Winning At Online Roulette Games

Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games in the brick and mortar casinos around the world, so it comes as no surprise that the online casino players enjoy playing roulette just as much. Online casinos actually give players quite a bit more opportunities to play roulette, with a bigger selection of wheels, stakes and betting options.

While most players do play online casino games and online roulette to have fun and unwind, winning is still pretty important and there are few players who don’t care whether they win or lose. This is why we decided to look into how likely it is to win while playing online roulette and what methods you can use to win at online roulette.

Differences Between Live And Online Roulette

Live roulette is the game of choice for a vast number of gamblers, but there are some things about live roulette that make the game very unappealing to others. For starters, the game runs fairly slow, with many people gathered around the wheel, throwing bets around and creating chaos.

Furthermore, live roulette will usually not accept very small stakes, forcing players to bet for quite substantial amounts of money if they wish to play. All of this makes many recreational players turn away from roulette and towards slots, which can be very fun but they simply aren’t roulette.

This is where online roulette steps in brilliantly. With minimum bets as low as 10 cents and spins of the wheel happening on your command, online roulette is a game that will run fast, smooth and allow you to bet for a long time with a reasonably small bankroll.

Other than low stakes and fast gameplay, online casinos also provide players with multiple types of online roulette games. American Roulette, French Roulette, European Roulette and many others are on offer at various online casinos, providing versatility and more fun for the players.

Where To Play Online Roulette Games

There is a great number of online casino sites out there that provide multiple variations of online roulette games. Yet, not every site is as good as others and you should always make sure to play at a site that will provide you with a good bonus, generous choice of roulette games and plenty of action.

For example, CasinoLuck is a relatively new company that has put roulette in the center of their games selection. Providing a 150% deposit bonus and half a dozen roulette wheels, this site is a great place to start honing your skills as a roulette player.

Of course, there are also other online roulette sites that can provide you with many different game formats and can be great for both the low and the high rollers but you need to make sure to select ones where roulette players are truly welcome.

Can I Bet Online Roulette?

Online roulette, just like live roulette, is a game where the casino holds some edge over the player. In a classic European Roulette game, the casino will keep a 2.7% edge over the player and this means a normal player will lose 2.7% of the money they bet in the long run.

Of course, there are things you can do to improve your odds and playing at a casino with a generous deposit bonus, VIP scheme and promotions is a great step towards making your online roulette play profitable.

Furthermore, using mathematical systems such as the Martingale can be a great way to make some money at online roulette in the short run and while these systems may fail in the long run, short term, you are likely to make a ton of money with them.

Playing a smart and sound strategy in general instead of randomly betting numbers can also reduce your variance and winning in the short run is very possible at online roulette games. After all, with such a slight house edge, there is absolutely no reason you should not win lots of money over a certain period of time with just a tad bit of luck on your side.

By Zsolt A.

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