Playing at Reputable Online Casinos With Better Deals

There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to online casinos. Every online casino offers a combination of bonuses and offers to entice you as a new player. You may know me as a professional player, but here I’ll give advice to the newbies when it comes to playing roulette online.

The Importance of Casino’s Reputation

Someone’s word is worthless if they’re dishonest. It’s the same case for casinos. You’d think a large corporation would be honest, but it’s not always the case. In fact there are many large and even publicly-traded companies that will gladly fleece you of all you own, if they can do so legally, and without ruining their reputation.

But generally if a casino is appropriately licensed with the government authorities, and there aren’t obvious red-flag negative reviews, you can assume the casino is “honest-enough” to play at. Just be careful of rogue casinos which use similar names to trick you. For example, an official website may be, but a rogue and illegal version may be

Before anything, I suggest checking the casino’s reputation. Because if it isn’t honest, then none of its sales-pitches count for anything.

How Important Are Bonuses?

If you only care about getting more “credits” to play with, the bonus offer is a major concern for you. A typical bonus offer is where the casino tops up your play account with extra money to play with. The size of the bonus depends on how much of your own money you deposit. You probably know this already, but still many players get caught out by not understanding the fine-print.

The main fine-print that catches players unaware is the wagering requirement. This is the value of bets you wager before you can withdrawal any winnings. So you can’t just get a $500 bonus and empty your account.

Assuming the casino is reputable, and you’re not looking to play professionally, naturally a larger bonus is a big draw for you.

Is Reputable Technology Used?

Real physical roulette wheels may look the same, but they’re all different. It’s much like a car that may look the same as others, but it has its own minor manufacturing defects, and unique wear and tear. Moreover, not all wheels are well-maintained. Usually if one wheel in a casino is poorly maintained, it is more-easily beaten, and other wheels in the casino are probably much the same. The point here is different casinos have different standards.

Easily beaten and poorly maintained wheels is good for you as a player. But the point here is each casino has its own standards. Still for a casino to have a gambling license, is must adhere to specific standards to ensure the games are fair. For physical wheels, this means not having things like magnets to force you to lose (it happens so rarely that you don’t need to worry about it – especially with properly licensed casinos).

For RNG (random number generator) games, the technology used becomes more crucial. This is because the reputable casinos use equipment and technology that meets high standards to ensure the games are fair. And generally you can get the best deal (including bonuses etc.) with Sister Sites. These are casinos that use the same technology behind the larger and better-known casinos, but trade under a different website or name. In some cases, the owners may be the same. Or the owners may be different, and simply using the same reputable technology. Look at it another way, it’s like having the same casino under a different name, and with different bonuses – some which may be more appealing for you.

Do Casinos Limit Your Strategies?

Real casinos are usually private properties and businesses. So the casino operator can ask you to leave for any reason, without having to explain themselves. This includes if you’re winning too much. They still need to pay your winnings, unless you’ve broken terms or the law. But that’s another matter.

Online casinos are much the same. They can restrict your account at any time, for any reason. One reason for them doing so may be they don’t like the roulette strategy you’re using, because perhaps it’s somewhat like other professional strategies. You might consider this somewhat dishonest of casinos, but remember they only profit if most players lose. So really they’re in the business of you losing. It sound’s like a horrible business model, but at least they’re transparent about the odds and payouts – although not all players understand them properly.

So yes, casinos do restrict you on how you can play. Some of the most restrictive casinos even forbid you from using betting progression. This is where you increase the size of bets after losses, in hopes you’ll eventually win back losses and more. And example is the martingale system. And no, it doesn’t work. But if you “get lucky”, you could win a lot. Of course you could lose a lot too. A casino operator should understand that betting progressions like the martingale are actually no different to random bets of random size. So casinos that forbid betting progression don’t understand the math themselves – or it’s more likely a “management decision”, so the casino operator can rest-assured they wont be making unexpected large payouts. It’s more what a smaller casino would do.


Shop around to find the best deal. Again there are ample casinos wanting your business. But first and foremost, check the casino’s reputation. And part of reputation is the technology used by the casino. If the technology or software you want to play with is used by a casino with a less-favorable deal, shop around and see if you can find a sister-site using the same technology – but with a better deal.

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