Encryption and Law

Firstly, it is against our Terms of Service to use the roulette computers illegally. And secondly, there are ample legal jurisdictions where computers are legal, so you shouldn’t be tempted to break the law.
But what if you accidentally break the law? Maybe you were given inaccurate legal advice. Or maybe you knowingly broke the law for easy profit. This article explains our legal obligations if you break the law, and what information is available to law enforcement agencies.
But first, we’ll explain new Australian laws.

Forced Decryption Laws

If a court orders us to do so, we must decrypt all relevant data for law enforcement agencies, to assist their investigation. They can even force me to unlock my private phone. If I refuse, I can face up to 10 years jail.
Furthermore, any Australian company that provided any service involved in a crime can be compelled to do the same. Corporate fines for refusal can be up to $10m.
The potential for abuse of this law is too great. Under the guise of “national security”, crimes at high levels probably wont be subject to the law – although they are the crimes with real impact.

How Does This Affect Remote Hybrid and Uber Computers?

It doesn’t, because nothing we can provide law enforcement agencies would be of much help. Why is explained below.
1. Telecommunications providers would need to save all data transferred, which generally they don’t do unless there is a prior court order, and
2. Even if they saved data, it is encrypted with two layers.
3. “Perfect forward secrecy” is used by the VPN.
With “perfect forward secrecy”, there are no static decryption keys I or anyone could disclose. The keys automatically and regularly change.

Locally Recorded Sessions

For training and security reasons, everything you do on the server is recorded. So I can review your sessions as a video. These recordings are kept on an encrypted hard drive. But even if law enforcement agencies required me to decrypt the drive, it wouldn’t be helpful for them as recordings are only kept for a few hours. Typically I’ll review a session before deleting the recording, which is unrecoverable.
Upon your request, I can deliberately not record your incoming video from the casino. It is not essential for me to record your streamed video, although it is helpful for support.

Server Logs

The encryption servers have all logs disabled. I can view who is logged on at a specific time, but no history is saved.

Additional Information

Often there are 10-20 sessions per day. I do not keep any long-term records of who played and when.


I’m legally obligated to share any information about crimes committed. But there’s nothing particularly useful I can share with authorities. This doesn’t mean I’ll allow you to break laws, if I know you’re breaking them.
Keep in mind there are ample legal places to play. Computers don’t interfere with the game. Where getting an unfair advantage is a crime, law enforcement should focus on the federal reserve, the banking cartel, the casino underground, and matters far more pertinent than a few smart players who beat casinos at their own game.