How To Reduce The Casino’s House Edge In Roulette

There are more systems for roulette than any other casino game. This is not only because roulette has been around for a long time. If you are really into roulette, you know how it is when the game becomes like an obsession. I don’t mean in a way that leads to gambling addiction. I’ve never been a gambler. But ever since a young man, I’ve always been interested in new and innovative ways to beat roulette.

What does it mean to beat roulette?

This might sound like a mundane question, but the answers a bit more complicated than most people would expect. Beating roulette doesn’t only mean profiting, because even a losing system can make a profit. Beating roulette means negating the house edge, and giving the player the advantage over the casino.

First I’ll use an example I often use: the European wheel has 37 pockets, but the payout for individual numbers is 35 to 1. If it was fair, it would be 36 to 1. So the house edge in roulette is simply unfair payouts, even when you win. The only way to overcome this is by increasing your accuracy of predictions. Most systems don’t even consider where the ball will land. Instead, they tend to focus on betting strategies such as the Martingale.

The phrase I repeat often is “The only way to beat roulette is by increasing the accuracy of predictions”. It sums it up nicely, and helps remind people to focus on what’s happening on the wheel. After all, the wheel and ball is what directly determines the winning number. You can spread chips throughout the betting table, but it makes no difference if you give no thought to where the ball might actually land.

What are the best ways to predict spins?

The best method ultimately depends on the wheel you play on. Or if you play on random number generator roulette, then you’ll need a way to decipher the algorithm, predict long-term trends, and bet accordingly. You can click here to see a list of various online roulette casinos. But for the most part, beating RNG is largely impractical.

However, beating real physical wheels is not at all difficult. In fact is incredibly easy in most cases. The real problem isn’t beating the wheel, it’s avoiding detection. No casino will tolerate a consistent winner.

Without a doubt, the best overall method of beating roulette is with roulette computers. Since you on this website, you’ll probably know all about them. Essentially they are hidden electronic devices measure the wheel and ball speed, to predict where the ball will land. The predictions don’t need to be perfect – they only need to be right enough of the time to overcome the unfair payouts.

One problem with roulette computers is often they are illegal. All my players only play in casinos where they are legal. It doesn’t mean they are applied in open view of the casino, because casinos can ban you for any reason they deem fit.

Another problem with roulette computers is they require late betting, which isn’t something all casinos allow. Although most casinos do. Despite this, roulette computers are overall by far the best method to beat roulette.

Otherwise, the best method to beat roulette ultimately depends on the conditions you play in. Many decades ago, roulette wheel bias analysis was quite popular because biased wheels were more common. Biased wheels still exist today, and in fact every wheel has some degree of bias. Usually the bias is not strong enough alone to beat roulette. Where most bias players go wrong is they don’t understand that a bias often exhibits itself only under strict conditions. For example, a bias may occur only when the rotor is spun in one direction, but not the other. There are more complicated examples such as a bias may occur only within certain air pressure ranges, because it may impact the speed at which the ball falls. Such an instance isn’t particularly rare, it’s more that the requirements to properly identify and exploited are quite impractical. For example, normal bias analysis requires a very large amount of data, which isn’t easy to obtain. It may require literally months of data. The bias analysis techniques I developed allow a likely bias be uncovered, without the need for so much data. Some of these methods are explained on my roulette wheel bias analysis page.


It’s most important to understand that there is no one single roulette system the beats all types of roulette. And there is no one system the beats every physical roulette wheel, and in all conditions. The systems and strategies you use must be optimal for the individual wheel you play on. In this includes giving consideration to the changing conditions, which are often determined by the dealer any casino’s procedures.

It may not be convenient information, but I’d rather tell you the truth instead of sugarcoating it. It’s like an inconvenient truth that nobody is going to deposit money into your bank account for no reason at all. Unfortunately many gamblers are lazy, and don’t want to do the work required for consistent profits. In fact that’s why many look at gambling as a source of income to begin with.

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