Avoiding Detection

Assuming a roulette computer is capable of beating modern wheels, the biggest problem you’ll find is avoiding detection. With a well-designed computer, it’s relatively easy to win up to $5,000 in one night without drawing too much attention in most casinos. But earning more requires important computer features and careful planning.

Suspicious Gazing At The Wheel

Every player looks at the wheel. But typical players make bets based on the table layout without regards to the wheel. Almost every roulette computer requires a player to manually click a button as the ball and green zero pass a fixed reference point. This measures the timings of revolutions. Gazing at the wheel while a player takes timings is not a problem. But if a player regularly gazes at the wheel then suddenly bets late, this is an obvious sign of roulette computer use.
Lone players typically avoid detection by only betting late infrequently. This means in between their winning bets, they must make deliberate losing bets. This is perfectly ok although profit takes significantly longer.
Players can win more without being detected by working in teams. Typically one player takes the timings, and another bets. The bettor doesn’t need to look at the wheel, so they are not normally suspected of using a computer.
Avoiding detection is not difficult. But exactly how to remain detected is only taught to our players. Purchasers of our computers receive detailed instructions to remain undetected.