Do Roulette Strategies Work?

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games out there and no wonder that seasoned players have developed numerous strategies that are supposed to increase the chance of winning. Martingale, Fibonacci, D’Alembert, or All-In are just a few of the most used options players grant that have brought them good outcomes. However, have you ever wondered if roulette strategies work at all? 

Some people strictly apply the no strategy approach, as they understand the game is built on probability. It is, however, also good to try out what works the best for you as an individual. Let’s dive into the discussion. 

The Most Popular Roulette Strategies

Before we mention some of the most popular strategies, it is important to emphasize that learning about responsible gambling is the best tip you can get when it comes to any casino game, and especially when it comes to games of luck like roulette or slots. That will help you stay in control and never overspend.

Now, let’s go over some of the strategies that are most popular among roulette players.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is quite simple: whenever you lose a hand, you must double your bet, even if you’re on a losing streak. The logic is that eventually you will have to win and when that happens, the payout will be high enough to at least cover the losses.

This strategy requires spending, and if you wish to try it out on a budget, you should choose a table with a low minimum bet.

There are two main issues with the Martingale strategy:

  • By increasing the bets after every loss, you can easily run out of money really fast.
  • The casino might have bet size limits that will not allow you to get winnings that can cover your losses.

The Reverse Martingale Strategy

As the name says it, the Reverse Martingale strategy follows the same principle as Martingale, but in reverse. Instead of doubling the bet every time you lose, you should increase it whenever you win. 

This strategy minimizes the damage after you lose, but you will need to achieve a winning streak in order to get a considerable return.

The Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci strategy is considered one of the safest out there. It is based on the well-known Fibonacci sequence of numbers where each number is the sum of the two numbers that precede it.

With this strategy in use, the players only focus on even numbers which gives them a 50% chance of winning. They also wait for the first win before they move on to the next number in the sequence.

Although this strategy is less risky than Martingale, it is also less likely to cover the losses since it requires several winnings to get a decent return.

Can Roulette Strategies Really Help You Win?

Gambling strategies can be useful and surely they can show you some interesting pointers, but they definitely do not guarantee that you’ll win.

The most certain method of winning is knowing for sure where the ball will land, and that can only be done in two ways: by knowing the code used by the computer that controls the game, or by using a device similar to it that can predict the outcome – roulette computers, for example.

How to Play Roulette Better Without Strategies?

Strategies come with actionable plans but following them blindly can quickly eat up your budget and leave you disappointed. Here are some simple tips you can use to bet more wisely and have an enjoyable time playing roulette:

Make Smaller Bets

One way to reduce your risk when playing roulette is to make lower bets. Instead of betting $30 on one spin, try to bet $15. In the long run, you will lose half of the money you intended to.

The truth is, the longer you play, the more money you are likely to lose in the end. Smaller wagers limit your risk and reduce your losses. 

Control the Losses

Another way to make sure you end up losing less money is to set a goal that is the opposite of winning. You should set a reasonable limit on how much you are ready to lose in total, and you should do that before the first wager.

Decide on the amount of money you’re comfortable investing, and use only that amount to buy the chips. The moment you run out of chips is the moment when you stop playing.

Stop When You Reach Your Win Goal

Every time you come to play roulette, set a winning goal before you start playing, and learn to walk away from the table when you reach your goal. 

If you decide to do this, choose a goal that will make you feel good after you’re done playing. The amount of money should be high enough to keep you motivated but not so high that you will hardly ever reach it.


Casinos are in the business of making money and there is no magical strategy that can help you win every time. Advantage play is in a different class to systems though, as they give the player the long-term advantage over the casino.

As for systems, they’re all much the same. Even if luck is on your side for a longer time and you end up with a neat winning streak, remember that you still need to bet responsibly since there is no miraculous formula that can help you keep winning forever.

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