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Roulette is a casino game of chance that for almost half a century has been widely played around the world.  Players have been trying to beat this amazing and entertaining game, and some have succeeded.  Dozens of strategies and systems can be found online but how effective they are is an ongoing discussion subject.

Famous Roulette Bets and Winners

There are some interesting roulette stories.  Learning the best roulette strategy, whichever you believe is the best, is not a matter of minutes.  Several professional roulette players believe is important to learn about successful roulette stories that have traveled around the world before attempting to apply a roulette strategy.

Among the most recent stories, the one of Ashley Revell is the most interesting one.  There is not much roulette strategy involved but the result was amazing.  Revell simply sold all his possession for approximately $135,300 and placed it all on the red… The bet was accepted by by the Plaza Hotel and Casino and Revell ended up doubling his bankroll by hitting the red 7!

Joseph Jagger is a famous english engineer who was able to determine the behavior of a roulette at a Monte Carlo casino back in the XIX century.  After 3 days he was able to profit the equivalent of today’s $6 million dollars.

The most amazing story in roulette history and in gambling as well could be the Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo one.  This Spanish music producer was able to detect minor imperfections in live casino roulettes to determine which numbers where the most often paid and was able to profit millions around the world.  He recorded the outcome thousands of spins of a roulette to determine which numbers appeared more often and successfully applied his knowledge effectively for years.

Most Popular Roulette Betting Tips and Systems

Popular doesn’t mean it wins. Among the most popular roulette strategies, the martingale system was developed in the 18th century and still is used by many players to attempt profits in roulette. This system requires a lot of money and the idea is to double the bet after every loss until a win that will make up the the previous losses and produce a profit.  When betting the color, the objective is to bet the same color continuously increasing each bet twice when losing.  The reason for some casinos to establish a minimum and maximum bet in roulette per position is to avoid abuse of this technique.

One popular system for those looking for the best roulette strategy tips is the 7 number bet system.  This is a clever and useful roulette strategy that is quite effective.  Those who understand roulette payout amounts will be very attracted to this system.  The key behind this roulette strategy is the amount of money available.  Ideally a player is required to invest $3430 and a little bit of luck to profit from this system.  Choosing 7 numbers gives the player an 18,9% chance of hitting a number in a spin.  Based on this percentage what players need to do is to stick with the selected numbers and follow the instructions in the following chart:

Spin №BetCount of NumbersProfitDeposit

The roulette bets explained page will assist. The players require a $420 bankroll to play at least 12 spins or a $1204 bankroll to attempt hitting on 16 spins or a $3430 bankroll for a 20 spin session. Losing with this system is definitely possible but it is designed to recover your previous bets and a profit once one of the selected numbers is hit.

When betting in roulette at a casino most systems are designed European systems rather than for double zero roulettes more used in north america.

Also you can create your own strategy, if you are looking for fun you can pick your favorite numbers and make a profit from them if you are lucky. Some players enjoy more the outside bets than the inside ones but creating your own strategy could lead to major losses.  Remember all casino games are mathematically designed to give an advantage to the house.

If you are looking to make some money on roulette, give it a try and if you find out a reliable and profitable strategy then make notes and pass your knowledge to others looking to beat this old and packed with action casino game.

Ultimately there is no specific most profitable bet in roulette. What matters most is the accuracy of predictions, not the bet type.

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