The Best Strategy for Roulette Casino

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Roulette is a game that has been around since the 17th century. Legend says that the monk who invented it went insane trying to find a way to beat the game and eventually killed himself. Men have tried to beat the game ever since. The good news for you and me is that you don’t have to kill yourself to beat the game. If fact, you don’t even have to go insane. The secret is really quite simple: physics. That’s right, physics. Roulette is a game of science and not just math. When you try to figure out the math and beat the casino using formulas, you lose. Why? Because the game was designed to give the house a minimum 5.26 percent advantage. What this does not take into consideration, however, is the physical properties of the wheel, the ball, and the spin itself. These are variables that the field of science known as physics can analyze and use to beat the game.

Impossible? In 1873, a gambler by the name of Joseph Jagger broke the casino in Monte Carlo doing just that. A few years ago, a group of Eastern Europeans beat the Ritz casino in the U.K. using the same principals, only they used their cell phones and a computer. Today, roulette computers are able to beat the wheels consistently, though they are not legal in most casinos. Even so, this proves that the science behind roulette can be analyzed and used to beat the game and break the bank. On a side note, the group that beat the Ritz won over one million pounds but was arrested for cheating. They were released when it could not be proven and their lawyer pointed out that the law at the time only prohibited physical interference with the wheel, which they did not do. The lesson, however, is clear: if you are going to use science to beat the casino, you need to do it in a way that you do not get caught. Put another way, if you want to win big, the best strategy for roulette casino employees will not be able to detect because if you get caught, even if you get to keep your money, your roulette career is over.

Blending In and Winning Big is Not Hard to Do

There are so many players trying hundreds of crazy strategies and betting systems that a player who plays with low to moderate level wagers and only wins what appears to be an average amount of times is not going to appear suspicious, especially if you take the time to act casually and not throw around lots of money. There are many players around the world that make a very good living playing roulette 20 to 30 hour each week, and they can continue to do so because they have not aroused suspicion and don’t do anything that would draw attention to themselves. If you go into the casino and take them for a million dollars, people are going to notice. Casinos pass out thousands of dollars each day to people without thinking about it, however. So, if you only make a few thousand dollars and do so each day, or every couple days, you will live a great life and will simply be viewed as a casino regular and not a high-roller, scammer, or player who needs to be watched. As a regular, you can get comped on all sorts of things, too, from free stays and food to money. In short, the best strategy for roulette casino monitors cannot spot because it is used in conjunction with casual play and undetectable methods.

You Can Quickly Learn the Strategies for Winning

The casinos are so certain that roulette is unbeatable that they sell books on the systems that are supposed to beat it in the gift shops. They want you to try these systems because they know they don’t work. The casinos are even so bold as to put large lighted signs near the wheels that display the last section of numbers spun encouraging the junk math believers to find a streak or bet on a number that is “due”, all the while knowing that every spin is completely independent of every other spin so there is no advantage in knowing those numbers. It doesn’t matter if a number has not been spun for the last 100 times, it still has the same probability of being spun on the next spin as it did 100 times ago. By the same token, if a number was just spun, it has the same probability of being spun as it did last time. What is the probability? One out of 38 (37 if you are in Europe). There is one disclaimer here that makes all of the difference, however. If the wheel has a bias and has been shown to spin one number of section of numbers more often than others then that is something to know. Wheel bias cannot be determined over 10 or 20 spins though and the casinos know it. Even still, it is not hard, especially with the help of a computer, to determine if the wheel is biased, and, if so, if it is biased enough to make play worthwhile. The key is to remain undetected as you do it. Not because you will get in trouble, but because the casino might change the wheel on you and then you have lost your edge.

In the end, remember, the best roulette strategy is not just one that helps you win, but the best strategy for roulette casino employees never know you are using. This way, you can keep winning for as long as you so desire.

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