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Wireless Upgrade for Uber Roulette Computer

confidentialThis is basically an extra phone for the Uber roulette computer. It provides the following benefits:

* Two players can take timings of the wheel at the same time. Any combination is possible, including one player clocking the rotor, and the other clocking the ball at the same time. This is commonly used to get much earlier predictions. Also you can have both players clocking both the ball and rotor at the same time, which gives optimal accuracy.

* Two players can receive either the same or different predictions. This is important if you need to bet on many numbers, or if you need to spread winnings between multiple people to remain undetected.

* One player can take the timings, and the other player makes the bets. The bettor doesn't need to look at the wheel, so application is more covert.

There are many other benefits of having the second phone, and generally it is considered a "must-have" for serious teams. The wireless transmissions are virtually impossible detect, and to the casino they appear no different to random radio "noise". This is very different to other wireless devices that emit a constant and easily detected signal. See the comparison page so you understand more about the benefits of the wireless upgrade (also known as the 2-player version).

Price: US$15,000 | Order

1000 FPS Video Recorder & Software

confidentialThis is a camera that records video at 1000 Frames per Second (1000 FPS). The footage can be analyzed to determine ball behavior in slow motion. It is not needed, and generally only used if you want to attack on a specific wheel design that is particularly difficult to beat, yet is in an environment that enables ideal covert application. Ultimately it helps you understand what computer settings will be best to squeeze every last bit of possible accuracy.

Price: US$1250 | Order

30 FPS Covert Video Recorder

confidentialDiscretely record video of your casino's wheel so you can practice at home. The camera itself is hidden in a shirt button so the casino cannot see that you are recording the spins. Up to 4 hours of continuous video can be recorded. All required equipment is included. The video can be played on any TV or on your PC.

Price: US$895 | Order

Invisible Wireless Earpiece

iearpieceFor "discrete" audio predictions, the invisible wireless earpiece is as discrete as it gets from a visual perspective. My roulette computer can use vibrations so you do NOT need an earpiece, but one is advised as application is much easier. Photo of invisible earpiece shown right.


This particular earpiece requires a specially made induction loop. If you order this item, let me know what induction loop you have so I know whether or not you need a different one.

Price: US$100 | Order

Almost Invisible Wireless Earpiece

Basically the same as the "invisible" wireless earpiece, except it is very slightly visible as shown left. Photo of almost invisible earpiece next to invisible earpiece shown left (sitting on green zero).

YOU MUST HAVE A WIRELESS EARPIECE INDUCTaiearpieceION LOOP TO USE THIS EARPIECE (AVAILABLE BELOW). This earpiece works with any induction loop that uses a t-coil configuration.

The main benefits of this earpiece are the sound is clearer, and the induction loop signal can be very weak. The only downside is the earpiece is slightly visible, although this is not a problem if you have long hair.

Price: US$380 | Order

Wireless Earpiece Induction Loop

Covertly transmit audio signals to your wireless earpiece

This is a cable that acts as an audio transmitter for the wireless earpieces. It plugs into the computer, and loops around the your neck under your clothes. This induction loop includes modifications that make it more difficult to detect than other induction loops.

Price: US$80 | Order

Air Pressure / Barometer Wristwatch

confidentialThis is one option for measuring atmospheric conditions to track ball deceleration rate changes. It is not needed with the Uber and Hybrid roulette computers as they automatically adjust to ball deceleration rate changes. However, many other variables affect changes of ball deceleration rates. Having this watch will at least alert you to changes of one of the variables.

Price: US$125 | Order

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