Slots vs Roulette Comparison. What Is a Better Game to Pick?

This guide is intended for casual gamblers – not professional players. Because slots vs roulette is no comparison when it comes to professional play.

Slots and roulette are casino classics and every venue or website will offer you these gamblers’ favorites. In fact, they are what most people immediately evoke in their memory when mentioning casinos. And we can divide players into two main categories accordingly – those who spend most of their time on slot games, and those who swear by classic table games like roulette.

It seems that these two types of casino games bear very little resemblance to each other. You ask yourself, how then to even compare them and choose the right one? Don’t worry, it is possible. Let’s dive in.

Slots Are Very Simple To Learn

Slots have fewer variables you need to think about while playing. Most of the time you can rely only on your luck and the most important thing is to wisely choose the size of the bet. 

One of the most popular types of slots is jackpot slots. They offer you an opportunity to win enormous amounts of money. In theory, you can win millions of dollars in just a few minutes. But to win a jackpot you will also need luck. A lot of it. Yes, there are some basic rules to learn and some principles you can follow while playing, but with slots, in the end, it all comes down to pure luck.

Roulette Is A Bit More Complicated

Even though roulette is considered to be one of the easier table games that you can play in a casino, it is still significantly more complicated than slots. To play it, you have to learn about different types of bets, as well as different roulette strategies that you can apply. 

All of this means that to play roulette successfully over a longer period of time, you will need to acquire some skill. This also means investing more time and energy in the game.

Roulette Odds

The game is basically a wheel with 38 numbers on it. It consists of numbers 1 – 36 that are either red or black and the number 0 that is in green. In the US, sometimes there is another green tile, 00. The croupier spins the wheel and the ball falls on one of the numbers. 

The simplest way to place a roulette bet is to bet on whether the ball will fall on a red or black piece. This means that the odds of winning are almost 50/50 (it’s just slightly less than that because of the one or two green tiles at 0 and 00). Alternatively, you can increase the potential payout, but also lower your odds of winning, by betting on specific numbers. There is also an option to bet on ranges of numbers, like 1 to 12, or 1 to 18.

So, when it comes to Roulette, its winning odds are around 50% giving it a slight house advantage over the player. Even though it requires more skill than slots, these odds still make it a good option for a quick win.

Slot Odds

We all know how slots are played. You put some money into a machine and pull a lever or push a button to spin a wheel, and depending on where it lands, you win or lose money. 

But what many players don’t know is that different slot machines have different odds of winning. They are stated on the machines, so players should always read them before they start playing. In the case of online slots, you should carefully check the winning odds at the provider’s website.

But, there are no legal ways to improve your chances when playing slots. Slot machines are based on random number generators that ensure that the results are as unpredictable as possible. They are a genuine game of pure luck that gives every player an equal chance of winning.

However, don’t mourn. The thing you CAN do to enhance your chances of winning is to decide on how many pay lines to bet on. If you activate maximum pay lines you will get the highest “return to player”. 

Finally, What to Go for – Slots or Roulette?

The answer to this question depends on who you are and what are your goals in the game.

If you are a beginner, or you are not currently interested in putting much thought into playing and strategizing, slots sound like a good option for you. You can just sit at the right slot machine and imagine what you will do with the winnings.

On the other hand, you might be just a person who enjoys a slow burn of a long session at the roulette table. But even if that’s not the case, roulette still might be a good option for you. There is a reason why this is one of the most popular casino games for over two centuries. Yes, it requires some skill, but it’s still quite a simple game to play, with good chances of winning.

Improve Your Roulette Skills By Knowing The Odds

The odds for roulette are displayed on or around the roulette betting table. But have you actually paid attention to them?

Most players only have a vague understanding of them. Sure, they might know on the European wheel there are 37 pockets. And that it means they have a 1 in 37 chance of winning on single number bets.

But here’s where the average player’s understanding of roulette odds goes wrong.

When Your Bets Ignore The Odds

A typical casino player’s system doesn’t even consider the real roulette odds. Take for example the Martingale system, which is only a betting progression. In simple terms, you increase bet size after losses.

If you understand casino advantage play and genuinely effective strategies, you’d know you must improve odds. So what does the Martingale do for the odds of winning? Nothing. So it changes nothing except the rate of losing.

Most gambling systems are fundamentally the same – they don’t change the odds.

Does Your System Change The Odds?

If you’re still new to roulette, you might ask how the odds could be changed. After all, aren’t they fixed and based on the betting table layout? Umm, no.

The odds are determined by far more than just the wheel or table layout. To explain this, let’s put it into perspective . . .

Consider in a horse race, a particular horse has odds of 10 to 1. This means for every $1 you bet, you get back $10 if the horse wins. We might call this the “odds”, but really it’s just the payout. And the payout actually has nothing to do with the real odds. I’ll come back to this later.

Understanding How Horse Bookies Profit

Horse racing bookies don’t care which horse wins. They just consider what people have bet on which horses, and offer unfair payouts to ensure they profit. In other words, even when you win, you aren’t paid a fair amount. But this requires additional explanation:

For simplicity, let’s say there were 3 horses that were perfectly matched. The “odds” for each of the horse to win are 1 in 3, or 33.33%.

The “payout” would be 3-1 if the bookie was fair. So if you bet $10 on all three horse, you’d invest $30 and definitely win. But you’d get back $30, which is a net result of $0. But at least they’d be “fair” payouts.

But in the real world, bookies want to profit. So in this case, the payout they offer might be only 2-1. In this case, the bookie knows the “odds” of any horse winning is 1 in 3. And they don’t care. They only care their payout is below the odds.

Fixed Odds Vs Variable Odds

The next point to understand is if bookies offer fixed odds, they risk losing. That’s because their calculations may be wrong. In the example above, perhaps the bookie thinks the odds are 1 in 3 for each horse. But perhaps one of the horses has an unnoticed injury and barely stands a chance of winning. This would tip the odds well in favor of punters who bet on the other two horses.

So why do bookies offer fixed odds at all? Because it’s what many punters want. But what most punters don’t understand is the fixed odds usually come at the cost of even less-fair payouts. Specifically less-fair than variable odds.

Variable odds are odds that change constantly, and are based on what each punter bets. As each new punter places bets, the bookie makes new calculations and varies the payouts. This absolutely guarantees that the bookie will profit each and every race.

The Real Odds In Roulette

All gambling games are fundamentally the same, in the sense they offer unfair payouts for the odds. In the dice game of Craps, each dice determines the odds. And the payouts are always unfair for the odds. In roulette, the odds are determined by variables like a roulette wheel and ball. In these cases, the dice, and roulette wheel and ball are the “equipment”. Together with your bets, the “equipment” determines your odds of winning. But it is specifically the difference between odds and payout that determine your profit or loss. This “difference” is known as the “house edge”.

And I know you’ve likely heard of the “house edge”. And if you’re reasonably educated, you’d know the math behind it.

Most people on the surface appear educated. And they may be. But the logic escapes most gamblers when it comes to understanding why their gambling strategy doesn’t work. And here’s what most players don’t understand:

Most gambling systems don’t at all change the odds of winning. The patterns they bet on almost always exist only in their imagination.

There’s no shortage of examples I could give. But a classic one is thinking after perhaps ten REDS in a row, that RED or BLACK or more of less likely to spin next. Some players will think the RED streak is likely to continue. And other players will think BLACK is “due” to spin. Both the players are wrong. Because each color is just as likely as each other. And in the middle is a green pocket, and the casino owner rubbing their hands, knowing there will be winners and losers. But to them, who cares? They know in the long-term, they’ll profit no matter which players win or lose.

Advice For Moving Forward

Be honest with yourself when assessing the effectiveness of any gambling strategy. If you aren’t improving the odds of winning to be better than random, your system is northing more than random bets.

Never test with real money. Your system will eventually fail for as long as you ignore the basics, and actually change the odds.

And finally, to change your odds and win long-term, you absolutely must properly understand the mechanism that determines the winning event. In the case of roulette, it’s the physical ball and wheel – and the related physical variables that determine the winning number.

Use a Free Online Roulette Simulator to Learn the Game

Do you often wonder how you can perfect your roulette gaming skills? Getting the hang of this popular casino game can be somewhat tricky. However, that isn’t the time to call it quits, as therein lies the whole fun, thrilling and adventurous gaming experience. It’s through mastering the art of roulette gaming that you get to appreciate the entire game, relieve stress, and win some cash in the long haul. Did you know you can now learn the ropes of this fascinating game by trying out a free online roulette simulator? It’s an exact representation of the genuine deal. Moreover, there’s no cash nor strings attached. Here’s why you need to try using a free online roulette simulator to learn the game.

Practice gaming techniques

What better way to practice roulette techniques than a free online roulette simulator? It’s close to the real deal, and thus you’re at liberty to try even the most ambitious and sophisticated systems with ease. Other than boosting your bankroll management, you also have the chance to boost your gaming confidence. Through the multiple simulations, you’re able to fine-tune your gaming strategies and yield better results.

Familiarize with the game

Roulette emulator is ideal for novice players and veteran gamers who desire to refresh their memories and get deeply acquainted with the roulette world. It’s an engaging chance that enables you to learn the mechanics and schematics of the games before proceeding to risk real money. You’ll have ample time and a free opportunity to learn the game’s odds on the real wheel in a safe environment without much hassle. Thus, get to perfect and improve on your roulette betting strategies without any risks involved.

No download needed

Don’t be too worried about these roulette simulators taking up much space in your gaming device. You can play straight from your browser. Thus, no need to download any 3rd party software on your smartphone or computer. Get to enjoy this straightforward way to play the fantastic roulette games any time you get.

Experience the real online casino gaming

Most players are quite skeptical and too timid to transition into real cash action. However, there’re limitless opportunities that await you when you play roulette online for money. You can use the game simulator to enable you to have the best thrilling experience like never before. Through this casual and recreational gaming, you also get to lose fear over trying out real money online casino games. It’s a chance to master how to start with low-stake games as you perfect your gaming experience to risk high-stake games later on.

As an avid player, get the chance to master the basics, experiment with advanced gaming strategies, and test some of the most renowned roulette systems hassle-free. All these will enable you to have an easier time transitioning and get to play roulette online for money. Wouldn’t it be cool to put your newly acquired gaming skills into practice and win some real money? Try it today as you also embrace the challenges that come with gaming at real cash roulette online.

Top 5 Most Popular Online Casino Games

Lots of us enjoy a bit of a flutter at an online casino, and there’s nothing like the adrenaline pump when you win – even if it’s only a small amount. At the moment, with physical casinos difficult to access, more people than ever are making the most of the online options that are available to them. You can see various online games at the PowerPlay website.

If you’re a gambler and haven’t tried it yet, you might not know it can be just as exciting as the real thing. If you’re thinking about giving it a go, take a look at the below list, as we’ve put together some information about the five top online casino games to try.


Online poker gives you a bit of an advantage – as it doesn’t matter if you haven’t perfected that all-important ‘poker face’. When playing online, you’ll often get the choice of Texas Hold-em poker or Three Card poker. The former is a bit simpler with slightly better odds, and you’ll be able to play against other people in real time. Poker can be great if you’re looking for more of a tactical game rather than simply pure odds.


If you enjoy sitting back and relaxing at the slot machines in your favourite casino, the great news is that you can do this online, too. Even better is the fact that there are so many choices of slots games, as the machines don’t need to take up any physical space. There are slots with different themes, prize levels and bonus games, so no matter what your tastes with slots, you’re sure to find something that will suit you.


When you think about going to a casino, one of the things you will always expect to see is of course the Roulette wheel. In many ways, this is one of the simplest games you can try, as you simply place your chips on the bet you want to make – so it’s perfect for beginners. It can be as simple as you want it to be, from making bets on single numbers, to odd/even or red/black – or if you’re looking to mix things up a bit, you can choose ranges of numbers. It really is up to you.

Roulette is overall the most profitable casino game, but only with valid systems that work. The valid methods are called “advantage play” and are used by serious players who earn a living from roulette. But if you’re just looking to play for fun, then there are plenty of systems to try. But in the end, they’re all much the same as each other. So just choose one that suits your style of play, and keep in mind you’re likely to lose in the long run no matter what system you use.


In a game of Blackjack, you can compete against both the dealer and sometimes even other players to make up a hand that equals 21. You can make this a little more exciting along the way by choosing to double your stake or split your pairs, meaning you’ll then have two hands to play. This is a game of tactics and daring – and one that can be just as exciting online as it can in person.


What’s an online casino without a couple of dice games to choose from? The basics of this particular game is that players bet on the outcome of each dice roll – but it does take a little bit of practice to learn how to play, as you’ll need to know the various different bets that you’re able to place. That being said, Craps is one of the games with the best odds if you’re really hoping to win at an online casino, so if you are hoping to have a bit of fun, it’s certainly well worth learning the rules of this game.

But don’t mistake computer animations for real die. Rolls that are just computer animations are basically slot machines. It doesn’t make the game less fair, provided the casino is honest. But computer animations aren’t possible to beat with advantage play techniques.

Top 5 Movies About Casino Roulettes

When you walk into a casino, there is always one game that creates more of a buzz than the others. That is the roulette table. The observation around the black and red wheel isn’t just one we’ve made though. Hollywood producers have picked up on it since the dawn of cinema too and here we look at five of the best titles to feature the greatest casino game of all time.

Number 5. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

In this classic Hollywood hit from 1988, Michael Caine and Steve Martin play two con men. The pair meet by chance on route to the cash rich French Riviera. Caine is the more experienced hustler of the pair and looks down on his newly found competition but when both have their desires set on an attractive stranger, Martin – whose character is Freddy Benson – goes to whole new lows to manipulate the woman in question.

How? He approaches the roulette table in a wheelchair, which he doesn’t need, and comically plays for sympathy. The game doesn’t favour him but does he win her heart?

Number 4. Indecent Proposal

Let’s get one thing straight, we would never recommend doing what Diana and David – superbly portrayed by Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson – do. They take their seats at the side of the roulette table and blow through every penny they own in an attempt to finance their dream, which happens to be establishing themselves in the property game.

Their attempts fail miserably and not without drama, but John Gage – played by Robert Redford – has something else on offer that could answer their prayers. The question isn’t ‘red or black’ so what is it? And more importantly, what is the answer? Either way, the movie was well received as it grossed north of $260m and became a cult classic.

Number 3. Run Lola Run

Franka Potente plays Lola in this 1998 award winning thriller. The story goes that her boyfriend misplaces a bag of dirty money that is owed to his ‘boss’. The boyfriend has a choice to make; turn up empty handed or go to extreme lengths to make the money back. The trouble is, he has only 20 minutes to decide and is staring death in the face.  The amount in question is €100,000, so he has to run faster than a horse in the Kentucky Derby race.

A cash strapped but deeply in love Lola becomes his only hope. She takes her last remaining cash – a measly 100 – to the local casino. Roulette is the game; she places her bet. The ball and wheel join forces to tease suspense before settling on the magic number. Lola has won and experiences the high of winning a single – the largest pay out possible.

It’s a start but not nearly enough to save the day. Ordinally, we’d encourage punters to walk away on a win, but Lola doesn’t have that option. Instead she is forced to go for broke. Does she do enough to save the man or is the only red we see the blood on her hands? We’re not here for spoilers.

Number 2. Diamonds are forever

James Bond. He’s arguably the smoothest character to appear on any screen with the film franchise featuring plenty of casino scenes over the years. Hell, they’ve even done Casino Royale! Twice (1967 and 2006)! However, when it comes to roulette though there is one movie in particular that springs to mind. Diamonds are forever.

In the film, Bond – played by Sean Connery – picks black 17. The ball doesn’t roll his way to begin with but he’s not deterred by a couple of losses. Instead, he sticks to his guns and continually repeats his bet.

Of course, Bond eventually wins on the ‘trusty’ 17. In movie form, 007 is a man who plays the system and it makes for great watching with his British charm complimenting the cinematic suspense. In the real world, you could back the same number 100 times over – it’s still only a 35/1 shot – it’s not a strategy we’d suggest you adopt.

Number 1. Casablanca

When it keeps James Bond off top spot then you know it’s got to be good. Casablanca, which is regarded as one of the all-time greats, doesn’t disappoint. Victor and Isla (played by Paul Henreid and Ingrid Bergman) have just tied the knot. They need to put Casablanca in their rear view mirror and whilst money is the usual prize on offer, in this 1942 classic the stakes are much higher – free travel papers and ultimately survival.

The papers in question find their way into Rick Blaine’s hands. The same Rick (Humphrey Bogart) happens to run a local café that moonlights as a ‘casino’. When the two protagonists set down to play a game of roulette you fear they could be cheated out of the papers given that Rick and Isla are former lovers and you quickly learn that Rick is not about to play a clean game. He doesn’t rob them of the opportunity though.

No, instead he tampers with the wheel to ensure they win on black 22. Gaining ownership of the letters is just the start of the battle though and much more dangerous gambles would need to be won for the couple to get their perfect ending.

There you have it, five movies featuring roulette. Why not channel your inner film star next time you come across the wheel? Who knows, maybe you will win big enough to give you the taste of the A-list life, even if just for a little while.

Simple Roulette Guide For Beginners

Roulette is one of the most played casino games around the world yet there are still countless punters who don’t truly understand how the game works. Since you might be stuck at home and you may be interested in learning something new, here is a simple guide on how roulette works.

We will give you an overview of the basics from the wheel to the table and onto the range of bets you can place. Just always remember to wage responsibly, whether you play on physical casinos or in online roulettes.

Who invented the roulette machine?

The roulette wheel was initially developed in France by Blaise Pascal way back in 1642. The mathematician and inventor created a perpetual motion machine and the roulette was a by-product from these experiments. Later, in 1720, an hybrid gaming wheel was created using Pascal’s invention, fused with a French game called Biribi.

Still, the first testimony of it being played on his present form was only in 1796, in Paris. The description of a roulette wheel can be found on the book La Roulette, from Jacques Lablee. The author mentions the mechanism being used in the Palais Royal, a royal palace located in the French capital.

It was later in 1843, when François Blanc, a casino entrepreneur in Montecarlo, introduced the single 0, in an attempt to fight the competition. That’s why nowadays, the American version still uses double zero, while the European uses a single zero.

Roulette became popular in Europe during the 19th century, as most countries prohibited gambling. The betting enthusiasts moved then to Montecarlo, which became the first big gambling capital of the world, where the most recurring game was the roulette. Only after 1970s did it become mainstream around the world, as more and more casinos opened everywhere, including in Asia and Africa.

The roulette wheel

The wheel itself is a simple combination of two things; a wheel that sits horizontally and spins and a ball. In the most common form of roulette, which is the European roulette, you’ll find the wheel is made up of three colours, which are alternating red, black cells with a solitary green cell.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of other types of roulette out there that are similar but operate slightly differently. The American, has two green cells – known as zero and double zero and the French one, which uses a single green cell but a different strategy on the outside is required.

An operator, or dealer, is responsible for the wheel and ball distribution. They’ll set the wheel in motion and drop the ball into action. The ball chases the spin until settling in its place – that place is the winning number.

The table of available bets

This guide will not provide you with the answer on what is the best bet in roulette. Still, we will show you through all the different kind of bets you can place.

We’ll stick with European roulette as we walk through the table layout and the range of bets you can wage. There is a total of 10 different wagers you can place. These are defined as inside and outside bets and both contain five variables.

Inside bets relate to wagers that are placed on a number or set of numbers whilst outside bets focus on wider outcomes.

Inside bet options

The bet with the largest odds on a roulette table is known as a single. This is where you choose one specific number. You can increase your chances of winning in a few ways on inside bets by increasing your coverage.

You can ‘split’ by placing your chip between two numbers, play a ‘street’ to bet on three numbers that fall in the same row or even quadruple your likelihood of winning by laying on a ‘corner’ spot, this sees your chip cover four adjoining numbers.

The final type of bet you can place on the inner table is referred to as a ‘six line’ wager. This takes the ‘split’ and ‘street’ methods together and covers the two respective rows. Of course, any winnings will be reflective of how you’ve covered the board. The odds range between 35/1 for a single number and 5/1 for a ‘six line’ with the other types falling somewhere in between.

Outside bet options

Your outside options are a lot more straight forward to place with the chance of winning greatly increased. The downside though is that your maximum odds on an outside bet is 2/1. The most common outside wager is to plump for one of the two colours – red or black but opting for an even or odd number works in exactly the same way and a successful bet will see you double your stake.

Also, in the category of an even money bet is deciding whether the ball will land on a lower or higher number – in roulette this is defined as between numbers 1-18 (lower) or 19-36 (higher). The remaining pair of bets on the table both pay out at 2/1. There is betting on an entire column and the final available option is on one of three sections – the numbers 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36.

There you have it, an overview of the roulette table. Hopefully, next time you come to wager some money you’ll find a combination of the above to make yourself a tidy return. Always gamble within your limits and enjoy the game.

How to Increase Your Odds at the Roulette Table

Are you ready to head out on the town for a night of roulette fun? Read this strategic guide to increase your odds before you hit the tables.

Image Credit: Stratosphere Hotel & Casino / CC BY-ND

Are you into roulette? Even if you’re not a big fan yet, this game is worth checking out. It’s one of the most exciting games at the casino — if you know how to increase your odds, that is. However, it’s not impossible to up your chances of winning. In truth, the only way to win consistently is with advantage play methods. But this article explains some of the basics of roulette for new players.

Know Your Game

If you want to get serious about playing roulette, you need to know the differences between European and American roulette. Start with the basics.

Infographic Credit:

First, you must be aware of the different games out there. There are three main types of roulette, and each one has its merits and drawbacks. European roulette is by far the most popular, and many consider it to be the “classic” style of roulette. In this game, the wheel has 36 number fields and a single field of zero. That makes the house edge a relatively small 2.7 percent.

French roulette uses the same wheel, but it incorporates different rules: the concept of le partage and en prison. Players can activate these rules when the ball lands on the zero field and they have placed the even-money outside bet. With en prison, the player may choose to respin the wheel. If the player wins, they win back the whole bet. If they lose, they lose it all. If they choose to utilize le partage, they can take back half of the money on the bet they placed. Many people choose to play French roulette because it offers the best odds — the house edge is a mere 1.36 percent.

The game with the worst odds is American roulette. This wheel also has 36 numbers. However, instead of only one zero field, it incorporates another double zero field on top of that. That gives it 38 fields, decreasing your odds and giving the house an edge of 5.26 percent. So, when you’re stepping up to the table, always beware of the house edge and which type of wheel you’re spinning.

Watch, Listen and Observe

Before you step up to the table and start laying your chips down, it’s a good idea to observe beforehand. That way, you’ll gather valuable information and get a feel for the table.

When you decide to take the plunge and head out to a casino, don’t step up to the table and begin placing bets immediately. First, you need to watch for a while. Observe the table and take it all in. What’s the minimum bet? What is the maximum bet limit? Which strategies do the other players seem to employ?

Remember, roulette moves fast — on average, the wheel makes 45 spins per hour. Learning critical information that affects your betting and bankroll management strategy before you hop right in is imperative. Go in with all the knowledge you can get so that you don’t make wild bets because you feel hurried or rushed.

When you decide to go in, always follow proper roulette etiquette. That doesn’t increase your odds of winning, but it does make the table more enjoyable for yourself and other players. That’s also a good thing for the casino, as people tend to bet more when they’re having fun.

Use a Strategy

Source: The Great Courses Plus

When utilizing a roulette strategy, you need to know your odds — check out this short course on the mathematics of roulette and learn which types of bets are the best.

If you want to be successful in roulette, you must put a little order into your game. After all, the odds of you striking it rich are low. However, you can increase them by employing a well-thought-out roulette strategy when spinning the great red wheel. It could help you out more than you think in the long run. Indeed, when used correctly, the proper strategy can help you achieve consistent wins and keep you playing for longer.

You can begin with a basic strategy like the Martingale system or the Paroli system, but understand they will eventually lose. You can only consistently win if you overcome the house edge.

With the Martingale, the concept is quite simple: you double your bet on a loss and keep it the same on a win. That way, theoretically, you can make all your money back plus a percentage when you do win.

That would be a foolproof system if you had unlimited money to bet with and the casino had no cap on how much money you could bet. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have unlimited money to place a bet. And most casinos have bet limits to foil strategists like yourself who are hoping to employ this system.

Does that mean you should never use the Martingale system? Not necessarily. It does, however, mean you must be smart about it. If you’re planning on using it, you must be extra careful with your bankroll management. Namely, you must seek out tables that have a low limit, and you must stick to your limit as well. Roulette is a quick game, and you want to make it last as long as possible.

The Paroli system is the reverse of the Martingale where you increase your bet on a win. This strategy theorizes that a win shall follow a win. The reality is that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. However, once you have your initial win, you’ve already increased your bankroll by the wagered amount.

That means you can play around with that money, doubling your bet and hoping for the next win. The trick with this system is to get out while you can, i.e., when you’ve increased your bankroll enough to consider the night a victory. As a result, the Paroli system is generally less stressful than the Martingale and incurs less devastation when you do lose.

Manage Your Bankroll

If you want to increase your odds at the roulette table, it’s imperative to manage your bankroll correctly and keep an eye on your wallet at all times.

Image Credit: Max Pixel / CC0

Because your bankroll plays such an integral part in your betting strategy, it’s vital to manage it correctly. Firstly, you need to have a limit. Put a cap on how much you plan to spend one night, and don’t go beyond it. Think of the money in your gambling bankroll as playing money. Set it aside from your other money, which you should think of as real-life money that you cannot afford to lose.

That mindset will decrease your odds of making irresponsible wagers to chase a win. So, if you prepare yourself to lose all your playing money, you won’t start betting your real money — which is where problems arise.

The next step is to set betting limits for yourself. These limits dictate the maximum amount of money you can bet on any one game or spin. So, don’t allow yourself to bet outside your betting limit. The limit increases your odds of winning by prolonging the time you play and the number of bets you’re making. Even if those bets are small, there are more of them. That increases your chances for a win.

As you can see, roulette is a game of chance, but that doesn’t mean you have to go in blind. There are several ways to extend your playing time and increase your odds of winning, and you should utilize all of them to get the maximum effect. But above all else, the crucial thing to remember when stepping up to the wheel is to play smart and have fun.

If you intend to play on a more serious level, then you need to employ methods that determine where the ball will land, with greater than random accuracy. This is exactly what advantage play methods do.

Can You Play Online Casino Games in Norway?

While Norway has had various laws regarding gambling and lottery, the first act was only introduced in 2008. The government made it completely illegal to play at online casinos, even those that aren’t in Norway, which means any form of online casino play isn’t allowed.

While these laws are clear, straightforward and to the point, it’s a known fact that the government doesn’t enforce these laws. There is a sizable percentage of the population in Norway playing at various online casinos in broad daylight, yet the law doesn’t do anything about it.

So, while the law states it’s illegal, the actual situation points out a different answer. The online gambling industry also provides many ways to get around online gambling, including VPNs and anonymous gambling accounts with web wallets and other payment services such as cryptocurrencies. Therefore, even if the law was on the ball about gambling, there are still too many ways to get around it, without much effort.

Many online casinos don’t allow players from Norway to join due to those laws. However, most simply allow players from Norway, but use different payment methods and unique account names when making payments to a player’s credit card or bank account.

So, can you play online casino games from Norway? The simple answer is yes. You’ll need to take a few things into consideration when choosing online casinos. Even though some casinos allow you to join, there’s still a greater risk when playing, unless of course, you join an establishment that strives for fairness.

In the article below, we consider the options of finding a great norske casino and how you can choose the best casinos. There are many options, of which none are registered in Norway. However, international casinos are the better choice, not only for more games but for better banking options, account features and accessibility as well.

How to Choose an Online Casino

Since online gambling is illegal in Norway, it might be a challenge to find a trustworthy establishment that’s winning to accept you. However, there are far more choices than most expect, including top-rated casinos with games from some of the best international developers. To choose a casino, there are a few things to take into considerations. These ensure the casino meets your requirements while also providing fair terms and conditions. The following steps are worth keeping in mind when looking for a casino.

Firstly, have a look at the licenses that casino operates under. These can give you more indication as to the type of casino they are, even though the license might not legally allow you to join. The best online gambling license providers include Malta, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, Curacao and Isle of Man. These include strict regulations for casinos that start with industry standard securities through to fair gaming and responsibility when it comes to payments.

Many casinoshold licenses from establishments that don’t have a great reputation, but the casino itself actually features trustworthy gaming. The only reason some licenses aren’t as good is that they don’t enforce their terms and conditions when it comes to player disputes. In other words, they allow casinos to get away without paying the player.

It’s important to check out the games they provide once you’ve ensured the casino is trustworthy. As you might know, there are many game developers around the world. Some still small without a few games while others have hundreds of titles to choose from. Make sure the casino has your favourite games. For example, if you enjoy online roulette, you’ll find most casinos include multiple variations and even live dealer games.

Banking options are yet another major point to consider. Mostplayers from Norway use web wallets, allowing them to make deposits and withdrawals without it showing up on their bank statements. These web wallets include Neteller, Paysafe Card, Skrill and many more. It’s completely free to create an account and it only requires a few minutes of your time. If you don’t already have a web wallet, have a look at the options the casino providers and choose one that operates within Norway. Most are international wallets, allowing most countries to use their services.

The terms and conditions of the casino could change your considerations to join. Be sure to read through the most important parts of the casino, including restricted countries, banking limits, promotions limits, and currencies. Some casinos wouldn’t allow you to take part in their promotions when depositing with Skrill and Neteller while others might require a much higher withdrawal limit or restrict you from cashing out.

Playing with a VPN

This is a popular option for players from countries where gambling is illegal. While VPNs hide your current location, it only helps for a limited time. Most online casinos require players to send proof of address and ID before withdrawals are possible. In most cases, there’s no way around it, making the VPN a hassle not worth struggling with.

It’s better to find a casino that accepts players from your country and register with accurate details. This way, there won’t be a problem with payments or withdrawals. You’ll also be able to use your own banking details and you’ll be at a lower risk of picking up viruses from the VPN.

Playing Casino Games on Mobile from Norway

Mobile gaming is a must, especially if you enjoy the latest features with your casino games. Many online casinos now provide mobile functionality for the latest games, including 3D variations of video slots and even live dealer roulette.

The mobile option is accessible with just about any online casinos. Some include apps while others simply provide a straightforward and easy to use mobile website with all the same features and security measurements. The mobile platform offers the same banking options, account settings and support options as the main website as well.

To play on mobile from Norway, you’ll still need a casino that accepts players from the country. The mobile casino is the same as the website, meaning the same requirements, terms and conditions and limitations apply.

Winning At Online Roulette Games

Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games in the brick and mortar casinos around the world, so it comes as no surprise that the online casino players enjoy playing roulette just as much. Online casinos actually give players quite a bit more opportunities to play roulette, with a bigger selection of wheels, stakes and betting options.

While most players do play online casino games and online roulette to have fun and unwind, winning is still pretty important and there are few players who don’t care whether they win or lose. This is why we decided to look into how likely it is to win while playing online roulette and what methods you can use to win at online roulette.

Differences Between Live And Online Roulette

Live roulette is the game of choice for a vast number of gamblers, but there are some things about live roulette that make the game very unappealing to others. For starters, the game runs fairly slow, with many people gathered around the wheel, throwing bets around and creating chaos.

Furthermore, live roulette will usually not accept very small stakes, forcing players to bet for quite substantial amounts of money if they wish to play. All of this makes many recreational players turn away from roulette and towards slots, which can be very fun but they simply aren’t roulette.

This is where online roulette steps in brilliantly. With minimum bets as low as 10 cents and spins of the wheel happening on your command, online roulette is a game that will run fast, smooth and allow you to bet for a long time with a reasonably small bankroll.

Other than low stakes and fast gameplay, online casinos also provide players with multiple types of online roulette games. American Roulette, French Roulette, European Roulette and many others are on offer at various online casinos, providing versatility and more fun for the players.

Where To Play Online Roulette Games

There is a great number of online casino sites out there that provide multiple variations of online roulette games. Yet, not every site is as good as others and you should always make sure to play at a site that will provide you with a good bonus, generous choice of roulette games and plenty of action.

For example, CasinoLuck is a relatively new company that has put roulette in the center of their games selection. Providing a 150% deposit bonus and half a dozen roulette wheels, this site is a great place to start honing your skills as a roulette player.

Of course, there are also other online roulette sites that can provide you with many different game formats and can be great for both the low and the high rollers but you need to make sure to select ones where roulette players are truly welcome.

Can I Bet Online Roulette?

Online roulette, just like live roulette, is a game where the casino holds some edge over the player. In a classic European Roulette game, the casino will keep a 2.7% edge over the player and this means a normal player will lose 2.7% of the money they bet in the long run.

Of course, there are things you can do to improve your odds and playing at a casino with a generous deposit bonus, VIP scheme and promotions is a great step towards making your online roulette play profitable.

Furthermore, using mathematical systems such as the Martingale can be a great way to make some money at online roulette in the short run and while these systems may fail in the long run, short term, you are likely to make a ton of money with them.

Playing a smart and sound strategy in general instead of randomly betting numbers can also reduce your variance and winning in the short run is very possible at online roulette games. After all, with such a slight house edge, there is absolutely no reason you should not win lots of money over a certain period of time with just a tad bit of luck on your side.

By Zsolt A.

Knowing Your Roulette Games In Online Casinos

Roulette is an extremely popular casino game in both brick and mortar casinos and the online gambling sites. Yet, when we say roulette, the truth is we are not referring to just one single game as there are many different variations of the game of roulette.

The classic and most commonly spread type of roulette is surely the European Roulette, whose wheel contains a single 0 number and which offers relatively good odds for the players. There are many other types of roulette, especially in online casinos and some of them offer worse odds while others are simply more entertaining to play.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of online roulette games.

European Roulette

European Roulette is the classic variation of the game of roulette. The game’s board and wheel contain 36 numbers and a green Zero field, which gives the house an edge of 2.7%. While the house is still winning on every spin, their edge in European Roulette is in fact very small.

The game of European Roulette is often played by high stakes gamblers as the small casino edge means that placing big bets will result in relatively small losses in the long term and a huge short term winning potential.

American Roulette

As the name says, this game is often spread in American brick and mortar casinos, but many online casinos have adopted it as well. American Roulette works great for the casino as it provides a 5.26% edge for the house by introducing an extra number on the board, the 00 or Double Zero.

If you are looking to play roulette, you should probably avoid playing American Roulette if European Roulette is available. While the game may be a bit more fun to play, the reality is that the extra number decreases your chances of winning and your overall win rate.

French Roulette

Avid gamblers, French have invented their own type of roulette, called the French Roulette. French Roulette works in the same way as European Roulette as far as the number of pockets on the wheel goes, as there are 37 pockets in total.

The main difference between European and French Roulette comes when the ball lands in the Zero pocket and the player bet on an even money outside bet. In this case, the player can use the “en prison” or the “le partage” rules.

En prison rule allows the player to re-take the spin. If on the next spin he wins, he will receive the entire bet back. If the re-spin loses, the player does lose the entire bet, but there is at least a chance of recovering it. On the other hand, the “le partage” rule allows the player to simply recover 50% of their even money outside bet when the ball lands in the Zero pocket.

This way, players actually get another chance to lose less, which is why the overall casino edge in French Roulette is only 1.36%, making it the best value roulette game for players.

Multi Ball and Multi Wheel Roulettes

As the name suggests, online casinos allow you to play a single wheel with multiple balls or play multiple wheels at the same time. The multi ball casino allows you to play with three balls on the same wheel, and since they can’t land in the same pocket, your odds actually improve.

The multi wheel roulette, on the other hand, allows you to play on up to eight roulette wheels at the same time, increasing your action while always maintaining the same casino edge. These games are fantastic for action junkies who just can’t let themselves sit tight and wait for just that single wheel to finish spinning.

Where Can I Try These Roulette Variations?

The internet offers many opportunities to gamblers and it is never hard to find a solid casino with plenty of roulette wheels on offer. You can check right here if you are looking for best casino sites and pick the roulette which you find to be the most entertaining for yourself.

Online casino sites will give you a chance to play every single type of roulette through a single lobby and you can be sure that you will never have to leave your home again in order to try and win the big bucks at roulette.

By: Zsolt A.