The Secret Roulette Strategy To Win

There is a reason that players who want to use a secret roulette strategy are not banned from casinos: these gimmicks don’t work and they know it. Not only do the casinos not care if you use a “secret roulette strategy”, they sell the books promoting them in their gift shops and make it easy for you to implement them by posting the last numbers spun prominently on digital boards. The casinos know that all of these strategies have the same flaw, they don’t overcome the house odds, so even if they pay off in the short term, the house will win in the end.

Don’t Fall Victim to False “Strategies”

First you should understand the basics of how to play roulette and accurate roulette tips that work.

Perhaps the most famous secret roulette strategy is know as the Martingale method which is based on progressive betting (most of them are). The advantage of the Martingale strategy is that it will work more often than not. The two downfalls of the Martingale strategy, as with all progressive strategies, is that is cannot overcome a loss streak due to house betting limits, and it does not account for the house’s 5 percent favor. These systems also place a great risk on the bankroll for only a very small payout after even a minor losing streak.

Another “secret roulette strategy” is the Paroli method. This is one of the many strategies known as money management techniques. In Paroli, as with other money management systems, the player bets less when they are losing and more when they are winning. There are slightly different variations as for how long the streak goes before you reset, how quickly you increase your bets, and so forth, but in the end they all fall victim to the same shortcoming: the system does nothing to defeat the house advantage so for every $100 you bet, you will statistically only get $93-97 back. These methods allow you to play longer, but eventually your bankroll will be gone and the fun will be over.

The most insidious of the secret strategies are based upon junk mathematical principals. The systems sound good and are so deceitful because of the math formulas that are supposed to work. For example, if a “red” number has been spun 5 or 6 times in a row, most of these math-based formulas will lead you to believe that a black number is “due”. The reality is that there is never more that a 46.3 percent chance that a red or black will be spun on any given spin (50 percent minus the chance that a green zero or double zero will be spun). The idea that one spin has any affect on the outcome of future spins is junk math and has no basis in reality. You might as well base your bets off of whether or not you rubbed the head of the bald man standing next to you, the chances of spinning a red or black will still be the same.

Beat the Casino Through Science

The best known case of somebody recognizing that roulette is a game of science and not chance took place in Monte Carlo in 1873. A gambler by the name of Joseph Jagger spent several days watching the wheels and found a couple of them that had a slight wheel bias. In other words instead of spinning a number once just over 2 percent of the time, the wheel might have spun the number or numbers 3 or 4 percent of the time. While this does not sound like much, to make money you only need to have your number hit once out of 35 times (35 to 1 payout). Jagger was able to have his numbers hit more frequently than this and pocketed his winnings. Because he wasn’t playing at the $1 wheel, his take over several days was over $4.5 million in today’s money. To this day, Jagger is known as “The man who broke Monte Carlo”.

The good news is that wheel bias is still something that is very real in approximately 30 percent of the wheels. The trick is learning to identify it and then knowing how to exploit that weakness without getting caught or alerting the casino so they change the wheel out. Identifying wheel bias is not a  secret roulette strategy, it is a scientific principal based on roulette physics. As with any scientific principal, the results can be replicated and repeated.

In May, 2004, a group of gamblers used a method much like this to exploit the wheels at the Ritz casino in the U.K. and walked away with more than one million pounds. They were detected and arrested, but since the police could not prove they did anything wrong they were released and allowed to keep all of their winnings.

Using the science behind roulette and not relying on some secret roulette strategy that just don’t work, you will not only have a lot of fun playing roulette, but you will have even more fun winning.

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