How To Succeed At Roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games around the world. A historical and exciting game based mostly on chance (unless you’re an advantage player), with many versions to choose from like European or American. With online casinos in Maryland about to launch, you can get the casino experience from the comfort of your own home.  If you’re new to the world of roulette and are looking for tips to succeed, read on to find out how to give yourself the best chance of winning.

Choose the right game for you

Although you may be familiar with the rules of roulette, did you know different versions are available to play online and in a casino? It is essential that if you want to succeed in your game and work your way into a position to win some cash, you choose the style that is right for you and play a style that you are familiar with. Here is a quick rundown of the types of roulette you may come across:

  • European roulette – In this game, you put bets on numbers from 1 to 36, there is only one zero in the game, so you have a higher chance of winning with this variation than you do with the American version
  • American Roulette – there is one extra zero in this game which reduces your chance of winning by a small amount but is a way for the casino to make more money and everyone plays with their own coloured chips
  • French Roulette – This is the oldest form of the game; French roulette has one zero but has fewer betting options too

Once you’ve chosen your game, you should make sure that you practice, learn from your mistakes, and get familiar with how it works. There are also multiplayer versions available so that if you’re playing online, you can get the real casino feel, or you can choose a multi-wheel version in which you play on several wheels but one table.

Choose a system

To give yourself the best chance of winning your roulette game of choice, you could opt to use one of the many systems in place designed to help you win. Although these betting systems will reduce your chances of a major loss, they still can’t guarantee that you will win due to the luck factor of the game. A lot of these strategies are based on ‘even money’ because betting on this is easier to predict, and you’re less likely to lose money. Some of the strategies you could investigate include the Fibonacci and the 2/3 system.

It is said that trying to work out a system to win at roulette is pointless because it is mostly based on luck, but researching the ideas behind the systems can’t hurt, especially if Roulette is something that you are particularly interested in.

The exception is if you’re an advantage player, which means you’re using physics to predict where the ball lands. But most players focus on strategies that make no difference to your chances of winning. If you’re looking for advanced techniques that work, try

Manage your bankroll

When playing roulette, it is important that you keep an eye on how much you are spending, and in fact, how much you’re losing. If you want to be successful, you must weigh up how much you’re willing to lose before you take part.

 Setting yourself a limit allows you to stop before you do any damage to your funds. Whilst betting systems can be helpful if you’re looking to win, some of the strategies like the Martingale can be damaging, as they are based on doubling your bets when you lose. This is a sure-fire, dangerous way of working through your entire bankroll — use your best judgement to avoid losing everything.

Look for bonuses

If you’re playing roulette online, the likelihood is that you’ll be offered bonuses and promotions constantly, and you should use them to your advantage! These bonuses can be anything from a free game to a free bet. Find bonuses that suit you can make a profit on your favourite roulette games. You can use them to practice and get the hang of the game before you deposit your own money.

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