The Top Sites To Play Free Online Roulette

With the expansion of the Internet, it’s only natural that the gambling community will grow. Typically the licensing of land-based casinos is strictly regulated, because there is only so much land to fill with casinos. Things are different on the Internet. There are no land restrictions. There doesn’t appear to be any limit to the amount of websites, or the amount of online casinos. Literally the owners of an online casino could be in the middle of the ocean. All they would need is hosting service and to accept payments such as bitcoin.

The Best Online Roulette Sites

You can still get a thrill from playing free online Roulette games. One of the best is shown below (from

But if you’re looking for the thrill of betting real money, there is certainly no shortage of casinos to choose from. Keep in mind there are many rogue online casinos that don’t have a license, and are not regulated by any jurisdiction. This is where it pays to do proper’s research on reputable online review sites.

There are countless review sites like the royal vegas casino review site but you need to carefully consider which are reputable. Importantly, keep in mind that not all online review sites are honest. Every review site is naturally going to favor casinos they promote. So don’t limit research to one website alone. It also pays to research on gambling forums for various feedback.

What To Find and Online Roulette Review Sites

One of the most highly sought after incentives to join online Roulette sites is the welcome bonus. It varies considerably between different casinos. An example is the casino will credit your account with an extra amount of funds depending on whatever you deposit. The casinos aren’t in the business of giving you free money, so of course there is a catch. The typical catch is that you must wager certain amount of money before you can access your welcome bonus. To be more specific, you may be required to wager 40 times the amount of your bonus. So if you deposit $100 and receive a $100 bonus, you would be required to wager $4000 before you are allowed to withdraw funds. If you do the maths, the chances are you will have lost your entire deposit of $100, plus the $100 bonus anyway. So it pays to do very careful research of the strings attached to online Roulette bonuses.

Another consideration is the method you use to fund your account. If you are from the USA, you may not be permitted to play in particular casinos. That is unless you choose a bitcoin casino, because bitcoin is generally not considered a real currency. Furthermore, it offers Roulette players the ability to deposit and withdraw funds without providing identification to the casino. Whether or not the USA government considers this legal is another matter, but it’s unlikely you would be prosecuted. After all it is a victim-less crime. But on the matter of your method of payment, make sure you use a reputable funding source. And especially if you choose something like bitcoins, be very careful about the service you use to process bitcoin payments. It is extremely easy to be scammed when using bitcoins.

A good online Roulette Casino review site will also list the various games that are available to you. When it comes to Roulette specifically, give preference to European roulette wheels that have a single zero. The American 00 wheels have around double the house edge, so even if you have a winning system, your profits are likely to be less.

First and foremost, it is important to deal only with a reputable casino. A simple Google search for the casinos name, and terms related to payout refusal or complaints, can save you a lot of money. Also be careful to check the age of the domain, because it is not uncommon for new rogue online casinos to pop up once the old ones are thoroughly exposed as frauds.

Do Live Roulette Casinos Cheat?

Live online rule is a completely different thing to the typical Roulette offered by online casinos. Most online Roulette casinos are no different to a slot machine. There is no physical Roulette wheel, and the mechanism that determines the winning number is determined by a random number generator. The slot machine uses computer animations. So if you see a computer animation, rather than a real wheel, you are best to avoid it. That is unless you are purely a gambler at heart, and just want to try your luck, or perhaps have some entertainment.

If you have read many of our other websites, you would see that we only advise playing live Roulette where a real wheel is used. One such live roulette casino is spin palace although we are not endorsing it, and you should always do proper research. This article won’t go too much into the same advice. Instead, it will focus on some of the extra things to be aware of.

Is it Possible For Casinos To Cheat With Real Wheels?

A live roulette wheel, where you can view it like my WebCam, is not complete assurance that the online casino is honest. In fact there have been online casinos that do indeed appear to cheat. There are many ways the spins of a real wheel can be rigged (Learn more at Before you jump the gun and assume a previous loss must have been due to a rigged wheel, keep in mind the vast majority of live Roulette casinos have no need to cheat. Roulette wheels and casinos have an in-built advantage, otherwise known as the house edge. You could argue this is cheating, although its legal. The online Roulette cheating I am referring to typically takes place with high-stakes games. And typically they involve unlicensed Asian casinos. There have previously been some illegal casinos operating from regions around Russia. But the fact is it’s almost impossible to know where rogue online casinos are operating from. Largely it’s a guess depending on who they advertised to, language use in their sales material, and the race of the dealers.

Some of the methods used by online Roulette casinos to cheat are explained on the website. The tampering of wheels is known as gaffing, but that’s more to introduce bias or defect that a player can take advantage of. The most common form of online casino cheating, perpetuated by online casinos, is with the use of magnetic balls. Simply the ball itself has a magnetic interior, with a particular magnetic pole facing outwards. The pockets each have an electromagnetic magnet beneath them. The polarity of each magnet is the same polarity as the ball. So for example a high roller pet $50,000 on black, the electromagnetic magnets for all black pockets can be activated. The effect is that the ball will be deflected from any black pocket, and into a red pocket (or green zero). It’s a sure way to guarantee the casino an easy $50,000.

An online Roulette Casino doesn’t need to use magnetic balls to be assured of a profit. In fact the most common way casino will assure themselves of profit is by refusing payouts. They can do this by referring to obscure fine print in their terms of service. Believe it or not, some online Roulette casinos have terms that forbid any form of betting progression. An example of this is doubling that size after losses. If you are familiar with the science of gambling and Roulette, you would understand that such an approach is guaranteed to lose in the long-term. But it is still possible that the player gets lucky and wins big. Naturally a casino wants to avoid this.

A lot of the reputable online casinos have their own in-house wheel and dealers. But the vast majority of online casinos use outsourced roulette wheel footage, which is provided by other companies. The online casino simply licenses this footage, and the software, and offers it to their players. Besides a few cosmetic changes, it is no different with one exception. Two casinos may use exactly the same footage and software for their players, but be operated by different owners. One owner may be honest and pay players what they are owed. But the other casino may routinely refuse payouts, and cite the fine print in terms of service. Therefore it pays to do proper research about the online casino you intend to deal with.