Can You Play Online Casino Games in Norway?

While Norway has had various laws regarding gambling and lottery, the first act was only introduced in 2008. The government made it completely illegal to play at online casinos, even those that aren’t in Norway, which means any form of online casino play isn’t allowed.

While these laws are clear, straightforward and to the point, it’s a known fact that the government doesn’t enforce these laws. There is a sizable percentage of the population in Norway playing at various online casinos in broad daylight, yet the law doesn’t do anything about it.

So, while the law states it’s illegal, the actual situation points out a different answer. The online gambling industry also provides many ways to get around online gambling, including VPNs and anonymous gambling accounts with web wallets and other payment services such as cryptocurrencies. Therefore, even if the law was on the ball about gambling, there are still too many ways to get around it, without much effort.

Many online casinos don’t allow players from Norway to join due to those laws. However, most simply allow players from Norway, but use different payment methods and unique account names when making payments to a player’s credit card or bank account.

So, can you play online casino games from Norway? The simple answer is yes. You’ll need to take a few things into consideration when choosing online casinos. Even though some casinos allow you to join, there’s still a greater risk when playing, unless of course, you join an establishment that strives for fairness.

In the article below, we consider the options of finding a great norske casino and how you can choose the best casinos. There are many options, of which none are registered in Norway. However, international casinos are the better choice, not only for more games but for better banking options, account features and accessibility as well.

How to Choose an Online Casino

Since online gambling is illegal in Norway, it might be a challenge to find a trustworthy establishment that’s winning to accept you. However, there are far more choices than most expect, including top-rated casinos with games from some of the best international developers. To choose a casino, there are a few things to take into considerations. These ensure the casino meets your requirements while also providing fair terms and conditions. The following steps are worth keeping in mind when looking for a casino.

Firstly, have a look at the licenses that casino operates under. These can give you more indication as to the type of casino they are, even though the license might not legally allow you to join. The best online gambling license providers include Malta, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, Curacao and Isle of Man. These include strict regulations for casinos that start with industry standard securities through to fair gaming and responsibility when it comes to payments.

Many casinoshold licenses from establishments that don’t have a great reputation, but the casino itself actually features trustworthy gaming. The only reason some licenses aren’t as good is that they don’t enforce their terms and conditions when it comes to player disputes. In other words, they allow casinos to get away without paying the player.

It’s important to check out the games they provide once you’ve ensured the casino is trustworthy. As you might know, there are many game developers around the world. Some still small without a few games while others have hundreds of titles to choose from. Make sure the casino has your favourite games. For example, if you enjoy online roulette, you’ll find most casinos include multiple variations and even live dealer games.

Banking options are yet another major point to consider. Mostplayers from Norway use web wallets, allowing them to make deposits and withdrawals without it showing up on their bank statements. These web wallets include Neteller, Paysafe Card, Skrill and many more. It’s completely free to create an account and it only requires a few minutes of your time. If you don’t already have a web wallet, have a look at the options the casino providers and choose one that operates within Norway. Most are international wallets, allowing most countries to use their services.

The terms and conditions of the casino could change your considerations to join. Be sure to read through the most important parts of the casino, including restricted countries, banking limits, promotions limits, and currencies. Some casinos wouldn’t allow you to take part in their promotions when depositing with Skrill and Neteller while others might require a much higher withdrawal limit or restrict you from cashing out.

Playing with a VPN

This is a popular option for players from countries where gambling is illegal. While VPNs hide your current location, it only helps for a limited time. Most online casinos require players to send proof of address and ID before withdrawals are possible. In most cases, there’s no way around it, making the VPN a hassle not worth struggling with.

It’s better to find a casino that accepts players from your country and register with accurate details. This way, there won’t be a problem with payments or withdrawals. You’ll also be able to use your own banking details and you’ll be at a lower risk of picking up viruses from the VPN.

Playing Casino Games on Mobile from Norway

Mobile gaming is a must, especially if you enjoy the latest features with your casino games. Many online casinos now provide mobile functionality for the latest games, including 3D variations of video slots and even live dealer roulette.

The mobile option is accessible with just about any online casinos. Some include apps while others simply provide a straightforward and easy to use mobile website with all the same features and security measurements. The mobile platform offers the same banking options, account settings and support options as the main website as well.

To play on mobile from Norway, you’ll still need a casino that accepts players from the country. The mobile casino is the same as the website, meaning the same requirements, terms and conditions and limitations apply.

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