Comparison Testing

This page contains results of testing to compare one aspect of my computer and Forester’s FFA device. It’s a test anyone with a roulette computer can replicate. The purpose of the test is ONLY to establish how well each device deals with the inevitable errors of manually clicking a button to determine timings.

Test 1: FFA Roulette Computer

The grey circles represent when an error is given instead of a prediction. The predictions are spread out over a large area and are approximately 6 times less favorable than the vendor’s claims.

Test 2: Single Player Uber Computer

We repeated the same test with our Uber version. The overall spread is approximately half of what was obtained from the FFA computer. With the Uber computer, all predictions are within 1/4 a wheel. That indicates the Uber is much better able to correct manual clicking errors.

Deeper Analysis of Results

The chart here shows results. For results to be authentic, the blue dots must be reasonably close to the green arrow. The closer the predictions are to each other, the better a device deals with human timing errors (from manual clicking of the timing button).
Again this test ONLY determines a roulette computer’s capability to deal with human timing errors. It is NOT an overall gauge of how accurate the device is. See the comparisons page for further details of overall effectiveness differences.
The Hybrid version computer uses video processing equipment to automatically take timings. It was not compared because its timing errors are insignificant.