a lot of factors that go into the way a wheel spins and the way the ball will react to when spun. This is not where the money is made, though. The money is made in being able to identify and exploit the wheel bias that results from these variables. Not every wheel will have enough of a bias to make it worth playing even if you have great computer support, but nearly 30 percent of the wheels in casinos today are worth exploiting. When the wheel is functioning perfectly, it should hit a single number approximately once every 36 times. The casino pays you 35 to 1 when you hit the number, which means that even if you hit your number once every 36 spins you would lose a one-thirty-sixth of your money if you were betting consistently. If the wheel were slightly biased, even by 1 or 2 percent, however, and you were able to detect which number would hit more than the 2.7 percent of the time it should, then you would be able to beat the casino’s odds and make a small fortune. You also need to keep winnings, so if you play online, develop a good betting roulette strategy for live online roulette. But playing online is very different with some online casinos, in particularly if they use RNG. But consider free roulette software game for testing if you don’t want to play on real wheels.

Once you understand that the best way to play roulette in casino environments is not in math but in the physics behind the game, the next step is to learn how to identify the wheel bias without getting caught. It’s not so much that you would get into trouble, but that the casino would shut the table down and change out the wheel taking away your advantage. Then, you have to start all over again with them watching you closely to see the next wheel you start to play a lot.

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