How to play online roulette for free at online casinos

I’ve been playing roulette professionally for over 25 years. These days I rarely play myself, and instead managed teams from the comfort of home. But I still recall the early days when I started developing roulette systems. I made the same mistakes I see almost every player make at my roulette forums. Although I tried to steer them in the right direction, they tend to go their own way. I don’t judge them, because I know I was just as ignorant. I was also just as stubborn, although it took me a few years to let go and let the truth guide me, rather than what I wanted to be true.

So far it may sound philosophical, but roulette and beating it really has been a journey.

How I started testing my roulette systems

Initially testing of my systems was at the table, with real money, using whatever idea I thought of. Of course now I know this is the worst way to test any system, and it was very costly indeed. Besides being risky, the real problem was proper testing of roulette system requires lots of data and spins, which is just not practical at the table. They may sound counterintuitive, because with most things you’d like to test in real conditions. But unfortunately, real conditions in roulette can take many months just to know if a system has any merit.

Test a statistically significant amount of spins

It pays to start with a roulette simulator, or even a free roulette games from online casinos. If you’re serious about developing a winning roulette system, I would suggest use a proper testing program, which has the ability to import real data and spins from real casinos. This way you are testing against real results, and with programs that can bulk test your system a matter of seconds. So basically you can do months of testing in mere seconds. And it is done without any risk of loss.

However, I acknowledge that most players aren’t interested in making roulette a career – they’re are just looking for some entertainment. And in that case, I suggest starting with researching the honesty and integrity of an online casino. Generally if the casino is licensed in a reputable jurisdiction, it is likely to adhere to reasonable standards. At the very least, you are better assured that their free games accurately represent the results of their real money games. Why does it matter? Because if you’re testing a roulette system, without real money, the results should be realistic. If they aren’t, you may be misled into believing your roulette system is effective.

Real wheels or RNG?

If you are like me, you probably prefer the excitement of a real physical wheel instead of RNG software. If you are unfamiliar with RNG, it stands for random number generator. You can easily tell the difference because if the roulette wheel is just a computer animation, it’s using RNG to determine the winning numbers. The problem with RNG is basically a slot machine, not real roulette. Decades ago, I myself didn’t recognise the difference and assumed all roulette was the same, RNG or whatever. In fact I preferred RNG because it enabled me to play spins in much less time. It wasn’t until later that I understood it was not realistically viable to beat RNG roulette in the long-term. Why is explained throughout my websites.

Still, if you’re not looking to make roulette a career, then it makes no difference to which type of roulette you prefer. There are still some online casinos that allow you to play with test accounts, which don’t involve real money. But again if you’re just looking to have some fun, then the only thing you should focus on is finding casinos with the most favourable interface and website. Additionally, you should try to determine if there is any difference between the game algorithm for test accounts, and real money accounts. If there is a difference, then it may not be a suitable game to test your system with.

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